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  1. I am currently on a 9 week cut. I'm down about 7 lbs with 3-5 more to go. I have been cutting on a lower carb diet. Macros are a very loose Keto with 50% fat, 30% protein and 20% carbs. My cut ends at the end of July at which time I want to have a planned refeed day and then slowly start reversing out for 8 weeks. Has anyone done a refeed? What did you do? Can anyone give advice on the best way to reverse? How much do I increase carbs and lower fats and at what rate? My hope is to begin a lean bulk after reversing out of the cut.
  2. erp


    @SassyScienceNerd For me, shoppping became fun when I discovered I no longer belonged in the plus size section. Actually, it was mystifying at first because I had been plus size for so long, I had to learn how missy and junior sizes worked. Once I got the hang of it though, I became quite the shopaholic for a couple of years. I would recommend starting with an aspirational outfit. Splurge on something you wish you could wear (it's your birthday after all), buy it two sizes smaller than you are now and hang it someplace where you can see it. Then keep trying it on as you lose weight, it will not only help you stay ontrack and give you something to look forward too but it will also be a great night out when you wear it.
  3. erp

    burping? Kink in the sleeve?

    I would get a second opinon as well if you haven't already.
  4. Both are great choices. In general, bypass is best for GERD. Do you have GERD or just occassional heartburn? If it is occassional like Newme17's then, sleeve should be okay. Again, both are great choices.
  5. I can get the forum on my desktop but if I try to access it from the app, it wants me to reset my password. If I reset my password on the desktop, it still won't let me log me into the iPhone app.
  6. erp

    After update issues

    I can't stay logged in on hte desktop. Everytime it wants me to reset my password. It won't let me log into the app at all. Any ideas, running out of password ideas. LOL
  7. erp

    Bariatric Brides!

    The challenge is that any dress you order has to be ordered 4-6 months in advance. I would strongly suggest buying off the rack about a month or two before the wedding. You can buy a sample often at a significant discount and they can still alter it as at 1 year out, you may lose 5 or so pounds but not enough to have to recut the whole dress. The other reason I would suggest waiting is that frankly, beside dress size, you have no idea what shape you will be. If you had asked me at a larger size what style of wedding dress I could envision wearing I would have said A-line or empire waist maybe sleeves or something to cover the upper arms when in reality, I wore a strapless mermaid.
  8. Lots of people have. Search for baack to basic and 5 day pouch test
  9. Not enough info. What do you eat? How much do you eat? Do you exercise, if so how often and what kind? What beverages do you drink? Some slow down is normal as your body needs time to adjust and as you have less to lose. Without enough information, all anyone can suggest is to "go back to basics" and eat small portions of dense Protein with a minimum of 64 oz of Water a day.
  10. Thank you for being so supportive as many of us not only lack support but often have friends and family actively discouraging us. As your hubby hits major milestones, new experiences are a great way to Celebrate. For me that included becoming more active as I regained mobility. I did an indoor skydiving session, something I would never have done at my pre-op size. Similarly, going on amusement park rides or doing other previously size-limited activities are a wow. I did a 5k not because I love jogging/running but just to finally experience it...to be able to say, "I've done that". So what are things your hubby can't do now that he wishes he could do? Shopping for new clothes was also a reward. The experience of shopping for a new pants with smaller waistbands is exciting and even foreign as you get out of the big and tall section and into the mainstream area of a store. For example, I bought a special outfit for my birthday that was smaller than my current size and saw it hanging it up knowing the reward I had for hitting that new lower weight. I didn't care that I may not wear that outfit 100 times as I continued to lose weight and it became too big because for that one day, I felt so special not because I wore a new outfit but because I earned wearing that outfit. Obviously for your hubby, he may care nothing about clothes but hopefully you can see that it was more about the accomplishment. So what is meaningful to him regarding how he presents himself? (Or maybe it's you buying something sexy for him to enjoy? ) Finally, celebrate things that aren't weight loss related but are health enhancing. Celebrate tossing out medications. Get a massage to help with the lymphedema, hire a personal trainer for a few sessions at the gym or whatever is appropriate. Again, it is wonderful that you are so supportive. Good luck on your husband's upcoming surgery.
  11. I was more afraid surgery wouldn't work for me and I wouldn't lose rather than that I would gain it all back. I didn't lose as fast as you did so I had more time to adjust. I highly recommend seeing a therapist and joining a support group to work through your unresolved issues with food. There are just too many regain posts and cautionary tales on here to ignore. Thank you, I think its great that you made this post. I am more than certain that others do share the same fear that you do. The surgery did its part on the physical and now you have to do yours on the mental.
  12. erp


