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  1. GasX Strips and some Biotene dry mouth spray for when you cant drink.
  2. Susie in Lima

    Getting scared.

    You will do fine. Just keep that end goal in sight! You can do it!
  3. Its no longer a dream! Congratulations!!!!
  4. Susie in Lima

    Getting Nervous!

    Hey there, To answer your question...yep! You have to cut your food up very small at first and eat VERY slowly. After your initial phase of liquid diets, you gradually work your way up to eating solid foods. There are times that this progression is difficult but not impossible to handle. You will probably have to adjust the way that you eat for a while until your stomach is healed enough and your dr and nutritionist say that you can move on to other things. I have been sleeved for a little over a year now and can literally eat anything that I want to. I cant eat much of it, but I can eat it. So, eventually you will be able to eat any of those things that you mentioned on your list, just not as much. It is good that you arent a sweet eater (cause I am and I do miss that from time to time) Be careful eating ice cream though if that is an issue for you because it goes down way to easy and you will be getting a bunch of empty calories when you eat it. Every once in a while is ok but if it is something that is a temptation for you, I would say to try to avoid it if you can. I found it difficult at first when I was on my liquid diet and my family ordered pizza. That was one of the most difficult times for me, but I decided when I had those difficult times, to go do something else. Take a walk, read a book, take a bath etc. But now, I can eat an a piece of pizza every once in a while (and to tell you the truth, I wasnt missing much. It doesnt really appeal to me anymore) Yes, things are going to change in the way you eat, it has to so that this surgery will be a success for you. Follow your dr and nutritionist instructions, begin to exercise and then watch your body change! I have lost over 100 pounds, am at my goal weight, I run a 5K at least 3 days a week, I feel great, my health has drastically improved and my new nicknames are Tiny, Slim and Skinny! SOOOO worth the surgery, changing my eating habits and getting moving! You are going to do great!
  5. Susie in Lima

    Almost there!

    Oh wow, it wont be long! Keep us updated with how it goes! Be patient with yourself and your new sleeve. Dont freak out and follow your drs and nuts advice. You are going to do great!!!!!!!!
  6. Susie in Lima


    FANTASTIC!!!!! I bet you look good in them too! Keep it up and have fun in Vegas!
  7. Susie in Lima

    glad I found this app

    Hey there, My suggestion is that you ask lots of questions, research the heck out of the subject to know what you are getting into and prepare yourself mentally for it. This is a big deal and not something to go into lightly. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure that you are 100% all in! Ready to make changes! Changes in the way you eat, changes in the way you drink, changes in the way you cope with things, changes in the your physical activities, changes in the way you socialize and a lot of other changes that you have to be ready to make. But guess what? Once you make these changes, you will begin to see changes in you! Changes in the way your body looks, changes in the way your body feels, changes in the way people look at you, changes in your health, and those changes add up to make all those other changes worth it! So, get prepared! That is my advice! It is going to be a great ride!
  8. Susie in Lima

    Oh sh*t!

    These few days of the liquid diet really are the hardest. I am not telling you that to get you down, but to say that after this, things are easier. Right now, you will not feel restriction so it will stink to feel hungry and only be able to drink liquid but before you know it, you will have a tiny tummy that can only take so much. You just keep that end goal in sight, make sure that any food that could be used to tempt you is out of the house and DO NOT CHEAT!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it will be hard but you have got this!!! And before you know it, you will be done and rocking your sleeve. My son actually made me a count down chart for my liquid diet phase. There were days that I was so sick of liquids but we would cross off the meals and rejoice in knowing that I was that much closer to being done. (Haha I do that with my running too now. As I run and pass up the mileage markers I dont think about how far I have gone, I always think about how much further I have to go....hmm, Maybe I need to think a little bit harder about that one! haha) sleep well and thinking happy thoughts for you and your husband! His participation will mean soooo much during this time. Keep your eye on the prize!
  9. Susie in Lima


    Hey there, Just know that most of us on here have had times of doubt before going through the surgery. I think that is just a normal human response to this type of thing. Of course I am not a physician, but I can pretty much tell you for a fact that you WILL lose weight! Now this is not magic and the surgery alone can only help you to a certain point. You must go in with the knowledge that this will take more than surgery to lose and keep the weight off. Know that you will need to eat as your dr and nut suggest, exercise and address the issues that got you to where you are today. Yes it is scary to walk into a hospital with nothing wrong with you and wake up a few hours later not feeling so hot, but I can tell you that once you start seeing changes in your body, you will know that you have done something good for yourself! Hoping your journey is a good one! Make up your mind to follow your drs and nuts advice, try not to cheat and realize that every day you will get closer to your goal! YOU can do this!
  10. It seems like most of your food is still pretty soft. Those soft/liquidy foods go down alot easier for you right now. I guarantee the more solid foods that you begin to eat, the more restriction you will have. Just concentrate on your proteins and fluids. Good idea to watch and realize what you are eating. I think you are doing fine, but if in doubt, def ask your dr or nut! Happy Journey!
  11. Susie in Lima

    Susie in Lima

  12. What a difference a year makes! Down over 100 pounds, running a 5K three days a week! Best decision I have made for my body and health!

