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  1. Hi everyone. I'm about 7 months out. 70# gone so far (in the midst of a pretty long stall, however...) and hubby and I would like to try for a baby. I know I'm a tad early, but doctor believes I will be ok. Anyways, my question is: how many months of trying (or not trying) did it take you to get pregnant? Thanks
  2. I was sleeved in 3/14. Hated life the first month!!! But did some Pilates today SW 287 CW 232 Started at pant size 22. Tops xl-2x Current pant size 18, tops 14/16 I just started working out, so I hope to get into onederland by Christmas. I don't measure my food...probably should. Guesstimate I can do about 6-8oz of food per meal. Except carbs. They settle heavy. And keep me away from chips!!!
  3. HW 290 SW 287 CW 234 GW 175 I had my surgery on 3/14/13 and have since lost 53 pounds. I can move. I can cross my legs. I mowed the freakin lawn the other day. I'm living again. I even bought a dress for the summer. I'm not a slave to food. I don't go to bed at night hating myself for being too weak to not get fatter. I was digging my grave with a knife and a fork, and now I feel awesome. I had my doubts the first month. I regretted the surgery. And I missed my carbs. I still get some cravings, but it's not like that I HAVE TO HAVE IT kind of thing. My food addiction is controlled, and that is the best part of all of this. Now I just need to start working out!!!
  4. BigFatLoser

    3 Months, 1 week out. Pics!

    Thanks, guys! My skin is doing well. I'm only 30, so I have that on my side. I can see a bit of loose jiggle on my inner thighs and tummy, but I'm not concerned. I should have started working out a while ago to combat that, but I'm an idiot lol And I'm 5'9"
  5. I believe I wrote a similar thread when I was on puréed. I was told, and they were right, that the fullness doesn't really show as much as it will when you're on adaptive soft/solids. Don't stress. Measure just to keep the calories in check. And to avoid accidental sickness if you don't know your full signs just yet. I'm 3 months out and I know when I'm full now. It took a couple of months to learn. (you really do have to learn!) I have a belly pain that my hubby has named Donk. If Donk gets upset, I usually ate too fast, or one bite too many. I like to keep Donk happy. He's mean, lol. I also get the hiccups if I push myself. Or the physical feelings of an anxiety attack. If I stop when I should, I feel satisfied. Not full. Yay! You will get there.
  6. As anyone else gained a little weight during the 6 month supervised diet? I gained 4 lbs during the second month and haven't been able to lose it. I'm going into month 4 and am incredibly nervous about going through all of this just to be denied. I do have a letter from my PCP stating that I have trouble losing because my thyroid isn't yet regulated (I'm hypo). I'm 29 bmi of 40 with asthma. Back problems. Reflux. High cholesterol. Medicaid insurance. So nervous!
  7. BigFatLoser

    I dont understand...

    I don't understand how I went from being able to eat everything I was allowed to eat easily, to not being able to tolerate hardly anything at all. I'm 6 weeks out. I was doing GREAT. Down 35. I get an EGD on may 2. Anyone experience this? What happened??
  8. BigFatLoser

    Biggest regrets about getting the sleeve?

    I regret that I didn't take the 6 month pre op diet very seriously. I wish I would have taken that time to practice eating slowly and thoroughly, along with getting in lots of fluids, familiarizing myself with high protein foods, and detoxing from certain things like sugar and carbs. I think that would have made the first month a lot easier, both emotionally and physically.
  9. BigFatLoser


    I love my breville. And a good carrot apple kale juice. Yum.
  10. I'm 5'9 and started almost a month ago at 287. Currently 262 and so far my body is shrinking nicely. I don't anticipate a whole lot of lose skin.
  11. BigFatLoser

    am I being naive? ?

    I told everyone I loved and trusted to support me. The reason I didn't tell everyone else is because I am well aware that some people view WLS as the "easy way out". We all know that it is not. But as the other poster said....it's a very personal choice made because of very personal issues. And I don't have it in me to possibly have to justify my decision to people or debate with them the truths about its difficulty. I'd rather not add that potential stress into an already trying time.
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  14. BigFatLoser


    Prader-willi syndrome? I was watching a show yesterday about a bunch of kids in an in patient facility for this because they eat and eat and eat and never feel full. Granted, it also is accompanied by other issues as its a genetic disorder, so I am not so sure if they would ever be cleared for WLS. I just remember thinking to myself...... Wow. That's way worse than food addiction. Can you even imagine never feeling full and always wanting to eat or else you flip out??? Horrible.
  15. The stomach acid that sometimes feels like hunger pangs has been so incredibly strong the last few days. I am currently in a lot of discomfort with it. Does anyone have any remedies? I've already taken my Pepcid.
  16. BigFatLoser


    I'm completely addicted with a very bad thyroid. I think I got to my highest weight faster with a thyroid problem (gained 16 pounds in one 2 week period, and 11 pounds another week... and that just the recent ones), but I certainly would have gotten there eventually.
  17. BigFatLoser

    Positive :)

    Congrats!!!!!!!! That is great. Prayers for a successful, healthy pregnancy. Oh I can't wait till baby time in my house. So great!
  18. BigFatLoser

    Friend has CML- leukemia- can she get sleeve?

    My good friend was diagnosed with CML a few years ago after already having thyroid cancer. She is doing great. Has been in remission thanks to Gleevic for quite some time now. I don't know about the surgery with it, but I do know that she is happy and healthy right now.
  19. Big fight with fiancé. Second day in a row. Fights are a HUGE trigger for my food addiction. I grew up in an abusive house and it's my pattern. Big fight. Gorge. Feel better. I left the house. I'm in the car with 5 fast food places around me. Crying because I just want to eat and make this feeling go away. I'm 3 weeks out. My other coping skills are only developing. This is so hard.
  20. BigFatLoser

    Please support me right now.

    And by a day and a half, I mean like 2.5 hours lol.
  21. BigFatLoser

    Please support me right now.

    Archimedes!!!! It took me a day and a half to get past that. I had to use all my magic on the first trial of those witches. And the snakes give you more magic as you kill them. Second trial use the rest of your magic on those spear chicks. And just slowly kill the guy with the hammer. It damn near drove me nuts. Tomb raider is still around?! Jeez.
  22. BigFatLoser

    Please support me right now.

    I'm here. I made it!!!! I drive back home. I'm laying in bed. With a mix of Water and juice. Sipping to get hydrated again. Crying takes it outta ya!!! 1. I desperately need a hot tub. 2. I just beat God of War 3 yesterday. Damn it. 3. Prayers are awesome. 4. It's big blonde now, Laura lol I sat there trying to come up with things I can eat. But I also HATE being sick. And I hate hating myself. I made it out without doing either!!!!!! Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart.

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