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    Today I overslept but that was because I had to take two muscle relaxers my cramps on the pain scale are an 8 out of 10. You know the frowny face that wants to cry but won't because she's tougher than 9 or 10. I had to take the other day 1 percocet, 2 muscle relaxers and motrin and that cocktail only made me sleepy and out of pain. I know most people in our boat are told can't take motrin (ibproferin), but my doctor/surgeon said if I use motrin just be sure to take an antiacid with it if I only use it during my period which I did and no I didn't have any problems. I know too much info but my period sucks and once it came it explained why I wanted to kill my niece and nephew last weekend, my nasty sarcastic remarks, crying jags and desperate need for chocolate. I am one of the few women in the world ready for menopause. I'll take hot flashes over homicidal flashes, it's safer for everyone that way. I don't have any kids nor am I too keen on having any so I am ready for menopause. Aunt Meno can take old Aunt Flo's place anytime soon, I'll put out the welcome mat for her; Aunt Flo can go take a long walk on a short peer for all I care. Somedays, mainly one week out of each month it really sucks being a woman. But other than Aunt Flo being in town things are great. I will be going back to work on Monday only looking forward to the paycheck. Physically I am ready and mentally I am almost there. I am worried about what to pack for lunch when I go back. But I'll work it out.
    God bless everyone especially hormonal women.

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