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  1. i also love posts like these. I didn't have the surgery to live on slices of turkey and cheese sticks for the rest of my life. 600-800 calories a day just was never me, anything less than 1000 and I just feel like I had no energy but couldn't sleep. My nut told me the Protein shake I chose was too high in calories. I ignored her advice, I know shame on me. Right now just w/ the shakes I'm getting in 600 calories a day and that's before about 400 calories of Soup for dinner. . The whole 600-800 calorie thing made me feel like I was screwing everything up right out of the gate. I'm transitioning to blendered/pureed food this week after 7 weeks of full liquids. If I stay w/in a couple hundred calories of 1000, I'll be happy. I'm just looking for smooth transitions that don't get me sick and keep my energy levels up.
  2. have you tried really thinning out your Protein and maybe making a protein fudgsicle? Even if it's not the amount of protein you need, it might be better than trying to dump a whole lot of protein in your system at once. The first month sucks and there's no getting around it, I felt the same way. When you're uncomfortable and frustrated about how hard even the simplest stuff is, it's really hard to feel like you made the right choice. I promise that feeling will start going away. I know everyone told you how it's supposed to go, but it's really important to do what's best for you, if it means you don't get all the protein in w/in 2 weeks of surgery, it's ok. Best of luck!
  3. I did end up seeing a therapist because the emotional swing was so bad and caught me so off guard. He told me something at least a little helpful. He said I was grieving and that it was ok to grieve the loss of food, of being able to binge on food and using it as a means to bond w/ my family. He said eventually you have to move it towards acceptance of what happened and start focusing on the things you still have and who you are becoming and only then will the grief end. I think I was like a lot of people, ready to make the next 10 years different from the last ten of always planning my life around my next meal. But as ready as I was I was not expecting that I would grieve for what I lost because for so long it was the thing that has kept me from living a full life and brought me such personal pain.
  4. You aren't alone in the after surgery regret. I felt that way for about 3 weeks. Emotionally I was a mess but at least I was able to get in the liquids I needed. I'd lay down to sleep and the tape would start playing about all the reasons why it was a bad idea. I needed an rx to get my lights put out for a couple weeks. I was on clears for 2 weeks and that was a serious drain on me, I got a lot better once I was able to push full liquids and I'm hoping for better once I start transitioning to soft food in a couple weeks time. Are you on full liquids? I wouldn't beat yourself up too badly for not getting the 64oz in, most days I don't manage it but I get to about 50-55oz..which was about what I was at pre op, so I can't really argue w/ that. I know it's hard to hear patience when you're tired of feeling like crap but it does take time, it was major surgery, and it's no real surprise that 9 days after having most of your stomach cut out you feel like shi!t. But that doesn't mean it was a mistake and it doesn't mean this hasn't been worth doing. I hope you feel better soon, many hugs to you!
  5. juny

    Problem sleeping

    I had terrible trouble sleeping, so much that the dr gave me a sleep aid. when I got home from the hospital I'd get about 2 hours of sleep a day. The rest of the time I was a zombie who couldn't sleep. They gave me trazodone which puts me out completely but I'd like to not make it a habit. I may try my melatonin again because it did help prior to surgery. . If you're not sleeping you're not healing, don't be afraid to ask the dr for help in this.
  6. My dr. gave me a sleeping pill, been trying that since last wednesday. Today I called them up because I was taking the pill at 10pm and waking up throughout the night and waking up at 5am totally exhausted. It's become such a mental block for me that it's wrecking a lot of my day. I dread waking up because it's hard and I dread going to bed because it's not helping either. They doubled my sleeping pill dose and I'm hopeful it will help. Getting my protein in and water. Just generally in a funk. It's going to be a while i think.
  7. I'm sleeping a stuttering 6-7 hours and waking up tired. it's really getting on my nerves because i used to LOVE sleep. It recharged my batteries and sometimes I'd lay in bed on the weekend just to enjoy the feeling. Now it just feels like it's an opportunity for me to play the tape of what did i do to myself. I JUST WANT TO SLEEP
  8. I'm still not sleeping well. I get about 6-7 hours of stuttering sleep and when i wake up i'm still dead tired but unable to go back to sleep. anyone else have this issue?
  9. juny

