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    Hi, my surgery was Jan. 5, 2015 I really need a mentor to help me get started, I feel like a fish out of Water lol. Any advice, help, support will be most appreciated. Caryn
  2. Hi, My surgery was on Jan.5 this year. I had to be convertered from sleeve to gastric because of complications with acid and hernia. I am most scared of stretching out my pouch by eating to much. So mostly have been doing liquids and Protein shakes. I need help in learning how many calories I need to consume at any given meal or day, how much food at one time, how is the best way to keep from stretching it out and not gaining weight back. I am doing between 400 and 500 calories a day according to my fitness pal. I really need someone to mentor me on the day to day adjustments and support. Thank you very much, Caryn
  3. Hi Princess and Sassy, I had gastric on Jan.5 this year. I need all the help I can get. I would like for you to add me as a friend and buddy. Together we can do this! I also am on Facebook and MyFitnessPal. I need advice on how many calories a day I should consume, how much food at one time. I am exercising, walking. Would really like to have you as mentors and buddies
  4. Hi, I had my surgery on the 5th of Jan. I had the sleeve, but because of acid re flux and hernia he had to convert to gastric. I have also been living on protein shakes and liquids mostly but recently added in scrambled egg, some lean meat shredded, but my problem is if I eat food, I gain! I am only consuming 400/500 calories a day, is that to many? I don't want to stretch mine out either. Maybe we can give each other tips along the way.
  5. Thanks so much, I have been doing Protein 35 shakes, half in the morning and half for lunch, soft Proteins for dinner. I am going to aim for 20 carbs a day, 70 protein.
  6. Hi, my name is Caryn and I am turning 50 this Monday. I am post opt 3 1/2 weeks, due to sever acid re flux and a hernia I had to have my sleeve converted to full gastric. I had my surgery at Kings Daughters by Rodrick Tompkins who in my opinion one of the best. I have 3 grandson who are my inspiration to get healthy. My starting weight was 212 when I left the hospital, and my goal weight is to be between 150 and 160.