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  1. From the album: after

    Holy crap! I dont look like an overweight person!!
  2. Sassafras

    Excess skin and scars- front

    Thank you guys! I have started looking at my body in a new light after posting these and getting such positive feedback. Yes my body isnt what it was before I abused it but I am going to wear those flaws with pride knowing that I had the strength to conquer the my weight problem. And Lemonpoppyseed I am so sorry to hear about the keloids, but wear them with pride for what you have accomplished. Besides bikinis are overrated a sexy monokini is where its at!!
  3. From the album: after

    Holy crap! I dont look like an overweight person!!
  4. Sassafras

    front back split screen-

    From the album: after

  5. I found this in an article called "8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight" on sparkpeople. I remembered this question and thought I'd post it here. #1 You're eating back all the calories you burn. When you work out, you're burning extra calories. That's why exercise is so important in the weight-loss equation. But a lot of people overestimate how much they burn—and even use the "I exercised today" excuse to later overeat, overdrink (think alcohol) or overindulge. How many times have you faced a food temptation and thought, "Well, I worked out today, so it's OK this time." Or even, "I'll have this now, but work out extra hard tomorrow to burn it off." If that sounds all-too-familiar, this is one major reason why you're not losing weight. For the exercise to help you lose, you can't re-eat all those extra calories you burned. And in most cases, we overestimate how many calories we actually burned and underestimate how many calories we're actually eating, which means using that 3-mile walk (240 calories burned) to justify that restaurant meal (1,000+ calories, anyone?) leaves you in a worse position than if you may realize: at a calorie surplus. The Takeaway: Exercise can help you lose when you're really using it to burn extra calories, not as a reason to eat more.
  6. Sassafras

    Crossfit question...please help

    Thanks guys!! This was exactly what I needed to know. I bought the amazing deal on the crossfit classes for him right after reading your replies! He's going to love it
  7. Sassafras

    I Almost Ate A Waffle!

    Yay for your self control! What a victory!!! I usually curb cravings by logging them first on MFP. Nine times out of ten I won't eat it but every now and then I think its worth it, but its a decision I make mindfully and usually tailor the rest of my day around it. That being said I eat the eggo protein waffles sometimes with Mrs. Butterworths sugar free syrup
  8. Sassafras

    Vets: Calling all consistent loggers on MFP!

    I KNOW there are more people still logging than this...come on peeps
  9. Thank you! You are giving me too much credit. I don't think it counts as courage when I'm anonymous on here ha ha...maybe if I showed my face lol
  10. Thank you so much!! You guys are really making me look at my body in a different light! I guess after what all I put my body through I should appreciate the about the good things about it and less focused on the not so good parts!! Seriously, your comments are making my YEAR!!
  11. Ha ha Thanks and not weird at all...I can totally appreciate the female form too!!
  12. While its not in the best shape its still there lol Before I gained the weight and while I was heavy it was more bubbley, if that makes sense. Its kind of fallen to the bottom and lost some top fullness, which I am sad about. I think I would consider the butt plastic surgery where they put the fullness back it, but we'll see where I end up after the last 15-25 lbs Thank goodness for shapewear lol
  13. You are waaaay too kind, but thank you so very much!! While I am self concious and pick myself apart without my clothes on, I just have to remember that overall it isn't too bad and I need to be grateful for that.
  14. I'm glad it helped! It makes the embarrassment worth it ha ha Its great that you have age on your side. I am sure you will bounce back beautifully. My cup size has actually gone up since surgery. I was a 40D before surgery and I just recently got measured and was a 36DDD. I guess I have lost weight in the circumference of my band area faster than I have lost boob. My boobs have deflated some and hang a tad lower but my hubby is still very happy and he's a boob guy so they must not be too bad YET lol I still have 15- 25lbs to go though so who knows how they'll end up.
  15. Sassafras

    Vets: Calling all consistent loggers on MFP!

    Thank you! At 6 months out you're eating normally so you are exactly the type I would like to add Thanks for sharing!
  16. Sassafras

    20130426 171104

    From the album: 8 months out- scars, stretch marks, and loose skin...oh my!

    Not flattering "butt" it speaks for itself... on the bright side it looks pretty good in clothes
  17. Pics of scars, excess skin, stretch marks and dimples... for people researching theses things. For reference I am 5'2", 34 yrs old, currently 152 lbs (starting weight 217lbs), and Im 8 months out from surgery.
  18. From the album: 8 months out- scars, stretch marks, and loose skin...oh my!

    Not flattering "butt" it speaks for itself... on the bright side it looks pretty good in clothes
  19. From the album: 8 months out- scars, stretch marks, and loose skin...oh my!

