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    The crotch is always the first to go

    This is funny because yesterday when I was walking to the mailbox I noticed I didn't hear the long swishing sounds of my thighs rubbing together anymore. The sounds are still there but they have become short quick little swishes because they don't touch as long or as hard. I was overjoyed at the little victory I felt over it. I believe my thighs will always touch some just the way I am built, even when I was 115 lbs I didn't have the gap of sunshine shining between my thighs like some women do lol
  2. Sassafras

    Losing breast weight

    Im 4 1/2 months out from surgery and have lost 52 lbs. My boobs seem to fit in my bras the same but feel a little different to the touch. They used to feel stuffed full now they feel a bit looser (just like my a**). Im happy to have not lost cup size only band sizes so far but even if I do its ok. Im a shorty with an hourglass shape so hopefully everything continues to go down proportionately. But either way I look better than I did before surgery
  3. I too was expecting hair loss but shocked by the volume!! Thankfully my hair is long dark and thick so it isn't showing YET. The funny thing is that my hair getting thinner doesn't bother me (small price to pay for going from a size 18 to a 10/12 in 4 months ha ha), its just annoying,gross, and messy! I have hair tumbleweeds blowing around my house the day after I swept! I clean out my brush, take a shower, lose clumps and clumps of hair in the shower, get out and brush it and my brush is almost FULL! Then I blow dry and when I am done my brush is overfulling and I am standing in a pile of hair that is the equivalent of what's in my brush. It truly is insane! I have started wearing a hair net when I'm cooking and my hubby still finds a long hair or 2 in almost everything...gross! He also says he finds them wrapped around his "parts" all the time (hee hee). I don't mind the loss I just mind the annoyance of it lol Okay...my rant is complete! Its still soooo totally worth it! I would have shaved my head bald if someone told me I could look this good in just 4 months
  4. Sassafras

    Dr Kelly's email

    Yep...I was surprised. I looked at the email and it came on Dec 15th. He said he is working with Dr. Illan now. He said this doc has been assisting Dr. Kelly for 5 years and was in on my surgery and has done 500 of them on his own. He also said that this other doc would do my hubby's surgery for $4000. While I love the price and Omar...and I'm sure Dr. Illan is great...I just don't think I could send my hubby to anyone but Dr. Kelly. I had such an easy surgery and recovery, not to mention results, and I want the same great experience for my husband. Plus 500 surgeries doesn't sound like a lot and I want someone who has seen it all and will knows what to do if God forbid something bad happens. I have complete confidence in Dr. Kelly and you will be in great hands! If I HAD to complain about anything it might be that pre/post op diets were a little unorganized. I got a different one than my sleeve buddy that was sleeved the day after me and mine said to stay on Clear liquids for 3 weeks! I emailed them and asked them if the were custom diets and they apologized and said they promise they weren't trying to starve me to death lol. If thats all I have to complain about I'm doing pretty darn good Good luck on everything! The sleeve will be the best decision you ever made
  5. Sassafras

