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  1. Wow...speechless! You look FABULOUS! Congrats on your phenomenal success during your journey and for providing inspiration for the rest of us
  2. Your weight goals in your signature are the exact same as mine. I didn't put them on here but its funny to see what's in my head on someone elses signature...good luck with everything!
  3. Hello fellow vertically challenged girls! I am 5'2 (and a half ha ha). I had surgery on 8/17/12. My weight was 217 lbs. I am currently 159 lbs. My 1st goal is to be a normal BMI (136 lbs). My second goal is more a bit more complicated because I'm not sure where I will like my body at. I had a bangin bod in my teens when I was 115-118 lbs...but that was my teens. I was happy in my early 20's at 120-125 lbs...but can I get there again and how would I (and my skin look)? So I think my ultimate goal is about 125 lbs. I'm happy to meet all you petite ladies who can relate to our unique challenges
  4. Sassafras

    Be careful using IUD only post VSG!

    I never could feel my strings to check either. You are wise on the condom decision. Nothing stops weight loss like a pregnancy ha ha
  5. Sassafras

    NSV --implants?

    I love these! I am with Sunny on the ribs lol But the other day I was sitting with my jaw resting in my hands and I was like wow that hurts! It made me realize I no longer have that double chin padding there! Woohoo
  6. Sassafras

    My mini vacation

    When I was there having surgery with Dr. Kelly in August, Omar and Dr. Kelly's wife CiCi (who works with Dr. Kelly) were butting heads a lot. She had a very demanding personality and was not very nice to Omar even though he was bending over backwards. He was over her and ready to move on back then so I imagine thats what eventually lead to the change over for Omar. He is awesome and I hope he is very happy with Dr. Illan now. I would love to hear feedback from people getting sleeved by Dr. Kelly since Omar left. My surgery and recovery went so smoothly with him and my husband needs to be sleeved around May so I want to hear how it is now with the new coordinator.
  7. The coordinator stuff is all confusing and I have no idea what is going on with that except that Omar is with Dr. Illan now. I had surgery with Dr. Kelly @ Mi Doctor in August (even though he usually did surgery at Florance Hospital). My experience was great, much like what the others have posted. In an effort to not be long winded (like I usually am), I will just say the surgery and care were wonderful. My recovery smooth and I have had no issues and they still check on me periodically. My only complaint was that they were a little unorganized as Sunny stated but they were always there to quickly answer for every question or concern before and after surgery. The best example of how I feel about my experience with Dr. Kelly is this...I am super uber close to my hubby. He most cherished person in my life, my love, best friend, confidant and has been for 13 wonderful years. My greatest fear in life is something happening to him. (Its pathetic how much I worry about that really.) He is getting sleeved later this year and I would only trust him to Dr. Kelly just because of my super smooth experience even though I am sure there are many skilled surgeons. With Dr. Kelly's extensive training and background I feel if something were to go wrong he would be able to handle it and that puts me at ease. I know there is disorganization and coordinator issues but I believe those are all minor compared to my trust in Dr. Kelly.
  8. That is EXACTLY right! We are ALL healthier than when we started and it doesn't hurt that we look and feel a bit better too Sometimes I look at those big ol 52lb bags of dog food at Costco and think oh my gosh I used to carry that around on my body all the time. I can't even get that thing in my cart! So now I measure my weight loss in bags of dogs food to put it in perspective LOL It helps you realize how far you've come
  9. Sassafras

    5 months! Success!

    Wowzers!!! Those are some greats stats you have there...AND no hair loss to boot?!!! You are like the dream of all of us sleevers lol Congrats to you!!! What are you doing eating and exercise wise?
  10. I had surgery with Dr. Kelly in August and I remember having the same concern about the bougie size. I thought having one as small as possible would make me more successful. Dr. Kelly said he usually uses a 36 then over sews so it is closer to a 34. Then I also read that a lot of the people that had smaller bougies used had more trouble with getting food down, strictures, heartburn, nausea and vomiting. I have had no trouble with anything like that. I had a very smooth surgery and very easy recovery. I am smaller than I have been in 11 years just 5 months after surgery. I could not be happier. So as someone who had the same concerns with the same doc I can tell you I am happy with the decision I made and my hubby will be getting sleeved with Dr. K later this year too. Hope this helps!
  11. Sassafras

    Be careful using IUD only post VSG!