    You can see how dimpley my butt and thighs are and my stretch marks. Not pretty but I'd take it any day over being obese.
  20. I have been wondering this same thing but didn't know quite how to word it. Thank you for asking this!
  21. Sassafras

    August Sleevers..what Is The Progress

    8 month update Sleeved 8-17-12 SW-217 CW-153 I am down 64 of the 81lbs I needed to lose to be at normal bmi...only 17 more pounds to that goal! Although that feels slower than everyone elses losses, I have lost 80% of my excess weight in 8 months and I am ecstatic about that. I stopped losing for about 2 months and thought I was in a stall but once I finally started tracking my food again I realized I had gotten off track and, while I wasn't being really bad, I had let the calorie and carb count creep up enough to be the cause of my stall. I have been back on track with my protein, water, carbs, calories, and logging everything on MFP for about 25 days now and have lost 7 lbs in that time which I was very pleased with. I know that when you get close to goal it slows down so as long as the scale moves in the right direction im happy. I really wish I had done what I'm doing now the first 6 months instead of letting the sleeve do all the work, but better late than never right? I even started exercising 3-4 times a week FINALLY...who woulda thunk it! I eat 900 calories or less a day. Try to keep my protein around 80-100g a day and my carbs between 30-50g a day. My primary high protein low carb staples I've been eating lately are Gortons Simply baked tilapia or salmon with a little bit of green beans or kale. These pepper jack bacon stuffed chicken breasts called Cravers (think). One of those is pretty filling so I don't eat anything with it. Gound turkey taco meat. Spaghetti sauce with ground turkey and turkey meatballs. Eggo protein waffles. I throw a bunch of chicken breast tenderloins in the slow cooker with some green enchilada sauce and a can of the healthy request cream of chicken soup and cook it until it falls apart and shred it. I eat that with just some cheese on it. For snack I love the ostrim ostrich and beef sticks from gnc 14g protein 2 carbs 80 cals and tastes similar to a slim jim. Plus it actually fills me up where yogurts and stuff just leave me hungry 30 mins later. If i want something high protein but crunchy and salty the microwavable hot and spicy pork rinds but you have to watch the sodium. If I want a little dessert I eat a weight watchers dark chocolate and raspberry ice cream bar for 80 calories.
  22. Sassafras

    Florance vs Mi hospital

    I just want to mention some things that I didnt see mentioned in the other replies that may help someone in the decision process, since we all have different things that are important to us. I had my surgery with Dr. Kelly at Mi Doctor last August and didn't have any problems with the beds, nurses, or any noise. I was very pleased with my experience and care. When I was released, my coordinator needed to stop and check on another patient who was at florence, and since she and I were sleeve buddies off here, he took me and my hubby with... so I have been in both hospitals. My initial impression from the courtyard of Florence was that it was going to be very nice but when we got inside I was happy I had Mi Doctor. Nothing was bad about Florence, but her hallways and room felt darker and gave me kind of a closed in feeling. I felt like Mi Doctor had a brighter happier healthier feeling. The other thing that my friend was not happy about was that she had trouble getting more pain meds at Florence even though Dr. Kelly had authorized it. The coordinator told me that was a common problem there and seemed really ticked of that it was happening again. I have also read that a few other times on here. I was very fortunate to not have much pain, but the nurses at Mi Doctor were constantly asking if I needed pain meds. I said yes once immediately after surgery but never needed any more, but they were there at the drop of a hat. My hubby is having surgery June 1st and we requested Mi Doctor again, because we were very pleased and because he is a big baby and wants to know that there is pain medicine readily available lol. Oh and few last things we really appreciated at Mi...the free wifi, t he AC, and the satellite tv. The AC (with remote) in our room was fantastic, as an obese person that was VERY important to me...now my hubby will probably freeze me lol).And when we compared notes with our friend it seemed like our satellite tv at Mi had more channels (many in English) which is probably more important to your guest but its nice to have. I know these are little things but they made my hospital recovery easier. (Sorry for the weird font change I typed this on my tablet.)
  23. Sassafras

    Satiety foods for post goal hunger?

    Thats so funny! Well if your an alien then I'm an alien because those thing are dang good! I was curious about it before I tried it but I guess I never thought about ostrich being odd since we eat so many other kinds of birds.
  24. Sassafras

    Satiety foods for post goal hunger?

    I really love the peppered flavor Ostrim ostrich and beef sticks. They are heavy enough to fill me up for a while and are quite tasty (to me they taste like a healthier version of a slim jim).They only have 80 calories plus you get 14g protein and 2 carbs. I buy 10 packs on Amazon but they have single sticks at GNC. There are also other flavors (bbq, applewood, maple brown sugar, and teriyaki). I have only tried the pepper and teriyaki and they were both good but the teriyaki has 3 carbs so I always get the pepper. Hey anywhere I can cut a carb I'll take it

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