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    joiful got a reaction from NewJourneyMom in Being Sleeved In 3 Days!   
    3 days!? Me too!! I have heard heating pad & lip balm are two biggies! Good luck and congrats!!!
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    joiful got a reaction from Shape_Shifter in A Single List Of Items I Would Like To Do When I Loose Weight   
    I can't wait to play tennis again!
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    joiful reacted to Marty McSkinnystein in Pre-Op Liquid Diet   
    I think variety is the best thing..sugar free popsicles in all those tropical flavors, shakes in all flavors, veg. and chicken and beef broth interchanges with chocolate shakes and puddings and jellos in all those diff. flavors. I'm allowed 3-4 shakes and 4-5 other smooh stuff (the puddings, ooh ooh lemon- because it's not chunky, YOGURT). But my favorite has been Cream of Wheat because it has texture. Once I had that I felt so much better.

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