    How are you eating food that requires bites at 5 days out? I was on full liquids.
  13. You can see my progress in my signature if on a computer and not on a mobile device. I hit goal in 13 months. Good luck on your journey.
  14. erp

    Pooping question....sorry!

    Definitely get checked by your doctor but at 4 years out, my BMs are nothing like they were pre op so some changes in frequency are normal. I tend to go every other day. Staying hydrated as others have mentioned is critical and something I still focus on this far out. I get concerned when I haven't gone in three days and will drink Natural Calm or dieter's tea. Again this is my normal at 4 years out as high protein diets are somewhat constipating by virtue.
  15. erp

    Scars Post-op

    Four years out and I can barely see my scars. There is only one that I can see easily. The incisions are small to begin with and then shrink and lighten with time. The one I can see is the "big" incision which was about 2" when it was fresh. Now it is less than 1" as a mature scar. Frankly the stretch marks on my stomach are way worse than my scars.
  16. erp


    Miracle noodles, zucchini noodles (zoodles), or edamame noodles are good substitutes, just cook until very soft.
  17. erp

    My story

    Welcome Jeff! You're doing great! Congratulations on your weight loss so far and keep us posted on your progress. I look forward to hearing about your continued success.
  18. Great response from Kathy. Mourning food is a phase and a totally normal one. I remember obsessively watching the Food Network about at one week out feeling so sad about all the things I would never eat again. Total pity party for one. [emoji23] As they say, this too shall pass.
  19. erp

    Super Bowl food/drink

    Let's keep it real- Wine and fried wings are not junk alternatives, so yea, you were asking for permission to have them. However someone here mentioned chili and someone else mentioned refried beans both are good choices assuming you are cleared for them.
  20. erp


    How far out are you? Are you trying to lose or maintain? How active are you? To take a stab at it without any info, for losing weight most people go low carb. Many people are under 50 grams of carbs but some are even under 20 grams a day. For women, fat helps regulate our hormones so I would not suggest going under 30 grams of fat a day with an upper limit of 60 grams.
  21. erp

    Super Bowl food/drink

    To all the newly post op, please see Super Bowl Sunday for what it is...one afternoon. One afternoon that you tell yourself, no to booze and junk food. Your sleeve is for the Rest of Your Life (assuming you don't eff it up). Stop acting as though one afternoon is unbearable. Pre op, you most likely had a two week liquid diet; that was 14 days and you did it! Now you are 3, 4, or 5 weeks out and you can't handle one afternoon? The wants you are listing- alcohol, tortilla chips, and fried chicken- are what put us on the operating table to begin with. Why let one afternoon get you twisted? Stay the course now so you can be a success story later.
  22. erp

    Super Bowl food/drink

    I'm sure someone has but you're on purées so no one is going to tell you that it's okay to not follow your post op orders.
  23. erp


    1) Decide. What do you want more? Being obese or being at a lower weight with some skin sag? 2) Diet and exercise post op matter. Follow your dietitians guidelines, stay hydrated and exercise 4-5 days a week (once cleared to do so) incorporating cardio and resistance training. 3) Patience is required. Our skin is an organ and requires time to respond to rapid weight loss. It may take 18-24 months post op to see how much goes back and how much skin is permanently stretched.

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