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  1. Update, as of March 11, I weighed in at the YMCA @ 266. So I lost a total of 42 lbs. YEAHHHHH. I won't lie, I'm very happy about that..... I fitting into things I haven't worn in many many years.... I probably could be losing at a quicker rate if I listened more to the dietitian and ate only the way she wants everyone to eat. But after having a few talks with my primary Doctor, his take on everything was as long as your losing and keeping active, use what the dietitian says as a guide rather than as a law. He said he felt that if you feel like your starving yourself sooner or later you would probably fall back into old bad habits and this surgery is just a tool to help you, not a magic trick to make you skinny. You have to teach yourself to do the work... so train yourself that almost anything can be ok, if in moderation and your willing to do extra to work it off. Now that doesn't mean I can sit down at dinner and eat pizza till I'm stuffed, but if I wanted to eat a piece of pizza I can, if I willing to work a little harder at the gym tomorrow. So far this plan has been working for me, I'm not saying it's for everyone. Till next time I hope everyone keeps making smaller shadows.....

  2. Hey, trust me it well get better, you need to tell your "fat brain" to get out of your head and let your "thin brain" take over. Just keep telling yourself you can do it, take it one day at a time, one pound at a time and before you know it your the skinny guy in the room... At least that's what my support team keep telling me. I know when I have put on a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear for a long time, and they fit, something is working.... So stay positive....

  3. Well here we are again, seem to be averaging 2lbs. Loss per week, Doc says he's happy with that so I guess I am too, I just thought it would be faster. Not having any problems so that's a plus. Going to walk more and try to be more active and see if that helps weight come off faster. I know it didn't get put on over night so I shouldn't expect it to come off over night.

  4. Hi, finally got sleeved.... Had to get a Vena Cava Filter put in Thur. 12/27/12, because of my history with blood clots. Had the Sleeve surgery Fri. 12/28/12. All went as planned. Thank You Dr.Greelee (St.Joe East, Lexington Kentucky). Released from hospital on Sat. 12/29/12, now ready to commit to my new way of life. My weight when I started this process was 308, after low carbs and Protein Drinks my pre-op weight is 298, my goal is to get down to 200.

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