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  1. Great news! I am so happy that you are not having any problems, I didn't either! It was such an easy time (of course there were aches and pains but not like I thought it would be!) The bubbles will subside for the most part but I still have them occasionally even after a year and 1/2 (especially when I eat something sweet, it is really weird!) If it bothers you, use the GasX strips and they seem to work real well. Keep on moving and you will be losing big in no time at all!
  2. Susie in Lima

    wrong foods

    Oh darlin. Let me first tell you that eventually you will be able to eat those things a little bit at a time, not like you used to, but for special occasions or just a once in a while craving but you really need to NOT be doing that. I think you really know that and are just wanting us to help you get on track. You really need to look at why you did this surgery and realize that this behavior is not helping to create good habits like you should be creating good habits right now. Please talk to your Dr and your NUT and let them help you. Get all that stuff out of your house!!!! It only serves as a temptation right now. It is harder to fall off the wagon if you dont have those bad things tempting you in the house and you have to make a special effort to go get them. You can do this!!!! Keep your eye on the prize (and it isnt pizza, chips and hot dogs! It is a new healthier you!!!!)
  3. Susie in Lima

    Surgery Tomorrow!

    You are going to do great! He is just probably nervous too! Just relax and git er done! Cant wait to hear about your progress!
  4. Susie in Lima

    Do excited. Cleared by psych

    Great news! It wont be long now! Just do everything your Dr and NUT instruct you, research and ask lots of questions and get prepared for the journey! Cant wait to see your progress!
  5. Susie in Lima

    New to the site

    Welcome. Ask lots of questions, do lots of research and be prepared. It has been a wonderful journey for me and just do what your dr and nut say and you should do great! Once again welcome and look forward to seeing your progress!
  6. Susie in Lima

    1 year progress pics :)

    Great job! Getting close to your goal! You can do it!!! Looking great!
  7. I know you are! Just hang in there, this is literally the hardest part! You can do this!!! Just drink and walk and get your mind off of it as much as you can! It wont be long! You can do it!
  8. Susie in Lima

    Time for some new NSV's!

    Keep up the good work!!! Keep making goals along the way because they really stand as markers of success along the way! You are doing great!!!
  9. Susie in Lima

    9 days after surgery

    I promise it will get better! And you are right, they have no clue. If you begin to feel tempted by what they are eating, get away from it, let them know that you might have to resort to going for a walk (which is good for you anyway) take a bath or reading a book. Make sure that you don't get all grumpy and mad at them because it is easy to become bitter for a while since they dont get it. But honestly, they are just doing what they know to do. So, chin up, things will get better, once you start seeing the changes in your body and once you start getting to experiment with solid foods, it will get easier. Once you can start eating a little bit more normal foods, you can begin to cook with your diet restrictions in mind and you all can eat the same thing. There is a website Skinny Taste and she has some great recipes that my whole family love to eat and I can eat as well! Just keep on doing what you are suppose to do and just wait and see! Before you know it, things will be looking up! Good luck~
  10. Susie in Lima

    Very close to goal!

    I reached my goal about 2 or 3 months ago and was surprised at how easy it was to just maintain. I have since decided to lose a little more weight, because I can haha but if you do what your dr and nut advise you, you should be fine. I did find it was a bit disappointing to step on the scale for a while because I was maintaining and not losing, I decided I wanted to see the 120's so I lost a couple more pounds, About to start maintenance again. Congrats! I know you are so happy!
  11. Susie in Lima

    1 week post-op.....

    Just go slow and keep sipping. You will be surprised how much you can get down just by taking sips all day. Your tummy is still swollen right now so things will get easier as the days go by! Just concentrate on sipping sipping sipping. Also try different temperatures of your liquid. I could barely get in any water until I started adding mio and keeping it ice cold, now I pretty much gulp it down! Hope you feel better soon!
  12. Susie in Lima

    How many calories while losing?

