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  1. Carrie's Journey

    Do any of you vets completely ignore this rule?

    I am 4 1/2 years out and I drink zero cal energy drinks. They go down fine and have for awhile. I probably didn't have any carbonated drinks for at least the first year. I have regained a bit but it was from a pregnancy and eating crap. I'm going back to basics tomorrow but I'll continue with my energy drinks! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  2. Carrie's Journey

    Looking for a buddy

    I'm 4 1/2 years out and will be going back to basics starting tomorrow. I was at goal for 2 years and then my regain happened with my last pregnancy... I haven't been able to follow the plan since then. I'm super bummed about this but I'm motivated to get back on track. My goal is to lose 30 lbs!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  3. I took the medication religiously and had my gallbladder taken out one year after my vsg. I probably had gallstones before... Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  4. Carrie's Journey

    July 26 plastics... Updates:)

    How many days are you staying in Mexico? Do you think you'll be ready for the travel back home?
  5. Carrie's Journey

    Q: how you y'all use Quest bars?

    I love them. My favorite is the Apple Pie. At a year out, they're not as filling as before and they don't always satisfy my sweet cravings. So now I only eat one if I want to eat something worse (like candy). It's a good substitute for snacky food but I don't use them as meals.
  6. Carrie's Journey

    1 year today!

    You guys are all too kind. I never imagined I could weigh 140. It was so much fun seeing the scale when I was losing. Maintaining can be difficult if you don't watch it. I weigh every day and if I see the number go up, the carbs go down. Those damn carbs. Still hard to conquer and I will probably always be addicted to them. When I cut them out, I'm in control again. I still eat too fast. Restaurants are not fun. Some of my favorite foods: ProtiDiet hot cocoa every morning mixed with instant coffee and sugar free raspberry syrup nectar Protein shakes Light & Fit greek yogurt. Apples (extremely filling) Quest bars, although they don't seem to be as filling anymore. I use them now as a substitute for crap food. Nuts, although they are totally a slider for me. "Bread pudding" made out of an egg custard and cottage cheese. banana nut protein muffins are to die for. Hungry Girl's turkey veggie meatloaf muffins. Grilled cheese rollups (lunch meat rolled around string cheese and grilled). Fave is ham and cheddar. Fave work lunch is chicken Caesar salad. There's more that I can't think of...
  7. Carrie's Journey

    1 year today!

    A pretty $17,500. Best investment of my life.
  8. Carrie's Journey

    1 year today!

    You had him too? Yes I love him! My husband thinks I have a crush on him. Lol
  9. Carrie's Journey

    1 year today!

    Since not many people know about my surgery, I had to come on here to share about my surgerversary! I was a low BMI'er and self-paid a ton of money and this has been the best decision of my life. My high weight was 220, day of surgery 190, current weight 140. I'm 5'5". I'm trying to take off the last couple of pounds but I'm super happy at 140 and so is my surgeon. My bloodwork was awesome and I'm feeling great. Here are some pictures. Even one with the fabulous Dr. Cirangle!
  10. Carrie's Journey

    New frozen dinner at walmart.

    My Walmart grocery store. I don't eat them often but this looked good and convenient. We'll see how it tastes.
  11. Carrie's Journey

    New frozen dinner at walmart.

    Has anyone tried this one?
  12. Carrie's Journey

    life 1 year post surgery

    I'm a year out next week and I can definitely eat a lot more now. I don't measure, but I still have a lot of restriction when it comes to solid, dense meat like chicken and steak. Maybe 3 oz or so? I can eat more fish, like 4 oz. And I can eat a lot of soft food - greek yogurt 5 oz easily. I can drink as much as I want. A 20 oz shake can go down pretty quickly if I'm thirsty and haven't eaten in awhile. Sometimes it depends on the day (when I'm hormonal it seems like I can eat all day long)...
  13. I'm a year out and I just had my gallbladder removed after a bad attack. It was enlarged and I had lots of stones. We talked about the possibility of the surgery being open depending on scar tissue but everything went fine and it was done laparoscopically. I just have a few extra scars. I would consult another doctor for sure...an open surgery would be such a longer recovery.

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