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  1. I'm start my pre-op diet tomorrow morning and I'm having a lot of anxiety about it. I am not a good dieter and this one feels pretty restrictive. I guess they all feel restrictive when you are the one having to do it:) Anyone else starting their pre-op diet this week? I have to do a shake for breakfast, one for lunch, then a lean protein and veggie for dinner. I'm starting a couple of days early so I can get this going on a day off before I have to try to do it at work. I have started a VLOG and did a post about this. Check me out if you get a chance.
  2. I'm just over a month out. Every time I eat, I get nauseous, my heart starts pounding and I feel like I'm going to pass out. After about 30 minutes or so, it goes away. I just feel so terrible. I just had soup and I'm trying not to fall out, again. As an aside, I am severely anemic post surgery. I I exert myself or get hot, I have similar symptoms. So, I'm wondering, is it all anemia related or have others had this with eating post op? Thanks, Elaine
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    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    It was a good thing. Think masculine, sexy, good on a guitar and good with animals.
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    july 2013 sleevers

    Call me crazy, but I don't even want to be on a really high protein diet for life. I want to lose weight and be healthy. I don't want to be thin and on dialysis for kidney failure. I plan to get adequate protein, but also eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy whole grains. The food pyramid hasn't changed and healthy eating isn't what got me here. I'm off the crap carbs, candy, cookies, Doritos (love, love). I still plan to get back to salads, beans, hummus, flax, wheat germ, whole wheat yumminess. I did this first and foremost for health. As a side note, I do hope to be thin for once in my adult life. I think I can have both.
  5. I do need to try the lactaid pills. That's a good idea. I have soy protein and it was not awful. I'm thrilled with the weight loss, so don't get me wrong, I'm just worn out with the eating. I have no regrets and it probably needs to be this hard to forces to do a real break up with food. Between meals when I feel good, I still sometimes think about having a huge, fried meal! Just have to keep moving forward. Love this site and love you guys. I have gotten more help, support and information here than all other sources combined.
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    july 2013 sleevers

    I just have to "weigh" in. This is based on no real knowledge, training or education. (That's my legal disclaimer:)). What I have a problem with is people complaining about "only" losing X amount of weight. We had WLS, not quadruple limb amputations, or a magical procedure. While 100 pounds in 4 months would be awesome, and I have read of a few who have done it, I just don't think it's realistic for most people. If we could just pour off the weight at lightning speed, none of us would be here. Our species would be extinct. A few bad winters in the past and our ancestors would have all promptly starved to death. Our bodies are amazingly and awesomely designed to keep us alive, through feast and famine. For most of us, this is the first famine we are experiencing and our bodies are responding beautifully, and as designed. Some people lose weight at a steady rate. Some drop a good amount rapidly, then "plateau", like stairs. Neither is better or worse. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and GIVE YOUR SELF A BREAK! Our poor bodies have been through a major trauma, but they are still showing up for us, doing their job, day in and day out. Not to mention, we have abused them and treated them like crap for years to get here. They aren't complaining about any of it, or the fact that we cut out a perfectly healthy and non offending organ, while leaving the guilty party intact (nobody wants a lobotomy, I guess). If you lose "only" 15 pounds a month on average, that will still be 180 in a year. We are all successes. Use reason when the scale shows a weight gain. Even if all 7 or 8 hundred calories came from pop rocks and cotton candy, you could not possibly gain 5 pounds of fat. Its not possible. That gain is simply water retention or your crazy ass digital scale. We get this hyper focus on the scale. Don't do it. It diminishes what you have accomplished. We have all suffered so much being overweight and being judged. Don't do this to yourself when you are finally, finally doing awesome. Use your head and self talk to build yourself up, not to introduce fear of failure and recrimination. Even the "slow losers" seem to be about 30 pounds down by now. We've got this! We didn't gain 100 pounds in 4 months (I don't think), and we aren't going to lose it that quick either (I'm more certain). But, If we keep focused, keep making mostly good choices, and keep moving, we ALL, have to lose weight and have success. Figure out your average weight loss, think about the last time you lost that much in that amount of time, pat yourself on the back and repeat, "I am strong, tough and have taken back control of my life. I will do this, I AM doing this, I will succeed and I will not berate myself or waste precious time with negative self talk!" And all God's people said, "Amen!" Sorry so long. This is a Rah! Rah! Post. It's not intended to rant:) Elaine
  7. I am on omeperazole 40 mg. the powdered milk is a good idea, but I am now lactose intolerant too. I can't do milk. Cottage cheese is one protein that goes down better. I just feel sore inside. It feels like a bite or 2 and it's trying to stretch my esophagus:). I'm sure that's not true, but that's what it feels like. I go to the surgeon next week, so we will see what he says. Thanks for the support.
  8. Sushan, let me Know what your doctor says. Your symptoms sound similar, but it's not just with sugar or carbs for me.
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    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    Actingnurse's picture looks like a country music stars album cover. Sorry for the random comment.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I am sure I am eating too fast. That's a good point. As to the carbs/sugar, interestingly, the more carb and white it is, the better it goes down. Saltines settle well. At my son's 5th birthday I found out Rice Krispie treats do too. I also ate a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich on pepperidge farm very thin white (1/2) with no trouble at all. Meats cause trouble, any soup but broth does (fat?), dairy and whey are both on the do not eat list. I did OK for a couple of weeks, then had 2 really bad weeks, 2-3 decent days (but poor choices, white processed carbs), now 3 awful days. Im starting to dread eating and find my calorie count going down along with protein. If I could, I'd drink unsweet tea and eat saltines and never eat anything else. I do need to go back to the surgeon, but I feel a little helpless there too. When I told them about the whey intolerance, consisting of stomach pain, terrible nausea even with anti-emetics, plus diarrhea, they just told me to suck it up. I quit following their suggestions at that time, simply for self preservation. I can't imagine they are going to be much help. My PCP is awesome and supportive, but his knowledge about VSG and our eating problems/requirements is very limited. I'm his first patient with this procedure. Thanks again guys. Just talking to people who are going through his makes me feel better.
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    July 2013 Sleevers