    I usually ate between 800 to 1000 calories per day. Now that I am in maintenance I eat about 1000 to 1200.
  13. Susie in Lima

    Running before and after GS

    Its fantastic!!!! I run a 5K three days a week now! Pushing through some hip and knee pain (which stinks) but I dont want to quit! Keep it up! It will be so much easier when you have all that weight off of you!
  14. Susie in Lima

    Get my sleeve on oct 14 th!

    You will do great! Good luck!
  15. Susie in Lima

    Before Surgery

    OH YES! DO IT!!!!! I took pics before my surgery and then each month I took pics in the same clothes until I had to wear something different because they were just way too big. It isnt fun taking those first few pics but they will be treasures when you see where you began and how far you have come! DO IT!!!!! I suggest to take the pics in the same place each time with the same clothes or similar clothes (pretty form fitting if you can so you can truly see a difference) ALSO, measure yourself! All over! Keep these measurements and update them each month. This will be nice too when you are in a stall to realize that your body is changing even if the scale isn't! DO IT!!!
  16. Welcome! Hope your appt goes well! Ask lots of questions and prepare as much as you can. Look through the posts here and it will give you lots of things to think about and to ask your surgeon and your nutritionist about. I am excited for you! Have a super day!
  17. Susie in Lima


    There is a homemade bread substitute that I have made. Now not everyone likes it but me and my husband think it is just fine since we had not had real bread in so long. It is called Carb Free Cloud bread. Just google the name. My nutritionist allows me to eat pita bread and now after a year I can have any type of bread I want. I find that it always sits real heavy on my stomach and I kind of feel bad after eating it so that helps with me becoming addicted to it again. Hope you find what you are looking for.
  18. Susie in Lima

    Stall Stall Stall!

    My suggestion is to track what you have been eating. I use My Fitness Pal Ap on my smart phone and also I use it on my computer. It is easy to enter in what you eat to keep up with your calories and your exercise. It will tell you how much you can eat in order to lose up to 2 pounds a week. I also have been exercising like crazy. Are you exercising? If you are, switch things up and do a different type of exercise to kind of confuse your body. I started the Couch to 5K running program a few months ago and it really blasted my weight loss! My nutrionist also is really strict on my carb consumption. She only allowed me a carb at Breakfast and a carb at lunch. Since I am on maintenance I can have an extra carb at dinner but that is to maintain. Really watch what you eat, drink lots and lots of fluids (of course without sugar), eat your Protein first and eat a snack in between each meal that will help with energy such as few nuts, a Protein Bar or a piece of fruit. Stalls are normal, dont let it get you upset, as long as you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, your body will catch up, right now it just is trying to stabilize things. You can do it! Keep up the great work!
  19. Susie in Lima

    I just don't know

    Hoping you feel better soon. Sip Sip Sip all day. I know you dont want to, but you have to darlin! You dont want to have to go back into the hospital again! Feel better!
  20. Susie in Lima


    FANTASTIC!!!!! I bet you look good in them too! Keep it up and have fun in Vegas!
  21. Susie in Lima

    Susie in Lima

  22. Susie in Lima

    At Disney... And miserable

    I hope you can have an enjoyable rest of the time, but next year baby, you are going to have so much more energy and you will be feeling so good! Just look forward to that! Your life and body is about to make a big change! And when you think about cheating during your journey, remember the way you feel now! You will do great!
  23. Susie in Lima

    Severe migraines, what to do?

    You may want to talk with your dr to discuss options. My dr allows me to have caffiene now and has never said anything to me about not using NSAIDS but you need to ask why and if there are other things that you can use to help alleviate your symptoms.
  24. So sorry you are having constipation issues. I haven't had any issues with Constipation until last month and it was horrible! I am so so sorry that you are! I would ask my nut if I were you and see if it is a problem. I think that it seems that the benefits outweigh the negatives that it may cause. But, thats just me! Hope it all works out for you. Have a good day!
  25. Susie in Lima

    Omg! The day and time is here!

    Hope you are doing well! Cant wait to hear of your success.

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