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    What Is Going On?!

    thank you! lol a little reassurance is always nice! I have prilosec but I haven't taken any yet bc I'm afraid to swallow it. when I came home from the hospital I had percocet for pain and had to crush them bc it was just too hard. I'm pretty sure I can't do that with the prilosec bc it is time release. if I try taking the prilosec whole it can't get stuck or anything can it?
  2. So I was sleeved Aug 13th, and upon being sent home was given prescriptions for percocet for pain, zofran for nausea, and a prilosec capsule for heartburn/indiestion/ulcer prevention. I have only had to take one nausea pill, the day after I came home. Havent taken any prilosec yet bc you're not supposed to break, and Im afraid to swallow.. the percocets are the only ones Ive been taking for pain as needed, but i have to cut them into about 8 pieces,, or crush them into jello or broth. Im so afraid of swallowing whole because i dont want it to get caught, and bc i can only sip water and not get enough to wash it down. Anyone else having/had this problem? Does it go away? Any suggestions..
  3. Heather Souders

    2 Days Post Op

    I had my surgery Monday aug 13th. So congratulations to you first of all. I have had alot of soreness, but today (post op 3 days) was much better. Although I was still sore, I had so much more energy, I was up all day, walking alot more, and only needed pain medicine once..(getting ready for bed) I have been constantly sipping on water, I've been switching it up and adding a splash of cranberry or apple juice. I have about as much experience as you thus far, so I cant say too much about what the future holds...but just try to remember you did this for a reason, you wanted this, and before long things will seem more normal. I keep reminding myself it's going to be worth it, I will not regret this, and I can do it! Keep your head up, and good luck!!
  4. Heather Souders

    A Few Questions And Some Advise Needed...

    My surgery is scheduled for august 13. My dr put me on a 2 week pre op diet of clear liquids, including sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, broth, water with crystal light, etc..and the whey protein powder drinks or isopure (whey protein isolate) My dr told me the sagging skin also depends on your age, and amount of weight youre losing. the younger you are the more elasticity your skin has. but like the others said working out will help that. for the hair loss, ive heard biotin works, and ive heard they make special shampoos with that in it....also thats another reason its so important to get your 70 grams of protein in a day bc it helps with that. As far as the alcohol, you may still like the taste but you'll probably never be able to drink it the same way as now. & ive learned youre not supposed to drink any alcohol for at least a year, and even after like someone else said it is empty calories, pure sugar and no nutritional value..so youre probabbly not going to want to fill up your little stomach with something you get nothing from. Good luck with your surgery, 12 more days for you! I have 11 and I can NOT wait!!!!

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