    My post VSG pregnancy was while I was using Mirena (kind of). I got pregnant the first time I has sex after VSG (1 month after surgery). I miscarried at 10 1/2 weeks. I was sad but honestly I was relieved too. I was scared to be pregnant so soon after surgery and since my hubby and I didn't ever plan on having more children. After I miscarried the doc ordered an xray since none of my ultrasounds had showed my Mirena in my uterus. The xray showed NO Mirena anywhere to be found. I guess it came out without me knowing. I really thought I would have known. I am not trusting IUDs anymore. I have gotten pregnant and had a very dangerous miscarriage on Paraguard and now the Mirena fell out. I don't blame the weight loss for it falling out because I had only lost 20 lbs my first month. So I don't know what happened exactly. I have an appt to get Essure (permanent tube blocks) put in on Feb 5th and just to be sure I think my hubby will get snipped too
  12. Sassafras


    Way to stay positive! Your surgery will be here before you know it
  13. Sassafras


    I'm so sorry to hear about this I feel your pain...kind of. I had shingles a month before my surgery. Those things are nasty little boogers. My case wasn't as severe as yours and it was on my back but it was miserable for about 3 weeks. I know that having your surgery pushed back a couple of weeks is heartbreaking right now when you are so excited to begin your new life but in a few months when you are dropping pounds like crazy and your new body is peeking thru this will all be just a little bump in the road and a distant memory. I hope you feel better soon and heal up quickly...and I wish you an easy and speedy recovery from surgery as well
  14. Sassafras


    Congrats!!!! You are such an inspiration! I am also 5'2 and I started at 217 lbs. I had surgery 3 months after you and I will be estatic if I reach goal by 8 months...WOW! Truly awesome!! You look great...and teeny
  15. Sassafras

    Normal bmi today!'

    Congrats to you!! You must be estatic!! I know I will be when I get to my normal BMI! I will jump for joy! I hope you are doing something wonderful to celebrate this mega milestone...
  16. Sassafras

    Finally Stopped Lying to the DMV

    This is too funny! I just achieved this milestone this week and was sooo excited (I made it a status update lol)! I thought I was the only one who noticed or fudged the numbers by as much as I did on my license. I was 5 ft 2 1/2 in and weighed 218 lbs but put that I was 165 lbs. Now I am 2 lbs below that fudged number woohoo. Hopefully I'm going to be lying in the opposite way soon and be way under that weight. When I hit goal one of my rewards will be new DL stats and a new pic (otherwise I'm stuck with this pic for 4 1/2 more years because I just got this license renewed this year!)
  17. Oh and another documentary on Netflix that was majorly eye opening is "Hungry for Change". I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned sooo much!
  18. That's funny! I am about halfway through the same documentary on Netflix right now too.
  19. Sassafras

    august sleevers where are you?

    I had an IUD in. The hubby and I weren't looking to have more kids but got pregnant 1 month after surgery!! I was scared and worried to be pregnant so soon after surgery. It ended up that 4 ultrasounds confirmed that the baby had no heartbeat and stopped developing at 6 weeks and even though I was 10 weeks along. The doc gave me medicine to induce my miscarriage at 10 1/2 weeks. Be careful ladies this surgery can make you uber fertile. Now I am getting my tubes blocked with Essure and he is getting snipped so we don't have to go through anything so hard again.
  20. Sassafras

    august sleevers where are you?

    Surgery date: 8/17/12 Surgery wt: 217 lbs Current wt: 165 lbs Total loss: 52 lbs! (Considering I was pregnant 10 1/2 weeks of the 18 weeks since surgery I am very pleased with those stats

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