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  1. anayortiz

    I cant get myself motivated to exersise

    I think about getting to the gym and cant get my ass there, i go for a few days and then i don't want yo go anymore so i understand how u all fell !! After being at work for 8 hrs. I cant seem go want to do anything at all, i do feel depressed at time but its not always like that :-(
  2. Im 8 months post and when just ordered a blt for lunch and i could only eat half of the sandwich and a few chips :-)
  3. Thanks for explaining, i got lots to learn :-)
  4. I've been feeling like that lately, hungry all the time and have only lost 60lbs. since September 2012, not sure what I'm doing but it can get depressing sometimes
  5. anayortiz

    Sleeved Twice - My Story

    I'm sorry that you went through so much, glad now your feeling better. I was sleeved in Sept. 2012 and only lost 52 lbs. so far, I question my sleeve sometimes bc I get very hungry at times and I can eat almost an entire slice of pizza if i allow it. Now I'm wondering if there is anything going on with me. I had it done in NY and my insurance paid for it.
  6. anayortiz


    Im down 51lbs. And the other day my sister made a stupid comment, i was telling her that i would clean my closet and donate my 16 size jeans and size 18 and her stupid comment was " why don't u keep them just in case " so my response was " I'm not planning on gaining weight it, so why would i keep them ? " it really annoyed me to hear that from her bc she was at the hospital for me and looked after me after surgery :-(
  7. Ive only lost 51 lbs. in 5 months, so don't feel bad, everyone looses differently and has different metabolism !!!
  8. I have support from both friends and family but i hate is that my family got to involve in my surgery that if they see that i should not be eating or drinking something they over react and its annoying i regret telling the family !!
  9. anayortiz

    99 lbs down and Onederland!

    thank you darling, will do !!
  10. anayortiz

    99 lbs down and Onederland!

    congratulations !! im 51 lbs in 6 months i guess i'm a slow sleever :-(
  11. anayortiz

    50 lbs. in 5 months :-) what a great feeling !

    yes I went to a support group a month ago and their were people there a month out which lost 50 lbs., so I guess everyone is different and they loose the weight differently :-)
  12. anayortiz


    thank you !!
  13. anayortiz

    Too emotional and moody?

    going through it now, all i want to do is be alone very moody, emotional and no tolerance for jokes or sarcasm from family or friends. not sure what it is !!!
  14. I hope everyone does well and gets better soon too, I'm 5 months post surgery and struggling with depression, I'm always on the defense and very bad mood swings :-(
  15. anayortiz

    First Time Drinking Alcohol Post Op

    I definitely waited about 8 weeks before my first drink, now i can't seem to stop drinking, i need to stop bc i'm afraid of what the consequences will be later on. I have a very stressful job so at night i like a vodka and crystal light, definitely will stop from today forward. maybe i should start working out instead drinking :-)
  16. anayortiz

    Broke Stall!

  17. anayortiz


    I'm 3 months post surgery and doing well with the salads, i think i was about 7-8 weeks when i started, yest. i had a mixed salad called "Modena" and noticed that both days i got sharp shooting pain in my stomach and felt very bloated after having it but I think it was because the salad has green peppers and purple cabbage chopped up, so maybe those 2 things made me bloated ? Not sure I will see my doctor tomorrow 12/13/12 and will mention that to him. Good luck !!
  18. congratulations on your loss, keep up the good work !!!
  19. anayortiz

    Anyone With Nausea And Cold Sweats After Having Food ?

    thank you all for the feedback, this happened to me when i had cream of mushroom soup but i had had 2 hand fulls of peanuts before the soup was cooked and when i had chicken broth i had had 8oz of the protein shake before i had the broth, i think i ate too fast and that's why it happened that day i had not eaten in about 6 hours.
  20. anayortiz

    The Gas Pain Is Rough

    it will get better, had mine done 9/19/12 and for about 6 days it was horrible.
  21. anayortiz

    Getting Sleeved Was The Best Decision Ever!

    congratulations !! I got sleeved on 9/19/12, looking forward to the new me :-)
  22. anayortiz

    Going Through Pms This Week And I've Noticed I'm Hungry

    sheila2050 - Im on Pure Protein twice a day, i think it will get better next week (i hope).
  23. anayortiz

    I Did It!

    congratulations all the best !!
  24. anayortiz

    I Needed A Reminder;(

    keep positive don't let it bother you !!

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