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  1. I have surgery in exactly a week. I am ADD and have been on medication for it since I was a little girl. no one can really seem to give me a good answer about medication after surgery? I was taking 2 30 mg XR tablets but know that's too big for after surgery so I switched to instants which are still a little big? Did any one have this problem? How long after surgery did you start taking medicine again?

    I was able and doc said it was OK to take pills after surgery,as long as there not to big, and able to swallow with little sips of Water, if taking pill scares you sometimes there is a liquid form for medications

  2. I feel the same way. I am 15 days post op and I had to go cold turkey off all my meds including effexor and it has done a number on my emotions. Can't get happy. Just sad and angry all the time. I may need.to go back on my effexor for the time being. I am physically excellent just not mentally stable.

    I hope you do not mind , but my daughter and myself were on effexor ,
    I had horrible withdrawals,weight gain
    gave my daughter headache, and weight gain the Dr put her on fetzima she did very well on that drug with minimal wright gain

  3. I have started infusions, I hope I can try to help the % is the total Iron in the red blood cells and the ferritin is the Protein that stores extra Iron and B12 helps make red blood cells so it's very important to keep them both normal, however I am no longer able and will have to get infusions for life, unfortunately for me my levels and back up supply are practically depleted, my hematologist is being very aggressive in my treatments

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  4. I am 9months post op from bariatric surgery #3 subtotal gastrectomy with RNY gastrojejunostomy, I have started Iron infusions 3weeks ago, my hematologist strongly suggested I come in twice a week for 6weeks but I am only going once a week, it's takes about 3 hours from the time I walk in to when I leave, and I feel like crap after, and I also have to give myself B 12 injections once every 2 weeks, my suggestion to anyone who starts showing signs of anemia or B12 deficiency should take it seriously and see a hematologist, better to treat it early then what I'm going through,

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  5. Hi All , how is everyone doing?

    I had to get a ultrasound of my gallbladder , suffering from nausea,vomiting, chest pain,pale colored stool

    My surgeon said to call his office when I had the ultrasound, So I did I didnt think they would have results so fast but 15 minutes later I got a call back, have an appointment Thursday to discuss options, so yea I have gall stones