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  1. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter and didn't want to go into "pregnancy pants" so I took a rubber band and hooked it thru my jeans button hole and then attached the end thru the button and it got me thru an extra month in my own jeans. Well my last straw was when many years later and my fattest fat pants didn't fit and I used that same rubber band trick to close the top of my jeans. That was my final straw.
  2. PacificNWJoyce

    Where did you have you surgeries?

    Puget Sound Surgery Center/ Dr. Matthew Crouthamel/ 12/26/12 Not quite 3 wks out and doing well. Down about 17 pounds. I'm able to eat most mushy foods without any problem.
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    From the album: PacificNWJoyce

  5. Day 8 Feeling good. Getting fluids in and starting to add in more creamed soups. Down about 11 pounds.

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    Any December Sleeves?

    I'm hoping for December.....probably the day after Christmas. BMI at 35 so guess I'm considered a "lightweight" though I don't feel lightweight! So looking forward to this and wish it could be done today but I work at a university and have to wait for Winter Break. joyce.bmp
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    LOVE your haircut!
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    Any Pre Sleevers Near Bellingham Washington

    Just at the beginning of my VSG journey.....doing alot of research, etc. I have set up an appt. with doctor for initial consult and nutritionist. Need to set appt for psych. evaluation. I've been overweight or obese most of my adult life. I'm 57 with a BMI of 34. Tried every diet (atkins, nutrisystem, low cal, low carb, etc) and they worked somewhat but the weight came back. I am soooo tired of being fat and all the energy it takes just thinking of being fat. I have wasted so much time, energy and $$$ over the past 30 years in pursuit of weight loss. I'm excited about the VSG and hope to have my surgery the day after Christmas. My present to myself since insurance won't pay. But I have spent way more than $16,000 on weight loss throughout the years so I am hopeful that this will be $$ well spent. My surgery will be outpatient in Edmonds with Dr. Crouthamel.

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