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  1. So my goal for 2013 was to lose a 100 lbs and I did it! I realize that this post is about 12 days late, but I reached my goal in October and everything else is just icing! I've gone from a size 22 to a size 12. I wear a Medium instead of an XXL. To Celebrate I'm going on a cruise in 18 days and I can't believe I'm actually excited to wear a bathing suit! You can see how big my pants were because my best friend and I both fit in them!
  2. Surgery date: 9/21 Starting weight: 286 Current weight: 204
  3. My 6 month post-op visit will be on March 22, but I'm at my halfway mark! From 286 to 222.
  4. Surgery date: 9/21 Surgery Weight: 286 Current Weight: 226 Total lost: 60lbs
  5. The past week I've been feeling really down and not feeling like I've lost any weight. I mean I see myself in the mirror every day and its just hard to see progress sometimes. So I was going through some old photos and realized I had the same outfit handy and took a picture. I made it my desktop background, too. It definitely helped in raising my spirits.
  6. I am having the exact same problem! My size 18 jeans are way too big for me. One of the pairs doesn't even stay up anymore without a belt. So I went to Target and tried on the exact same brand in the next size down and they were so tight! I just try to keep my chin up and remind myself that I lost 50 lbs from all over my body not just where my pants fit.
  7. I'm now 2 months post op and have lost 40 lbs. I've had a few complications. One being an entire week of almost not being able to eat or drink which resulted in hospitalization and an insane amount of fluids to get me hydrated and meds to control nausea. I lost 11 lbs that week and then once I was better and could eat again I gained some weight back which the surgeon had warned me would happen and not to worry, but I still did. Then I had a stall for a few days and then over Thanksgiving I lost 6lbs. So my real question here I guess is 40 lbs on track? Am I behind at all? Sometimes I scare myself into thinking I've stretched my sleeve out because I'm obviously eating more than I did when I was almost bedridden every day with nausea. Any advice or comments would be much appreciated as I know most of the time I just let my mind wander into horrific territory.
  8. I had this problem and had to be hospitalized because it got so bad Water made me nauseated. They pumped me full of liquids and have me some meds one was Prevacid and I can't remember the other. I've been great ever since. My problem was acid and then not eating made it worse and then not drinking made it even worse.
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    On Track?

    Oh man I am definitely not the stunning example of eating because I'm a college student plus with my nausea there's a ton I stay away from now just from horrible memories. I usually have plain grits for breakfast (when I remember to eat it ) half a sandwich for lunch and a healthy version of a taco salad for dinner. I use ground turkey with fat free and low sodium beans, lettuce, onions, a teaspoon of light sour cream and some cheese. My deli meat is fat free, gluten free, an MSG free. It tastes amazing. I swear better than the normal kind. Of course I vary everything. Sometimes I have soup or canned chili or a turkey dog. Yesterday I bought veggie burgers and they are delicious. I only eat half though. I'm lucky to have such an awesome roommate who eats the other half of what I make. When I get hungry in between meals I have a few baby carrots and I'm fine. I also exercise everyday but Sunday. I do cardio all days but weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  10. 9/21 surgery weight 286 and today 246. I see everyone dropping sizes, but I haven't really yet. All my clothes are big on me. My jeans (18 ) I can pull on and off without unbuttoning or unzipping but 16 is still too snug. I just want to drop a size!
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    On Track?

    Wow I just realized I can't count. I'm two months out as well sleeved 9/21. I'll go edit the original post now, but thank you. I'm glad we're on the same track. Makes me feel infinitely better.
  12. I was wondering when everyone started adding carbs/bread into their diet. I was thinking about trying a sandwich today with only the bottom portion of bread and then only a 1/2 but I'm terrified of ruining something. I've found some great substitutes for pasta and rice, but sometimes a piece of toast is the only thing I want in the world. Help.
  13. It's only been a little over a month (I was sleeved 9/21) and I've lost 32 lbs. But I wanted to post a Halloween pic because even though I'm still pretty far from my goal I felt pretty good in my costume. So here's before and then a pic from tonight.
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    I was really craving orange chicken the other day so I looked for a healthy recipe. I could eat all of the ingredients so I made it. I just skipped the breading and frying it part. I just put the orange sauce on the baked pieces of chicken I had made, put it in the crock pot, and voila perfect solution to an otherwise unhealthy craving.
  15. About five days post op I woke up with an unbelievable pain on my left side under my ribs. I dealt with it for a few hours. Tried walking and everything thinking it maybe was a gas bubble. When it persisted I called my surgeon and he had me go to the ER immediately for fear it was a pulmonary embolism. They did a CT scan and I ended up having Fluid in my left lung. Did they do a CT when you went to the hospital?
  16. I'm about two weeks post op and sometimes I forget the 30 minute rule for drinking. Am I ruining my tummy? I think I forget because I'm so concerned with getting in enough liquids and enough Protein. On Sunday I was very nauseated and I didn't eat and barely drank and the same thing with Monday and most of Tuesday. I was so weak and worn out. But I got something to take care of my upset stomach/heartburn and now I feel better that way, but I'm still very week. I took a shower this morning and then had to lay down because it wore me out. I'm sure it's because of those few days where I didn't have anything and I feel like I'm trying to compensate now. I've been averagaing about 40 oz of liquid a day and today I got in about 40 grams of protein. I know I need more fluids, but sometimes I feel like I cannot possible put anymore in my body. Wow, sorry. This turned into a long rant that had nothing to do with my previous question. On the occasions I forget the drinking rule and have a few sips with my food am I sabotaging myself?
  17. I'm 10 days post op and right now I have the worst heartburn. My doctor didn't write me any kind of prescription though. I was wondering is it okay to have a chewable tums?
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    I went to the pharmacy today and the Prilosec was super expensive so he found me something else. Here's to hoping it works.
  19. It's my first day of trying anything off of purée. I've been so terrified all day that I'm just trying now. I'm scared to death I'm going to mess up my sleeve, but everything in front of me is on the approved list. Wish me luck.
  20. I am a tummy and side sleeper. About how long after surgery (I'm two days post) until I can return to my normal habits?
  21. My name's Lacey, I'm 25, and I have my surgery on Friday. I'm super excited, but also terrified. I keep thinking it won't work and I'll go through all of this for nothing. I know a lot of it depends on me. The thing is I'm a pretty healthy eater. I love my salads and vegetables, but sometimes I just have the craving for Taco Bell or a giant Dr. Pepper. But I want to do this. The things I have to change or "give up" really aren't that difficult for me. I was skinny my whole life until in my twenties I steadily started gaining weight and we couldn't figure out why. Last year I was diagnosed with PCOS. To fix it I was put on birth control, which didn't help any with my weight. I tried every diet and exercise program I could get my hands on, but when I couldn't lose the weight I'd get discouraged. I just don't want this to be another thing that I fail at. I'm trying to stay positive, but as the date draws clearer I find myself worrying more than I did before. Did anyone else feel this way before surgery? I'm feeling a little more optimistic because since I've been on the liquid diet I've lost 8lbs, but I still have that worrisome voice in the back of my head.