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  1. Today is 22 days out for me. I was not myself until I started pureed/soft foods at day 15 and felt like I was actually eating food. Way more options and I didn't feel so miserable and grumpy
  2. Sassafras

    August Sleevers..what Is The Progress

    Hi fellow August sleevers! 1. Sleeved 8/17 I am eating a huge variety of foods so I can’t give a “typical” day but I can eat 4 ounces at a time of pureed (or almost pureed) foods. Some of the things I have been eating are: Roast beef hash with a little mashed potatoes and gravy, cream of wheat with honey, egg salad, tuna salad, lobster cakes (like crab cakes but with lobster), Greek yogurt, SF pudding, Slim Fast low carb Protein shakes, broccoli cheese soup, oatmeal, canned pureed white meat chicken breast (that I thought would be gross but was pretty good), a frozen refried bean dip (I am not a huge fan of Beans but this was delicious with a little TB mild sauce on it). I have tried the Baked Ricotta recipe (and added a few pieces of pepperoni) off of “The World According to Eggface/pureed food page” and tonight I plan on trying the Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole from her website. I was having trouble getting my liquids in. I was a person who has never drank enough Water to begin with but I wanted to be better after surgery. I felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day to get all the fluids in without being able to drink 30 mins before, during, or after a meal until I did a schedule for my eating and liquids and I haven’t had trouble since! Here’s my schedule: Food: 8:30 bfast 11:30 snack 2:30 lunch 5:30 snack 8:30 dinner (I know that is late but that’s when my hubby gets home so it works for me) Glad disposable 4oz bowls with the little lids are lifesavers but I just reuse them Fluids: 9:30-11:00- 13 oz 11:00-12:30- No drink zone 12:30-2:00- 13 oz 2:00-3:30- No drink zone 3:30- 5:00- 13 oz 5:00- 6:30- No drink zone 6:30-8:00- 13 oz 8:00- 9:30- No drink zone 9:30- 11:00 13 oz I just put 13 or 14 oz of water in my bottle add ½ a pack of lemon iced tea flavored crystal light and a slice of lemon and I know that’s exactly how much I have to drink in an hour and a half.) I haven’t been keeping track of my protein very well and I plan to start doing that this week. I hope I can figure out a system that makes it easy like the Fluid schedule did for me. My problem is that I hate normal Protein Shakes the only one I can drink is the Slim Fast low carb creamy chocolate. I heard on You Tube about a stick of ostrich Jerky that has 14g of protein and tastes like a slim jim, so maybe that would work… I am just not a person who has a sweet tooth and all the protein powders are yucky to me, but I have been making myself add some unflavored powder to things I’m cooking (too bad unflavored doesn’t mean no taste). Any other protein ideas? I am hoping it will be a little easier once I am off of pureed food. Oh man this is really long…oops! I don’t know if I should answer the other 2 questions. I try to keep them short and sweet 2. Energy level = okay (not great not bad) Activity level= low to med (I’m studying for a registry exam right now so other than a little walking and housekeeping its mostly studying.) Pain Level= little to none (If I use my ab muscles to do something I shouldn’t they will let me know they are still healing. Incisions look great no pain just little scabs.) Nausea= None (Haven’t had any since the hospital) 3. 16 lbs- including 4 day pre op diet 12lbs -since surgery (3 weeks out today) Although one day my scale tricked me and said I had lost 14 lbs Stalls are no fun!
  3. Dr. Kelly was just talking to me about re-sleeving as well. He said that back when they first started doing the procedure 5years ago they made the sleeve much larger which also left a lot more of the fundus (the stretchy part of the stomach). He said over the years they perfected the size of the sleeves, but for those patients 4 or 5 years out it is much easier to stretch their sleeve back out.
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    Just Sleeved In Mexico

    I agree! That broth WAS magical! I wish I had the recipe!
  5. Sassafras

    Dr. Kelly's Patients - Important!

    I have surgery on the 17th. I will be getting picked up on the morning of the 17th in San Diego. You are the closest person I know to my surgery date too. I originally wanted to do it on the 18th but Omar said Dr. Kelly already was booked for the 18th...small world ha ha! I'll message you my number and info and we can keep in touch since we'll be there at the same time...even if its different hospitals
  6. Sassafras

    Dr. Kelly's Patients - Important!

    I just asked today and Omar didn't say 2 checks to me, but he did say to make it out to Dr. Kelly's full name.
  7. Sassafras

    Money In Mexico

    Thanks for asking this because I was wondering the same thing. My surgery date with Dr. Kelly is 2 weeks from today and trying to get all the little stuff figured out.
  8. Sassafras

    Dr Kelly, What Hospital?

    YEP Hotel Lucerna
  9. Sassafras

    Dr Kelly, What Hospital?

    Dr. Kelly next month for me too...excited
  10. I have been absorbing all the knowledge I can from the boards for weeks...without commenting, but I got so excited to see someone with identical height and weight as me that I had to say hello!!!

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