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  1. I was sleeved in July as well. To date I have lost 70 lbs. Yes, I could probably lose another 10-15 lbs as well... but I am ok with the loss. I believe I may have hit the wall. I look and feel great. You can't beat that.
  2. Sleeved July 6 - down 55lb. Probably another 30 to go. Although, I'm feeling great! I can see how it would be easy to fall back into the old ways. I have to watch myself - eat properly and drink all the water. But - it is still coming off.
  3. I've lost 55lb (I'm 5'1") - when people ask me how have I lost so much weight, I tell them the truth... "I don't eat"... and then I change the subject. Most people are only interested in themselves anyway, so that's usually the end of the story. If they ask me why I decided to lose the weight, again I tell them the truth - I was out of control, in terrible shape - pre-diabetic and a heart attack waiting to happen. It is a bit awkward when eating out, because I can only eat a few bites. But - so far, either I'm doing a great job of covering - or they're not interested! Regardless, I am happy with my accomplishment and thankful for the sleeve!
  4. I am 17 weeks out and 55lb down. My surgeon wants me to lose another 30lb. My daughter and husband think I look great now. And compared to pre-op, they are right. I too am taking the long way. I am 55 and do not like to exercise. I work long hours and eating around 1000 calories, I don't have the energy I would like. I have noticed that I still have an appetite, but luckily - (thank you sleeve), I can't eat too much! I'm dredding the day I don't feel full!
  5. I am 11 weeks out and have lost 45 lbs. I do not exercise - and I'm eating around 1000 calories. I've got about 30-40 lbs to go.
  6. Devon

    Disgusted By Others Eating

    Before being sleeved, I was so busy eating that I didn't notice what others were eating. Now - I'm done in 5 minutes. Partly jealous. Partly bored!!!
  7. Devon

    Houston Sleevers!

    Kingwood. 7/6 surgery by Dr Turnquest. 42 lb down.
  8. I have an office job as well. I took a week off, but really could have gone back sooner. My surgery was on a Friday. I probably would have been fine on Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll admit that I was tired. Broth and water aren't a great source of energy.
  9. Had my surgery on 7/6. I'm down 40lbs. So happy I did it. I would have to admit that food isn't that appealing anymore. Definitely a good thing for me. Although I do miss a few things... Then I step on the scale!
  10. Weight before surgery 215 Date of surgery 7/6/2012 Weight 9/82012 174 Goal weight 150
  11. Devon

    Some Questions!

    Im wondering if anyone is hungry a few hours after eating? I think I eat too fast and get full quickly. I am not sure how to slow it down. Usually by the time I eat, I'm running on empty.
  12. I do the same thing. I eat so fast that in stuffed after 3 bites. But hungry later. What will help?
  13. Devon

    Texas Forum?

    I'm from Kingwood. Dr Turnquest did my surgery on 7/6. He took out my gallbladder and repaired a hiatal hernia. I've lost 34 lb and feel great!
  14. Devon

    Primary Care Dr. Supportive?

    I was denied. But decided that my health and future were worth it. My norther passed away and I received a small inheritance. So I took the money and spent it on myself. I ended up with a gallbladder removal and a hiatal hernia repair so maybe I'll get lucky and some will be covered. My pcp was in favor of the surgery for health reasons, but had nothing to do with the acceptance. Wish she could have helped. Oh well. I'm saving lots of money on food!
  15. Good luck. I did mine last Friday. It's not too bad.
  16. I had my surgery Friday 7/6. I took a week off but I could honestly have gone back today, possibly Monday. It hasnt been bad. I told everyone at work that I had a gallbladder removal.
  17. Devon

    Primary Care Dr. Supportive?

    My PCP called me in after labs and said what the heck are you doing. My numbers were horrible mostly weight related. After I told her of my plan to take the weight off, she was on board.
  18. Devon

    Fake Sugar

    On a different but related topic - are you allowed to drink caffeine. I am a coffee drinker but was told no on caffeine.
  19. Wondering if I can take my pre surgery meds. The surgeon didn't mention it. Im on levoxyl for thyroid and Xanax to sleep.
  20. Surgery went well. They removed my gallbladder and repaired a hiatal hernia. I'm a little sore, having trouble sleeping all night - and seam to have lots of gurgling everytime I sip! All in all - I'm well.
  21. thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I'll be heading over shortly. Surgery at noon.
  22. Devon

    Back To Basic

    good luck!!
  23. I probably shouldn't have watched some of the youtube videos, but the recovery looks a little rough. I can't tell whether the majority have a trouble free first week - or not! I am trying to keep a good attitude.
  24. I'm going in tomorrow too. I'll be thinking of you.

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