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  1. Thank you Lulugirl. I am having the same issue, was self pay in Mexico because of a low bmi, and now on the same boat. I was told I need to gain about 15 lbs. I cannot afford to do self pay at this time or I would go do it. Maybe my friend the accountant can loan me the money, lol....It is very frustrating, he is correct, I need to eat right and excercise, so why can't I do it??? Seems like the harder I try, the more I set myself up for failure. I think I'm depressed because of the weight gain. I refuse to give up, someday I will Killl the fat monster. I wish you luck and advice you to do something about the weight gain now, it is 30 lbs, do not wait until it is 60 like me. Stay in touch
  2. Wow, really?? I have lost weight many times, sometimes the right way others through fad diets and doctors assistance and then gained it back like most of us with weight problems. Having the band was a HUGE commitment, I was able to maintain my weightloss for 5 years until it eroded through no fault of my own. Having the band I was forced to reduce intake but isn't that what the sleeve has done for you? I have struggled with my weight my whole life, I was 190 lbs when I got my band and lost 60 lbs. I loved it, looked great, felt great. It wasn't easy but it helped me eat with moderation. Which is something my mind and body apparently don't know how to do on their own. I had to eat 6 small meals a day and followed all the rules. If I hadn't been committed I could have been eating ice scream or milk shakes and junk food which as so happens are band friendly vs eating healthier options of food. Why are all of us on here then if we can achieve weightloss on our own with diet and excercise. Do you think I'm so stupid that I don't know that is what I should be doing??? Why did you get the sleeve couldn't you just follow your dieting advice from above? Just saying? I don't know why I choose to be fat? If I had the answer to that I would not be here. You wouldn't be here. I am 200 lbs and I don't want to gain more, I do try. I diet, excercise, do it for weeks, don't see results or stuff goes bad in my life and I quit. I don't know why, why doesn't my brain get it??? Wish I knew, I have been on a journey to find those answers and don't know why I was born without the will power and ability to eat healthy and moderately on my own without the need to have a band or sleeve. I'm glad that you have shown true commitment and didn't need the sleeve because you were able to diet and excercise on your own....oh wait, I forgot, you did get the sleeve. I wish you nothing but success in your journey. As for me, I still struggle with the fat monster who for my entire adult life seems to get lost, but then finds me again. He must be online and keeps track of me through Facebook....LOL
  3. Before I had my lapband I went to 2 doctors at different times that both prescribed phentermine, I was unsuccessful so got the band as a self pay in Mexico in 2004. My band eroded in 2009 and have gained 60 lbs and want the sleeve. I tried doing a Dr diet back in November but when I started I broke my foot and couldn't continue with the expense of the broken foot and the $100 wk to the diet doctor, so I quit. I went back and tried again, but just could not afford it. I also, on and of have purchased Herbalife weightloss products and was unsuccessful. I have bought My Alli, which of course I didn't keep receipts. So my question, why wouldn't the fact I had a Lapband be proof of intention or sort of diet...don't know if anyone understands what I'm trying to day...hope so. . If I was unsuccessful before the band, why would I be successful with dieting now for 6 months to prove to them that I will fail?????
  4. Mariposa Bella

    Did you keep it a secret??

    My family knew and I regret telling some of them as they were critical and said stupid things regarding it, like, oh your taking the easy way out, yeah, there was nothing easy about having my band. I told my best friend and asked her to keep it confidential but when she saw how good I looked and all the compliments I was getting she decided to tell ppl which I was pissed off about. My body, no ones business, but mine and my husbands. If I get the sleeve I'm not telling anyone but my husband and kids, sick of the comments whether well or bad intentioned, just don't want to deal with it.
  5. Mariposa Bella

    Life threatning erosion but ready for Sleeve

    Do you remember me from lapband talk, I was part of your little group back when the site was small, after my removal when I returned found this huge, very different site and lost track of some of the originals. Penny, DeLarla, you and me and don't remember so many more. Well here I am again to sleeve or not to sleeve?
  6. Mariposa Bella

    Life threatning erosion but ready for Sleeve

    So awesome, gives me hope and inspiration.
  7. Mariposa Bella

    Life threatning erosion but ready for Sleeve

    Please don't postpone it any longer. I don't know what the difference from a slip and erosion is but my erosion was very severe and life threatning. My band was almost all into my stomach and so much infection it traveled all the way to the port and found an exit. If I hadn't pinched that little zit I would have never known. I didn't have any symptoms. I loved my band and loved being thin and hott, I looked so damn good, but I love being here for my children more. I have been looking into getting the sleeve, I have FL share of cost Medicaid with a share of $881, I found a Dr close by that takes if but my bmi is 38...Dr wants me to gain 12 lbs which I can probably do....I have mixed feelings about that and my oldest daughter does not want me to have surgery, she was old enough to know the severity of when I lost band and she said she'd rather I don't. I'm going to give it my best try to do it on my own, once last time. I am at 200 lbs and I can't say I've put in a real effort since I lost the band, so for her I'm going to. Wish me luck. I started Monday, so too soon to say. :/ keep me posted on your removal, are you at your goal weight? As soon as you recover from removal, work on maintaining the weight you have lost, don't be like me and let 5 lbs gained turn into 60...well good luck, and maybe soon ill be having to get the sleeve I refuse to continue to gain and feel so unhealthy and so ugly.
  8. Mariposa Bella

    is Vertical Sleeve FDA approved?

    Florida Medicaid does cover it, I've spoken to several doctors already and Medicaid will pay if your 40+BMI or lower with 2 co-morbidities.
  9. Mariposa Bella

    Share of Cost???? what does this mean?

    Tanya, Congrats on all the weight you'be lost. Maybe I should try getting on that phentermine stuff and see if I get results....oh yea, I forgot I'm poor, can't pay $75 Dr visit....ugh,
  10. Mariposa Bella

    Share of Cost???? what does this mean?

    I don't receive any other source of income at this time. Seems a bit ridiculous to expect someone that is jobless to pay such a high amount. You know what probably really happens, people go to ER, for either minor or major and if they can't afford their share, they are not paying anyways. So it comes back to the taxpayers again. And yes I've always been a working taxpayer, so it bothers me. I certainly cannot afford to live on $275 week with 3 kids, but I am very grateful that I am receiving the unemployment. Even when I worked I couldn't have afforded that. With my children and I being self-pay until now, going to Dr is a luxury and must be extremely necessary. Everyday I'm out looking for a job, have callled numerous contacts, have been on tons of websites and nothing. Yet there are ppl that get cash assistance, food assistance and full Medicaid and sit on their a** and get it all even housing. They event want McDo nald's too, lol...I'm glad they are going to start drug testing, so these lazy a**es can get clean or stop mooching. When someone like me that has always worked tries to get help, you get a slap in the face. Sorry to vent, but thanky you for the information, I really appreciate it. I did call and speak with someone yesterday and they said the amount was correct with that amount of income. :'(
  11. Mariposa Bella

    Life threatning erosion but ready for Sleeve

    The doctor I found in Miami said the sleeve could be covered by Medicaid but I was given share of cost which is different.
  12. Mariposa Bella

    Share of Cost???? what does this mean?

    My band eroded and was removed back in May of 2009, don't have it anymore, wish I did. i want to get sleeve as weight plus dome has come back.
  13. Mariposa Bella

    tomorrow is the day folks!

    goold luck, may God bless you with a speedy recovery.

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