  13. Susie in Lima

    At Disney... And miserable

    I hope you can have an enjoyable rest of the time, but next year baby, you are going to have so much more energy and you will be feeling so good! Just look forward to that! Your life and body is about to make a big change! And when you think about cheating during your journey, remember the way you feel now! You will do great!
  14. Susie in Lima

    Leg Cramps!

    Hey there, I am sorry you are having such trouble. Just sip sip sip. I also found that if I put some flavoring in it like Mio or Crystal Light, that helps me to get it down. I am not sure how far out you are from surgery but you will be able to drink more as time goes on. Hope you feel better soon!
  15. Susie in Lima

    The WORST part about cooking!

    I had the same problem!!!! You just have to learn to let someone else to the tasting! My husband and son are now my taste testers. It is funny now because even when we have company now, I dont taste the food until they do. That is something I would have never done in the past!
  16. Susie in Lima


    Hey there! I think everyone is different and I also think that this is a common concern we all have or had. I almost cancelled my surgery because of it but my surgeon assured me that no one had gone bald because of it. That reassured me some and I went through with it. At about 5 months I did begin to have hair loss. The problem with me and my hair is that I have always had very thin, baby fine hair so it didnt take too much hair loss to make it look bad. I have always had a thinner spot in the back and now it is emphasized (I am a little over a year out) I started wearing my hair up for a while to camoflouge it but recently just cut it all off. I went to the dr recently and he gave me a spray to help regrow hair, I also take biotin every day, and use Garnier Fall Fight shampoo/conditioner every day. I am thinking that it has helped some I also went to the dr recently and they took some blood and put it through a machine and took out the platelets (I think or plasma or something) and then they injected it into my scalp all over, it was about 100 injections. I am hoping that this will stimulate growth. All this to say, I wouldnt change a thing! I have lost over a 100 pounds, I run a 5K , 3 times a week and my nicknames are now Skinny, Slim and Tiny . I might end up getting a little wig eventually but thats not a problem for me now!
  17. Susie in Lima

    I must look like a creeper, stalker girl

    Haha Welcome!
  18. Susie in Lima

    Severe migraines, what to do?

    You may want to talk with your dr to discuss options. My dr allows me to have caffiene now and has never said anything to me about not using NSAIDS but you need to ask why and if there are other things that you can use to help alleviate your symptoms.
  19. Susie in Lima

    Food intolerance

    awww sorry about that. It certainly isnt fun to find out what doesnt agree with you and your new tummy! 8 months after my surgery, and about 6 months of having scrambled eggs every morning, my tummy decided it had enough and now I can not eat eggs without my stomach burning, so I dont eat em anymore. Hope your tummy feels better.
  20. So sorry! Hope you feel better soon! Wish I could give you some advice!
  21. Susie in Lima

    Proud !

    Fantastic! You have no idea how much easier this is going to make your journey doing it together! My husband didnt have the surgery but he got on board with my new lifestyle and has lost 60 pounds and looks like he is in his 20's and HOT! Lucky me!!! It is nice to be able to cook and eat the same way and encourage each other to exercise and to keep on track! So excited for you guys!
  22. Great news! Welcome to the club! Keep up with the walking and the sipping and definitely let the family take over the chores while you have an excuse! haha
  23. Susie in Lima

    Forceful vomiting with the sleeve

    You poor thing! I really do not know what to tell you about it except that you probably do need to tell your dr your history. But truthfully, I only vomitted once in a year and it was while I was in the hospital and the meds i was on made me sick. I am actually not a forceful vomiter but I do vomit very loudly! haha When I was pregnant with my children, my sweet and thoughtful husband would ask if I could be a little quieter when I threw up! haha Well I hope it all works out and lets pray that there wont be many times that you will have to vomit! Have a great day!
  24. I think it is perfectly normal to have second thoughts. I surely did. I have to tell you though having the VSG was the best thing I could have ever done. Yes, I wondered why in the world I did it and what in the world had I done to myself several times at the beginning but WOW what a difference a year makes!!!! I am over 100 pounds down, run a 5k, not just once but 3 days a WEEK!!! I am feeling much much better and love having a new lease on life! Yes, take this next step seriously, but also know that everyone feels this way. Hope you feel better about it soon! No matter what you decide, do something!

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