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  1. hi I live in Marin county and had surgery at Kaiser in January 2013. I was only a few pounds to goal and then let life get in the way and started going back to old habits. If anyone lives near me or would just like to help me get back on track I would really appreciate it. I am 55 and want so badly to hit goal. I know I can do this but could really use some help. thank you, Marcia
  2. I really needed to read this today! I was feeling so down about my weight loss. I think following some of the groups on facebook and reading about everyones success just made me depressed. I started at 232, and weighed 195 the day of surgery 1/16/13. I have only lost 23lbs since surgery. I had been the same to the ounce for two weeks then gained 9 ounces!! I guess it will come off when it is supposed to. I also know I need to start working out. I dont know why it seems so hard to get started. I feel like Im eating so little I guess that is what makes it so hard. Thanks for the post. It makes me feel better, I felt like maybe I was doing something wrong. I guess we all lose at different rates. Good luck to us all Marcia
  3. Thank you Lota, and everyone for wishing me well. I had a couple of rough days not due to the surgery, but mentally just felt sad and wondered if I had done the right thing. It was really srtange because I thought I was prepared for anything. The depression was a surprise, I think i was actually morning the loss of my stomache and dealing with no longer having control over my body. I couldnt just say I would do better tomorrow, and I so wanted to share in the community of eating with my family. But by the 3rd day It passed I felt so much better and then all the good feelings for why I did this returned. Physically I feel really good. It was much easier than I expected, not much pain. I did gain 12 lbs but that was off after 4 days. I dont expect to lose weight as quickly as others one because my weight the day of surgery was 195 and 2 because I have never lost real quickly so long as it comes off I will be happy. Im very happy to be on this side of the journey and hope you are all doing great!!! Keep in touch Marcia
  4. tomorrow I will join you all!!! Im a little nervous but reading all your posts really helps. Hope you all continue to feel well... wish me luck Marcia
  5. missrose59

    Bay Area of California anyone?

    Hi I live in Greenbrae (N.Bay), I am scheduled for surgery on1/16. I wish I was in the east bay there are so many more options for work out groups. Have you ever looked at the meetup groups? There is a group I think its called WOW team its a womens walk run group, it sound great. But you should check out the meetup.com site there are really alot of options to find others in fitness. good luck
  6. Hello, my surgery is Jan 16. I was nervous but have come to terms with it the last couple of days. I too have been shopping for things I will need. As icon23 stated Im being careful not to over buy in case I cant tolerate a certain Item. Really wishing the best for everyone. Hope to hear good news for all in the coming months
  7. Hi, my surgery is on January 16. Im scared too. Its especially hard because everyone has an opinion. My family is also scared and hearing there fears doesnt make it easier. But i do understand they just love me. Just the way I am. What they arent thinking of now is that just the way I am is not healthy. So scared or not I have made peace with it. I know its the right thing and I have to leave it in gods hands. I hope you find that peace for yourself. Good luck and god bless whatever you decide
  8. missrose59

    Any Bay Area California Sleevers?

    I would love it if there was a support group in San Rafael!! Let me know if you start anything or know of anything local. I am in Greenbrae Marcia
  9. missrose59

    Any Bay Area California Sleevers?

    hey would anyone want to start a little social support group. I think getting together at a coffee shop or anywhere we could just meet and support each other would be fun and we could get information from each other. I am asking because im finding it hard to find support groups outside of the hospital where I am having my surgery....I live in Greenbrae but dont have any problem traveling to any place in the bay area. If anyone has any other suggestions for other support groups please let me know Thanx, Marcia
  10. missrose59

    Any Bay Area California Sleevers?

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I am so thankful for this site Marcia
  11. missrose59

    Any Bay Area California Sleevers?

    I totally agree Trish, I have searched online but really havent found much I will post anything I find. Hope you are doing well. Marcia
  12. missrose59

    Any Bay Area California Sleevers?

    I am so excdited I finally got the ok for sugery, should be getting a date real soon. congrats to all those who are having their surgery in the next couple of weeks. Can people please list any other support groups available in our area. I will be going to Richmond Kaiser, but it would be nice to attend other support groups and to maybe meet some of you. Good luck to everyone and Happy Holiday Marcia
  13. missrose59

    Am I The Only One?

    Hello gina, I am 53 and feel the same way and have a lot of the same questions. I hope this group gets going and we can get some answers. I am cleared for surgery and hope to be haveing it sometime in December. I will keep following this group to see if we get any answers. good luck to you. Marcia
  14. missrose59

    Height, Weight, And Size Poll

    5'2 and 199lbs, started at 231. I wear a loose size 16 pants and a large or some xl tops. I have just been cleared for sugery. So I am hoping before Christmas!
  15. missrose59

    Any Bay Area California Sleevers?

    hello Meegan, there is a WLS support group in SF through a meetup board. It is the first Saturday of each month. I will be attending the Richmond Kaiser support group and that one I believe is twice a month on the 1st and 3 wednsdays of the month. If you find any other local support groups please share. I live in Greenbrae. Thanx, :)Marcia

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