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  1. I am getting Essure inserted on Feb 5th and I was wondering if anyone has it? If so I would love to know how you like it and what your experience has been with it. I am using Nuvaring now, but I really don't want to deal with hormonal birth control anymore. I decided on Essure after I had 2 pregnancies (and miscarriages) with the Paraguard IUD and a 3rd pregnancy (and miscarriage) recently because my Mirena went missing. My hubby was going to just get a vasectomy but our insurance copay is $300 for it and $0 for Essure. I am really hoping Essure will be the perfect solution; but I don't hear about it much.
  2. Sassafras


    Hi all! I am 5'2. I was sleeved on 8/17/12 so I am almost 6 months out. My surgery weight was 217 and my current weight is 157. I'm happy this thread popped up because I love seeing the progress of other vertically challenged girlies like myself congrats to all
  3. Sassafras

    Hiccups after meals

    I get those too. I call them my full hiccups. I didn't look up what causes it but I do know its fairly common.
  4. Sassafras

    Essure...does anyone have it?

    Well I had my Essure procedure at the hospital this morning. I got home a few hours ago and am doing very well. My experience was night and day from the people who had it in office. I got checked in and set up in my room. The anesthesiologist came in and explained everything to me. They took me to the operating room and the anesthesiologist told me he was giving me medicine to make me a little dizzy. The next thing I know I woke up feeling alert and happy in recovery. Minor cramping that lasted about an hour...nothing bad enough to need meds. Now its mild passing cramps here and there and very little bleeding. I feel relief already knowing that I almost do not have to worry about birth control anymore. Fingers crossed that in 3 months hopefully my tubes will be all closed off So to those considering Essure...the hospital under general anesthesia is the easy breezy way to go!
  5. Yes...3 years to lose 50 lbs would give you merit to be a little sad, but its better than gaining 50 lbs in 3 years ha ha. Is that typical of the band? If so I am EXTRA glad I got the sleeve! By the way I LOVE your username...I live in So Cal but am from Tennessee so I am a fellow myself a so cal dixie gal too
  6. Im a sucker for infomercials (luckily I never see them), but I got sucked into Metamophosis by Tracy today. It sounded interesting. Has anyone else seen this? What was your impression? Better yet has anyone tried it?
  7. Sassafras

    Has anyone tried the Tracy Anderson Method?

    Its a customized 90 day workout program based on your body type. I think you order your program based on if you carry your weight in your abs, hips, butt, or all over. Its supposed to work the smaller muscles to make you lean and not bulk you up. But what was pretty cool was the before and after interviews, because it wasn't just a before/ after pics. You actually see video of the people before they started and after which is kind of cool. But like I said I am a sucker for stuff like this then it collects dust because I don't enjoy it. I might enjoy a program better now since I am 60 lbs lighter lol.
  8. Sassafras


    I believe so . The cardiologist came in an asked me a lot of questions before my surgery in August.
  9. I honestly wonder how people adjust to all this when they lose super fast because honestly I can't imagine. I feel like its all been at lightening speed and I've averaged 2.7 lbs a week.
  10. I completely agree! Good points! So far my skin has held up pretty well and no gallbladder issues...2 more things to be thankful for ha ha
  11. What a great outlook! Ahh...I love the sleeve and what it helps us accomplish! Its a shame so many get stuck on numbers instead of truly celebrating their successes. Fast loser/ slow loser... who cares? The point is we are LOSING! Im in the 150's now and this time last year I would've never thought I'd be saying that. Losing weight was such a foreboding overwhelming task making me miserable. I found out about this surgery in July and got it in August without hesitation and its been the best decision I ever made.
  12. Sassafras

    Essure...does anyone have it?

    Thanks for the suggestion! I looked it up since I didn't know anything about it and who wouldn't love to not have a period (without hormones causing it). What I found said they do the ablation to the endometrial lining of the uterus to help people who have very excessive periods and dont want to have a hysterectomy and that you still have to use birth control. Maybe there is a specific kind that works for birth control? I looked up tubal ablation and then everything that popped up was endometrial ablation so I assumed thats what it was called...but maybe I looked up the wrong thing.
  13. Sassafras

    Essure...does anyone have it?

    Awesome! Thanks
  14. Sassafras

    Essure...does anyone have it?

    Wow! Im sorry you had such a horrible experience. That sounds just awful! I have read that some people have easy breezy no pain experiences and some people have excruciating pain. With all those pain meds they gave you, does that mean the doc did your procedure in office? My doc said they are doing mine at the hospital and I will be under general anesthesia, which I was sad about at first, but now maybe I am happy about it. Was it just the procedure that was painful or is the Essure still painful? Sorry for all the questions...I just want to know all I can.
  15. Sassafras

    Essure Vs Paraguard

    I know this is an old thread, but I am getting Essure inserted on Feb 5th and I was wondering if you ever ended up getting it. If so I would love to know how you like it?

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