    M&m, I'm so sorry about the leak. That is really bad luck, but I'm glad you were on the ball and caught it early. From about 2 1/2 weeks out until 3 days ago, I was having the worst time. I would eat a little and then feel so tight, painful and nauseous. With everything except maybe a plain cracker. It was awful. I was starting to worry I would never be able to eat without pain and sickness. Then 2 or 3 days ago, a miracle. I can eat and don't feel sick afterwards. Thins aren't feeling stuck as much. I can also eat more at a time. So now I'm worried maybe my pouch is stretched out or too big. There's always something to obsess about. Anyone else have this? Tonight I finished a 3.9 oz thing of cottage cheese with no problem. I haven't ever done that. It's just so weird. I always felt like I knew what my body was doing. Now I feel like my stomach is an alien. Lol
  12. That is great!! I hope I get there. You look amazing and your smile says it all. You look strong, confident and radiant. I'm really happy for you.
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    9 weeks post-op PIC!

    You are looking amazing!!! What a difference 9 weeks can make. Congratulations.
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    My husband is killing me!

    They gave us booklets? Lol
  15. I'm so glad you have made it through and are on your way to feeling well. Keep us posted.
  16. Devotion, you are doing awesome!! I can't wait to be under 200. I was sleeved July 23. 5'4" Highest wt. 235.5 Surgery wt 223.5 Current wt 206 I'm thrilled so far. So excited for the future!
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    July 2013 Sleevers

    My fitness pal is an app that a lot of people on here use. It's free and you can track your intake and exercise, plus add friends and follow what they are doing. Seeing what others are eating and how they are meeting their goals (for protein) is helpful. I'm sure there are other good apps. I just heard about this one and it is nice. If you decide to use it, friend me. My user name is Kelaelaine.
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    July 2013 Sleevers

    Mary, I sent you an invite. I did learn a trick. If you click on invite by email, you then have the option to enter the email or user name.
  19. Well, I'm 11 days post op. I'm losing fine and I am feeling better every day. BUT, I cannot get the protein in. I'm struggling to get 25 to 30 grams a day. I wake up feeling great, then I have some protein and start feeling nauseous immediately. My stomach hurts, I suffer around and belch a lot, generally feel like crap and then it goes away. I decide I have to try to get some protein in and the whole process starts over. I went for my follow up at the surgeons office and the nurse practitioner said, "I don't know what to tell you. You just have to do it." Well. That was helpful. I've tried several shakes, Greek yogurt mixed with some protein powder, pudding mixed with protein powder, soups with added powdered milk. I'm at a loss. Am I going to shrivel into a hairless flabby ball bc I'm not getting all my protein in? Is this "normal"? Will it improve? Ack!!! By the way, thin things with no protein don't upset my stomach. I can drink like a champ, eat Popsicles, and tolerate several types of soup with little to no problems.