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  1. LessofKelly

    Hiccups after meals

    I'm 5 months out and I get that too. I also think it means I'm full and one more bite will be one too many!
  2. LessofKelly

    Connecticut Sleevers?

    I'm in new Haven. Had mine done in Sept of 2012 with Dr. Roberts at Yale.
  3. LessofKelly

    When Did You Eat Pizza?

    I'm just over 8 weeks out and I had a piece (one small piece) last week and I was just fine. It took me 45 mins and I chewed very very well. Didn't have a problem at all.
  4. LessofKelly

    7 Months Out! 124 Lbs Lighter!

    Helllllo beautiful! You look incredible! Great job!
  5. LessofKelly

    My Progress Post Op Update !

    Ummm you were beautiful heavier.... Now? Youre ridiculously beautiful!!! Wow. Your ex is the dumbest dummy alive!! Laugh at him and enjoy your new georgeous self!
  6. LessofKelly

    The 11 Make 2 Months

    I was sleeved sept 11th and I'm down 40, started at 332. I'd say you're right on track!
  7. LessofKelly

    Stupid Candy!

    Guilty. Two fun sized milky ways and 4 (individual, not bags) m&ms. 7.5 weeks out and no problem eating them. Yikes. I have to say though me last year would have had like 30 small milky ways and now I don't care if I see any more candy. My sweet tooth has significantly diminished. I don't think we should beat ourselves up for a holiday lapse (Halloween is my Christmas!) and just be mindful to stick to proteins and no crap for the rest of the week. We're all doing a great job!
  8. LessofKelly

    Sleeved Patients W/ Pcos

    I've always had bad periods. Sometimes ongoing several months, then not at all for a few Months. Then similar to now but never this theatrical. Sweet mother mercy. My new Obgyn is so weird. I'm going to give it a few more months and see if more weightless helps.
  9. LessofKelly

    Sleeved Patients W/ Pcos

    Sharting. I'm dying. Sharting is not foreign to me either.
  10. LessofKelly

    Sleeved Patients W/ Pcos

    I'm 32 and would like to have children (I don't have any) so having my plumbing removed isnt an option. How I can go on like this and not die from blood loss is amazing. Again not to be gross but in addition to the above disgustingness I'm also changing tampons hourly or better, and god forbid I cough. I swear I must have bad karma from something.
  11. LessofKelly

    Sleeved Patients W/ Pcos

    Ok now to actually be vulgar... These last two periods have been ridiculous. Does anyone else get (I'm so sorry) extremely large clots? Like half dollar, golf ball, even the occasional fist sized clot? Again sorry to be gross but I find very little online about that and I switched last year from a witch of a woman to a creepy guy and I don't want to go there if I don't have to.
  12. LessofKelly

    Sleeved Patients W/ Pcos

    I have PCOS and was sleeved 9/11 of this year. I started at 332 and am now 297. I had my period for a week or so before my surgery through two weeks after. And then it stopped for about a week. And I've had it full force since. It was the worst in the hospital. Not to be graphic but it was the heaviest one ove ever had. Now is no picnic either but at least I'm home. My facial hair is still there despite going for laser removal. Dare I say I think it's increased. I haven't really noticed any positive changes yet but I'm hopeful!
  13. LessofKelly

    Sandy !

    IsB I'm in CT too! Who is doing your surgery? I had my done at Yale with Dr. Roberts.
  14. I'm six weeks and a few days out and it seems like the last week I've been tolerating less than I was in weeks four and five. For example tonight I had white bean chicken chili, had about 4-5 bites and was vomiting within 20 mins. Last night the same thing happened with a half dollar sized (spherical of course, not flat) turkey meatball. My pace hasn't increased, my volume hasn't increased, and these are things I was able to eat a week ago. I'm not sick with a bug or the flu because after I'm done "getting rid" of whatever I ate I'm fine, no fever or malise at all. I'm stumped. I'm chewing well, not drinking while I eat... I don't really get it. Has this happened to anyone else?
  15. LessofKelly

    6 Weeks Out And Tolerating Less?

    Ugh! I'm so sorry! I have an apt on the 5th. Hopefully it's nothing.
  16. LessofKelly

    Need Good Reading Suggestions

    If you're not easily offended the Chelsea Handler books are amazing. Hysterical. But very fresh.
  17. LessofKelly

    Help, I Don't Know What To Do

    If it's constipation that's concerning you ask your doctor if you can take colace, sennekot or metimucil. If you're trying to get more protein in Bjs bariatrics has a multipack flavor sampler of syntax nectar protein powder in flavors like Oreo cookies and strawberry. A full pouch mat be too much but half a pouch with some ice and almond milk or even regular milk might be easier to tolerate than a full on protein shake.
  18. LessofKelly

    September Was Your Progress?

    Sleeved 9/11. Starting weight 332 Today's weight 302. -30 so far. I hit that three week Stall hard. Just this morning after a week of not losing I was down 2. Thankgoodness.
  19. LessofKelly

    90 Lbs Down

    You look wonderful!!!!
  20. LessofKelly

    Week 4 And No Weight Loss

    Thank goodness I'm in good company! I haven't lost an ounce for a week or so. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks. I'm down 30 so far but the scale hasn't budged since. Stupid scale.
  21. LessofKelly

    Cant Wait To Get Below 300!

    I was sleeved on 9/11 at 332. I've been lingering at 305 for a week. I feel your pain!!!!
  22. LessofKelly

    4 Month Update...

    You're looking great!!!!! Congratulations!!!
  23. You look amazing!!!! What inspirational pics!!!!!
  24. LessofKelly

    4 Months Later (Pics)

    You look fantastic!!!! Great job!!
  25. LessofKelly

    2 Months Down And 67 Lbs Lost!

    You look fantastic!!!! You're absolutely beautiful!!!

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