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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    joiful reacted to SpecialK1960 for a blog entry, Age 52 - Mental Age 12 - Proof, Read On...   
    There is a comedian that talks about how even as an adult he laughs everytime he squirts out the shampoo and it makes a PPHHFFLLTT sound. Well, I guess I am like that. There are two things I have seen on here that just made me think like a 12 year old...
    1. In a perfectly serious and nice forum post one user posted "It is official, I am in a stall." Then she went on to describe her frustration at her weight not moving at all for like 2 weeks. Definitely a stall and a very frustrating one. Nothing to laugh at....... Well, all I could think of when I first read the headline was that she was stuck in a public bathroom somewhere. I can just see me stuck in a bathroom - and being the goof that I am - I would text something like....It's official, I'm in a stall!. Sorta had to be there, but I thought it was funny
    2. The one thing that really cracks me up... and I am dying - literally dying - to be able to use this on some unsuspecting person. In this very specific subject website we have our own vocabulary that no one else uses (foamies, sliming, etc.) And we all know what we mean because there is such a fine and narrow context built into all of our posts. However, we fling around the terms pre-op and post-op like we own them. We do not own them. There is another very narrowly defined group that uses these very same words. And they are not talking about having your stomach cut off. They are aiming lower -much lower.
    I hope I can just drop in a conversation somewhere that I am 2 months post-op with no additional information. Then just watch to see how people treat me. We all know that big people are treated different. But I can only imagine that if people thought I had just gone through surgery to change my "accessories." That would be hilarious. I couls also probably answer questions honestly. Did it hurt? no. How long were you in the hospital? not long. Do you feel different? oh yes!! Do people treat you differently? yes. Was your family supportive? Yes, especially my wife and kids - that ought to get a look.
    Then go for the total freak out. Do you want to see my incisions?
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    joiful reacted to 300PoundsDown for a blog entry, Be Inspired To Exercise   
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    joiful reacted to ssather54 for a blog entry, 2 Weeks Post Surgery   
    Well I lived through my sleeve surgery (this was actually a huge concern for me because I'm terrified of anesthesia). I am so happy to say I am down 25 lbs from my highest weight. It seems to be coming off so quickly. The first week after surgery was hell for me. The first couple days I was very depressed and questioning what the hell I did to myself. 2 weeks out now, I feel much better. The pain is minimal and I feel great energy-wise because I'm not eating crappy foods. I am still supposed to be on full liquids until the 17th but honestly, the liquids have been making me sick so I have been having a little oatmeal or some kind of shredded meat or a banana the past few days. I felt like a failure at first because of this but I am still doing great and I refuse to let myself feel bad for eating a little to avoid getting sick. I am making healthy choices and making sure I am getting in my protein, it's hard to get in 65 grams per day but I have been coming close. I am so happy to already be feeling better and have started back on an excercise regimen. I have about 55 more lbs to go to reach my goal weight and I am confident I will make it with no problem. I am really excited to go shopping but I refuse to let myself until i'm down at least another 15 lbs. I am so thankful the surgery went well and that the worst part is over--I wish much success to all who have been or are about to be sleeved!!

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