    Dr Kelly's email

    Omar sent me an email a few weeks ago saying he is not with Dr. Kelly anymore. He said he was with another doctor... I can't remember the name off hand but I could look if anyone wants to know. He emailed me to ask if maybe when my hubby has surgery next year if he would rather use the new doc.
  6. I was having trouble getting my liquids in. I was a person who has never drank enough Water to before surgery with, but I wanted to be better after surgery. Plus it helps you to lose weight. I'm 3 weeks out and I felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day to get all the fluids in without being able to drink 30 mins before, during, or after a meal until I did a schedule for liquids just like for my food. Ever since then I haven’t had trouble and have even started drinking a little more than 64 ozs! I just put 13 or 14 oz of water in my bottle add ½ a pack of lemon iced tea flavored crystal light and a slice of lemon and I know that’s exactly how much I have to drink in an hour and a half. It doesn't look or sound so overwhelming as 64 oz. Here’s my schedule: Food: 8:30 bfast 11:30 snack 2:30 lunch 5:30 snack 8:30 dinner (I know that is late but that’s when my hubby gets home so it works for me) Fluids: 9:30-11:00- 13 oz 11:00-12:30- No drinks zone 12:30-2:00- 13 oz 2:00-3:30- No drink zone 3:30- 5:00- 13 oz 5:00- 6:30- No drink zone 6:30-8:00- 13 oz 8:00- 9:30- No drink zone 9:30- 11:00 13 oz Hope this can help some others as it helps me!
  7. I am just curious to find out if anyone has made it to their goal without any exercise? I have been doing light exercise (not cleared for full out exercise yet) but I haven't been regular about it. Honestly I have never been a fan of exercise and still dread doing it and have to make myself. For those that started exercising far after getting sleeved, at what point did you realize the rest just wasn't going to go anywhere without moving your @$$? lol
  8. Hi there! I might be able to shed some light on why your experience was not the typical experience that people describe. I was sleeved by Dr. Kelly on the 8/17. When I was at the hotel sitting by the pool Dr. Kelly and Omar were discussing how to rearrange his schedule a little and do your surgery early. I don't remember exactly but I believe one of his past sleevers was giving him a chance to film a tv commercial in San Diego so the needed to spend like 4 days there for filming so they were trying to do one surgery a day early (Im assuming that was yours) to make it possible for Dr. Kelly and his wife to be gone for those days. I believe they said it was the only time they could do it. They seemed very concerned about rescheduling the surgery. That might also explain why you didn't get as much attention in Mexico after the surgery. Its does sound like they should've reimbursed you for the hotel fees you incurred as a result of the reschedule. It sucks that they haven't taken care of that. As far as after care Dr. Kelly hasn't personally checked in with me but Omar emails and calls every now and then to see how I am. I consider that the same as Dr. Kelly doing it. Any aftercare questions I had were answered right away if I emailed, called, or texted Omar. I know it may not make you feel better to know that your experience sounds kind of a "wrong place wrong time" issue or that it was more of a fluke in the normal care that people receive, but knowing the "why" behind something may help a little. Hope it does and I hope they do reimburse you. Its nice to meet a new August sleeve sister from Dr. Kelly. Here's to our new skinnier selves
  9. Thanks everyone for the responses! I have been doing Chalean Extreme (strength training) and walking (just not everyday). Once I am 8 weeks out I will go back to tennis which I adore (even though I stink at it ha ha). I never just want a body that is skin and bones. My mom has always been a skinny minnie but I didn't like her figure because she had no shape. Where as I had it in all the right places (when I was 120 lbs ha ha), I hope to get some of that back! As much as I don't like having to exercise I know it has to be done for most of us but I was curious whether there were any lucky ones reached goal without it. Now I know they are rare but do exist!!Keep up the good work all!
  10. One of my all time favorite posts! Love it!
  11. I am afraid you have been misinformed. I was sleeved by Dr. Kelly @ Mi Doctor on August 17th. Omar told me that Mi Doctor has been trying their best to get Dr. Kelly to use them as their primary hospital. My husband will be choosing the same doctor and hospital in the spring. As a matter of fact he is adament about having Dr. Kelly because I have had such an easy surgery and recovery. I am 7 weeks out today 26 lbs lighter and I, like my friend Damanda, have never thrown up, had slimies, or any other complications. Dr. Kelly's team still checks on me and answers any questions I have right away. The experience couldn't have gone better. My incisions were like tiny scratches and are healing up beautifully. I can already eat about 4 oz of anything I want (although I stay away from bad stuff), and I haven't had a single food disagree with me yet. Dr. Kelly said he uses his professional judgement whether to drain or not drain. In my case he said I didn't need it and I was estatic about that. I am not here to tell someone who to choose or not choose, you must do your research and go with what makes you comfortable but I do think someone should be sure before they start stating "facts" that aren't correct.
  12. Sassafras

    Sliming Again?

    I am 4 weeks post op and have never gotten the slimies. Is that weird? Im eating a huge variety of foods but still sticking to soft stuff. If I eat too much it just feels stuck. Is slimies a step past the stuck feeling or do some people not experience it?
  13. Sassafras


    I bought a little set called Toddler Toss and Take off of Amazon they come in a little case and I LOVE them! They slow me down, allow me to savor my food longer and keep my bites small to protect my sleeve! One of the best purchases I made!
  14. Ditto for me with the Bariatric Advantage! I am 4 weeks out and they are the only thing that has made me sick (about 1 minute later everytime). I finally just bought some Fintstones and had no issues. Thank goodness I didn't stock up on them!
  15. Sassafras

    Sleeping On Stomach Or Side

    These posts make me feel really lucky! I could sleep on either side day 2 in the hospital and on my stomach a few days later. I really feel for those who can't. I would've been miserable on my back. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  16. Sassafras

    The Dreaded Stall!

    I know how you feel! I am 4 weeks out tomorrow and 2 1/2 weeks of that was a stall, but luckily the scale started moving again. I am hoping to lose 1 more pound by tomorrow to make it an even 20 but even if I don't I know the weight WILL come off eventually! And I just try to remember that I am below 200 now and will never be over that again. It perks me right up lol! Oh and like everyone here says stalls give your skin a chance to catch up. I have also read that even when the scale isn't moving, to take your measurments because most people are still losing inches.
  17. Sassafras


