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  1. Sassafras

    That hurt...

    Woah! What a comment!! I felt it and shes not even my friend:( I cant imagine and am sorry she put a damper on your success
  2. Sassafras

    Long stall...or is it?

    So after 2 days of keeping my calories under 1000, protein around 100, carbs below 40, and water above 64 ozs... I am happy to report I have dropped 3 pounds. I really am the girl who cried stall. I will never stop tracking my intake again! It is so important!
  3. I haven't really been stressing about my lack of weight loss for the past 6 weeks(but I have whined a little). I assumed it was a combo of being 7 months out and weight loss slowing down and maybe hitting my first real stall. Since I was trying not to stress, I wasn't doing much other than cutting back on carbs a bit and waiting for it to pass. But...after tracking my calories in/out for a few days I have learned that I may be causing my so called stall. Although I wasn't eating bad foods,my calories have been more along the lines of maintaining rather than losing. Its been very eye opening and has encouraged me to cut back and ALWAYS keep track of my calories from now on. So now that I am back to doing the right things... lets see what happens. Hopefully once I'm doing what I should and start losing again I will find out I was just the girl who cried stall
  4. Sassafras

    Long stall...or is it?

    Way too easy! I guess once my capacity increasesd a bit it allowed more calories and with me slacking on MFP they just creeped up.Just because I wasn't stuffing myself with high calorie slider foods or grazing all day, I thought my calories were fine I learned my lesson! Just keep tracking, just keep tracking...
  5. Sassafras

    Anyone Use The Wii?

    I just bought Walk It Out used on ebay and can't wait to get it. According facebook, amazon reviews, and message boards this game is super addicting and almost has a cult-like following. They say you forget you are exercising because its sooo fun. Self proclaimed couch potatoes that hate exercise end up walking 7 or 8 miles a day trying to unlock new stuff. I am going to use this and wii Fit Plus. Thanks for this thread...its been very helpful to me.
  6. I would like to start keeping an more accurate and personalized account of how many calories I am burning each day. I believe it will make me more aware and accountable for my exercise...the way that tracking calorie intake on my fitness pal keeps me on top of my food intake. There are several out there now and I would like to know which ones you guys like and why you like it. I really need your advice and input. Im excited to find one and get started with it
  7. Thank you very much! My phone keeps messing up my responses :-s
  8. Sassafras

    August Sleevers..what Is The Progress

    I feel ya girl! I've been bouncing between 156-159 for about 6 weeks. I'm doing my best to not get to stressed about it and stay positive but its HARD! This is my 1st stall, so I've been pretty lucky so far, but I'm ready for that scale to start moving again soon. I haven't been eating bad, but I could stand to be a little more strict so maybe thats what I should do... I don't know.
  9. Sassafras

    StriVectin Neck Cream Review

    Oh man I was hoping my neck would tighten up naturally over time...it might be 1st on my plastics wishlist!
  10. Sassafras

    Bickering on threads

    I wholeheartedly agree! Differences of opinion are fine and welcomed but the bickering makes people hold back and not fully share.
  11. Sassafras

    Advice for relationships post-op

    Couldn't agree more...great advice! My hubby and I are the same way and have been extremely happy for 14 yrs. He was supportive when I gained weight, supportive of my surgery, and Iis VERY supportive of my new and improved figure.
  12. Sassafras

    Top Secret!

    Try the Victorias Secret cheeky panties...I swear by them! All the sexiness of the thong (I actually think they are sexier), none of the discomfort...and you still get the benefit of no panty lines.
  13. Sassafras


    Thanks! Im gonna try this
  14. Sassafras

    Down there?

    Even if they told me not to shave, I had to! A girl has to look her best and my hardwood floors are always polished Does everyone have a cath? I went to Mexico for my surgery and the first thing they said when I woke up in recovery was that they had to take my "intimate" piercing out for safety. I was wondering how they even knew it was there because its tucked so neatly like a pearl in an oyster. A catheter would explain it...hmmm
  15. Sassafras

    haha yes

    I love that feeling too!!
  16. Sassafras

    surgery tomorrow morning

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers for strength your way Try not to think about the "what ifs" too much...driving to drop the kids off was probably riskier than the surgery
  17. Sassafras

    Chi-running workshop

    Sounds very interesting & beneficial!
  18. Sassafras

    Compression Garments

    I wear them. I don't know if they have helped because I dont know what I would've looked like if I hadn't worn them. I dont have much loose skin. My thighs are a bit loose but everywhere else is pretty good. I don't go anywhere without them because they make my figure so smooth and nice.
  19. Sassafras

    RIP livesaveremt

    So sad...I guess you just never know Prayers of comfort to all his friends and family
  20. Sassafras

    I just farted.

    Relief is spelled f-a-r-t
  21. Sassafras


    It will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. Good luck with your research and journey!
  22. I have been stuck fluctuating between 156-159 lbs for 6 weeks or so. I am almost 7 months out and this is my first real stall. Since its happening around the 6 month mark, I am scared that my body has decided to stop losing even though I have 25-35 lbs left to lose. I have been trying to tell myself all the positive things I have told others during stalls but I am getting REALLY nervous.

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