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  1. FeeIsMe2

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    CW: 165.5 that's -.5lb.
  2. FeeIsMe2

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    Hi Bea, This new website got me a little messed up but I'm still here trying. 166lb That's -.5lb hey I'll take it! FeeIsMe2
  3. FeeIsMe2

    What's your poison!

    For me I also had a bad Goldshlagger experience and a Slow Gin experience... I stick to wine now, and honestly 1 glass is plenty.
  4. Hi all, It is 7 weeks until Halloween and I wanted to start a Halloween Weight loss Challenge. We could weigh in every Thursday until the 10/31. 9/12 - starting weight 172lbs 10/31 goal weight 165lbs Please join me and Good Luck!
  5. Before the surgery everything gave me reflux, even Rolaids came back up... now after surgery its gone!
  6. FeeIsMe2

    Thanksgiving Challenge

    Hey Bea count me in! CW:166.5lbs Thanksgiving Goal:163 lbs I know as I am almost at goal that this is going to be real tough!
  7. FeeIsMe2

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    Well my goal was 165lbs... and I'm 166.5 lbs that's ok, maybe for Thanksgiving.
  8. FeeIsMe2

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    167 lbs -1.5lbs since last week I didn't lose anything. 2 lbs to my Halloween Goal!
  9. Hey, I would call the coordinator and the insurance... Sometimes you have to be pushy otherwise they will just let you wait and wait and wait...
  10. FeeIsMe2

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    Hey Bea, Did you set it up already or are you doing it after Halloween?
  11. Just realized today is my 1 year anniversary...

  12. FeeIsMe2

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    168.5 down 1lb Goal 165
  13. Jenny, Everyone goes thru the pre-op emotional roller coaster. I think it's just natural to be nervous. We have battled our weight for years, some for life and now it's our chance to be finally on the road to happiness and good health. I had my sleeve 10/10/12 and I was so worried about my children... worried I would drop dead, worried I would have a leak. I have now lost more weight, than I actually weigh and am happy and healthy and so glad I did this. I too had my sleeve done on Long Island but at Mather in Port Jeff. Good Luck!
  14. Why don't you call and ask if they have heard anything? Don't stress all weekend... just call and ask.. Good Luck!!
  15. FeeIsMe2

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    I am now 169.5 lbs
  16. FeeIsMe2

    Any Regrets?

    Zero! I am literally half my original size. I am happy & healthy! Good Luck!
  17. Today, I am offically half the women I use to be!

  18. FeeIsMe2

    Today is the day!

    Good Luck!
  19. FeeIsMe2

    Halloween Weight loss Challenge

    I am still 171lb -- hopefully by 10/3 I will have lost a little something...

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