    Dr. Kelly was my surgeon. He is FACS and his cost is $5500. I had a wonderful experience and my husband is going to be sleeved by him next year too.
  18. The hubby and I went to the fair yesterday and what was everywhere at the fair (besides carnies)…yummy irresistible fair food!! They had deep fried everything (Dodger dogs, oreos, cheesecake, snickers, pop tarts, ribs, avocados, PB & J sandwiches, girl scout Cookies, twinkies, bacon, krispy kreme burgers, Cereal, smores, Kool-Aid, and even a deep fried Klondike bar! They had other delicious fair food like bacon wrapped turkey legs, a 2 lb rib and a 2 lb burger, sausage and peppers, fried chicken, chili cheese curly fries, gooey pizza, even chocolate covered bacon! The hubby (who will not get his sleeve until next year) opted for the huge nest of chili cheese curly fries with jalapenos and ranch. What did I get? Grilled shrimp and rice served in a half pineapple with pineapple chunks…and I didn’t touch the rice or the side of butter that came with it!!! WHAT?!! And for dinner I had shrimp ceviche!! Who is this person that I have become?!! In the past I would’ve had to sample soo much of this food, but now I spend 10 hours at the fair and am still under 700 calories for the day!! I ate my light food and had tons of energy while my poor hubby was walking around full as a tick and miserable from those fries. I even lost a pound this morning from all the walking! I was truly amazed! I went into the fair putting no rules on myself (other than what I am not allowed to eat yet for safety reasons with the sleeve). I thought… its one day at the fair I will let myself indulge…but none of it sounded worth it anymore! Although, I do have to confess I wasn’t a perfect angel… I did take a small bite of the chocolate covered bacon just to see what the heck that tasted like. It was actually pretty good but I had a little bite and that’s all I wanted (and I included that bite into my calories on my fitness pal lol). I was sitting at the horse races and my husband had gone to get his food. When he walked back and had the gigantic nest of chili cheese curly fries I was like that is crazy looking. But then he took off to get napkins and left it sitting next to me in the grandstand and I felt bad because I was embarrassed to have it sitting next to me. I scooted it to where it would be on his other side when he came back. IS that bad? I felt silly for feeling like that. The good thing is that after I ate my little portion of shrimp ceviche my hubby decided not to eat dinner there because it wasn’t worth it! I was secretly very happy for him! We both can't wait until he is sleeved too, but I'm so happy for him when he makes good choices for himself even without the fantastic tool I have!
  19. My doctor didn't clear me for exercise for 8 weeks (other than walking). I have done Chalean Extreme in the past. It is mostly just for building lean muscle. I don't want to lose too much muscle and am trying to prevent a pancake butt, if possible, so I thought I would pull it out yesterday and try it. I did it and just skipped any parts that involved my core since it is still healing and used very light weights. I felt fine and it felt good to do it, but I was wondering if anyone knew if this was acceptable? I plan on not doing the cardio or the core and just doing the strength training. I am very cautious and do not want to do anything to hurt my sleeve.
  20. Sassafras

    Favorite Recipe Sites

    Great post!! I love most of the sites and will try the others!
  21. You're not kidding the turkey leg was $19!! If my husband liked it that may have been my choice but he's not a fan and I knew I couldn't have eaten even a quarter of it!
  22. Sassafras

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    I notice how much others eat and am often amazed but I also know that without my sleeve I would be right there with them!
  23. My ticker did that too when I first made it! It bothered me so much. I tried everything to fix it. It eventually started working on its own...I think after I was post op. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  24. I got sleeved by Dr. Kelly 3 weeks ago and Omar said I was allowed to have 1 protein shake a day on my pre-op diet (even though it didn't say it on the diet paperwork). Good luck with your surgery!
  25. I was amazed at how much easier a little scheduling made it. Such a simple little thing helped me so much and I am so happy others think it might help too! Food: I can eat almost 4 ounces at a time of pureed (or almost pureed) foods. I use the little glad disposable 4 oz cups so I don't have to measure (but I reuse the cups). Some of the things I have been eating are: turkey chili, roast beef hash with gravy, cream of wheat with honey, egg salad, tuna salad, crab salad, lobster cakes with lemon (like crab cakes but with lobster), Greek yogurt, SF pudding, Slim Fast low carb Protein Shakes, broccoli cheese Soup, oatmeal, canned pureed white meat chicken breast (that I thought would be gross but was pretty good), a frozen refried bean dip (I am not a huge fan of Beans but this was delicious with a little TB mild sauce on it). I have tried the Baked Ricotta recipe (and added a few pieces of pepperoni)and the Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole off of “The World According to Eggface blog/pureed food page” and the Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole from her website. Drink: The only think I really like to drink is tea but I don't want the caffeine so now I just drink 13oz of Water with 1/2 packet of Crystal Light Lemon Iced Tea flavor and a slice of lemon. I am 3 weeks out and plan to start keeping track of my Protein, carbs, and fat once I get on solid foods next week. I downloaded the my fitness pal app yesterday that everyone talks about and it is an amazing tool and I think thats my best bet on keeping track of it all. Its really easy to find almost any food in there and change your serving size so that it is exact...plus it keeps track of your fluids and exercise too.I saw people talking about it but I thought it would be way more complicated than it is. Anybody have any good ideas on protein that isn't sweet or Protein Powder? The only Protein Shake I like is the Slim Fast Low Carb (20g) so I try to do that for Breakfast, but I've never had much of a sweet tooth. I heard about an Ostrich Jerky stick that has 14g and tastes like a Slim Jim but haven't tried it yet.

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