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  1. I hadVSG surgery Oct 16, 2012! SW 288 CW 190 I love my sleeve and my new body I exercise quite a bit for muscle tone. I eat just about anything but still in very little amounts! My skin is not terrible but I would like to have my stomach and Brest done this year! I'm glad I was able to retain my curves my goal now is to tighten and build firmer muscles! Still have occasional reflux, like now!! But I know what triggers it! Today was caffeine in iced tea!! I forgot! Oh I am so excited and glad that I can wear actual designer jeans!! I wear a 31/32 in True Religions!!!! My clothes are mostly medium I wear 12 pants. I really thank God for my surgeon and my insurance!!! It has changed my life!!
  2. Thank you soo much!!It really is a blessing!!!!
  3. You look fantastic!You're looking fab also!!!
  4. Lol!! No that's not a problem!! I'm just glad it did not fall off with the weight loss!! It's still very big! Lol
  5. Thank you soo much!! I'm still working at it but the surgery has changed my life!! I'm finally not struggling with food and weight!!
  6. Thank you soo much!! That was a few weeks ago, I'm trying to keep some muscle tone....squats and lunges till summer!!
  7. Thank you!!!! Yes Dr. Boynton is great! He's very quiet but excellent. I only have three little scars! I pray you get your date soon, they scheduled my surgery 10 days after insurance approval! It all happened so fast!!
  8. Ok I'm at 227 and loving it!! Didn't lose 32lb like I hoped, but I will take the 20 that I loss during this challenge!! I love my sleeve!! Thank you God!!
  9. Congrats! You look great!
  10. I can't really see a great difference in pics but I know my body looks and feels so much better!! I thank God for the sleeve, my insurance and surgeon often!! [ATTACH]11082[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]11084[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]11085[/ATTACH]
  11. DOS 288 10/17 3/30 228 Pictures from Summer about two months before surgery. [ATTACH]11077[/ATTACH] Sunday 3/31 [ATTACH]11075[/ATTACH]
  12. BigBootyQT

    African American Sleevers

    Don't cry!!! Look on YouTube at some videos of the surgery and research staples on there. You have to do what's best for you, because you have to live in your body!! Keep praying, watch some vsg videos and ask God to give you guidance and peace with your decision! It will be ok!
  13. BigBootyQT

    This is it!

    Congrats and prayers with you!!
  14. BigBootyQT

    Oct. 15, 2012 Sleeve Date

    Down 82 that's excellent!!!! I'm down 53 since day of surgery and lots more to go!! But I'm loving my sleeve!!
  15. Hello does anyone have a YouTube channel? Please leave your channel name. I just made one and interested in seeing others journey!! My channel is BiggbootyQT ....Lol I will have to change my name soon!
  16. Surgery 10/16 Sw 288 Weight today 238 50lbs down in 3.5 months!! I've been in gym for past month weight training and cardio trying to keep skin and muscles firm. It's been working! I am loving the sleeve!

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