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  1. Jordan1923

    Any other Canadians out there?

    Rockpaperthinner that is the Cloverdale walkin clinic on no 10 hwy beside the shoppers drug mart and rustys pub
  2. Jordan1923

    Any other Canadians out there?

    Hi BC Medical will not pay for surgery out of country. I live in Surrey also the Cloverdale area. I did not want to wait for surgery so I went to Mexico to have mine. It was a great experience and I would recommend it. I went to the Obesity Control Centre in Tijuana.
  3. Jordan1923

    Any September People

    Shewolf thanks for the pep talk, my medical does not cover a therapist, I am kinda broke as I was self pay on the surgery. May 1st is tomorrow so I will start a new month with a new diet plan.
  4. Jordan1923

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    oops typ 198.8 should be 198.8 I guess it was wishfull thinking
  5. Jordan1923

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    Happy Valentines everyone. You are all doing really great on your weight loss. I am still the slowest though, with only losing 27lbs since day of surgery(230lbs) Sept 24 and pre surgery diet of 252lbs. Although I do work out 3 times a week, I am not the best at watching my diet. I am still eating only half of what I used to eat so you would think I would lose on that alone, but nope. I have been stuck for 2 months now. I bought the stuff to go back on the pre surgery diet as suggested by nutritionist, but I havent started yet. I have to pysch myself up for that. I better get off the pot and get started. My sounding board for the day. Thanks for listening all.
  6. Jordan1923

    Where are the 50s ???

    Hi All 55 yrs old had my surgery Sept 24/12 highest weight 252, surgery day weight 230, current weight 203 have been at this weight since Dec 15/12. Cant figure out why I have stalled. I have uped my excercise program now, waiting to see if that helps. If it doesnt help, I am going to go back on the presurgery diet for a couple of weeks. Glad to hear your all doing well. I went through menopause from 45 to ongoing, but mainly mild symptoms
  7. Hi Tami I was sleeved by Dr Ortiz in Sept. They pretty much supply everything you need. I would suggest a book to read and toothbrush/paste. They supply the gown/houscoat/slippers/underwear while in clinic. For the hotel and wear to clinic loose fitting clothes such as elastic waist pants/sweat pants and t-shirts to walk around in. You will need money or charge card to purchase meds before you leave the clinic to take while staying at the hotel.
  8. Jordan1923

    Dr Ariel Ortiz- November

    Yeah down another 5 lbs from my original 250 weight pre-diet weight and 230 day of surger weight. 25lbs since surgery day and 45lbs since pre-diet weight. Hoping to be under 200 by xmas. All is still well no surgery or eating problems, that aren't self inflicted; such as eating too much in one sitting. I am the slowest learner at this. Merry Christmas everyone and good luck and good healing to you all.
  9. Jordan1923

    Dr Ariel Ortiz- November

    sorry didnt see your last post till I sent mine. Yup we have a different clinic. I am OCC as well Dr Ariel Ortiz and Dr Martinez.
  10. Jordan1923

    Dr Ariel Ortiz- November

    Hi KSgirl and Bajanqueen your dates are getting close. How are you all doing. I am losing weight slower than I hoped but I guess everyone loses at different speeds. I am down 12 pounds from surgery date, but more from my preop diet as indicated on my ticker. Hoping to speed up the process. I bought some of the unjury and it is pretty good with cold stuff. I am having trouble with the chicken soup and cheese, I dont like them much. I am able to eat pretty much anything now in small sizes which I still am having trouble judging. If you eat too much then in about 15-30 minutes you feel quite ill from overstuffing. Other than that I am great. Going to start some exercising now, to help speed up the weight loss. Good luck to you both.
  11. Jordan1923

    BC Sleevers

    Cinder sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up. Mostly I am doing good and hoping/wishing to lose at a faster past as I am rather impatient. I am now eating a little more real food such as soups, crackers, toast but in limited amounts. I am having a hard time knowing when to stop and than 30min later I am stuffed and ill because I ate too much. A bit of a learning curve I guess.
  12. Hi I am on day14 including dayos surgery and down 8lbs since my weighin just before surgery. I also wish I was more. I have no ideas on how to help lose more.

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