    Feeling Depressed

    I just wanted to thank all the posters on here, I've found not a lot of posts like this one and it's at least reassuring that the feelings I'm having aren't completely out of the norm.
  10. How's your sleeping CocoM? Got home saturday afternoon and I haven't gotten more than a 2 hours of sleep together at any given time. I really expected to be sleeping a lot to heal but holy crap. I'd wake up at 7am and go to bed at 1 and then wake up at 3 and then sleep at 4 and wake up at 6am and then be up for the rest of the day. I went to dr for a check up today. he's happy w/ the healing. I was so upset on monday that i called and asked for the psych because this isn't like me and i was able to get to see both of them today. My dr thinks that with everything else going on, the lack of sleep is just putting me over the edge. He said something about how you can put a normal healthy person in a room for a week without sleep and they can become psychotic....very reassuring thanks....So I'm looking forward to that pill he gave me tonight. Anyone else having trouble sleeping?
  11. juny

    Post Op 6 Days and Feeling Vulnerable

    Thanks, I know ultimately it was the right decision but its hard knowing you can't go back. I'm not far enough forward to know how that feels. Just going to give it time.
  12. anyone post op been foaming? I swear I'm spitting all the time because I simply can't keep swallowing the foamy spit. I assume this is normal. If and when does it go away?
  13. i froze my butt off too! All they give you are these weak little sheets folded over 4 times...the windows in the hospital were drafty and the arm chair i slept in was close to those windows. Half way through i started closing my door. The hardest part was that there was simply nothing to do other than watch tv. I tried my tablet and watched a few of the movies of my choice there but there weren't enough distractions from the pain of recuperation. Absolutely bring a pillow. I had an extended stay and I thanked my lucky stars I brought baby wipes. Nothing like smelling 4 days old when you already feel like crap. Also bring either slippers or socks w/ grippies for the walking down the hall. They told me to bring a robe did not work for me. I had 3 IV's going in me so the long sleeves are a no go.
  14. juny

    I'm not telling.

    i mainly kept that I've had surgery to myself. Not because I don't want to tell people but because I don't need food Nazis. -edit Does this puppy look like she needs a food Nazi?
  15. juny

    6 months post op

    I had surgery on the 5th and it's been bumpy. Thanks so much for posting, it gives me a hope that I didn't make a tremendous error. Once you got back on to solid foods did things improve? Do you still enjoy food? You look fantastic
  16. Thanks. Sitting at the hospital waiting to get started.
  17. Leaving for the hospital in about 40 minutes. Got to get dressed and the last of the stuff in my bag. Wish me luck!
  18. My preop wasn't really that bad, most of the trouble was in my head. I'm completely bored with liquid though. My surgery is at 12:30 today, and it just feels so surreal.
  19. juny

    7 months!

    Me too! I'm on the liquid diet and my head hunger just won't shut up! To the OP-How long were your phases back to solid foods? You're around my same weight that I'm starting at and I'm just so high strung waiting for my surgery on Tuesday. I feel like the sensible me is has the wheel of the car but the crazy one that can't stop eating is in the passenger seat and pointing out all the wonderful food I'm driving past. It's driving me nuts.
  20. juny

    Pre-op diet and diet coke

    I quit cold turkey, right after the seminar. They said no pop and I knew it was the choice between having the surgery or having the pop and I'm picking the surgery. Went 6 months without a drop, I had a couple over the holidays but I can't chug it because the burn is outrageous now where I used to not really feel it. Even with the option of going back since I'm preop, it really doesn't quench my thirst the way water does.
  21. Ok... anyone else call their insurance about the status of their pre-certification? I called today just to make sure it was there never thinking it wouldn't have already been there because the woman called me 10 days ago. Ok fine. They got the precertification today. TODAY! I was told its going to take 2 business days from the date they got the clinicals in. ok fine....did they get the clinicals in? um....no... but that just means they haven't been uploaded and there's no real way to tell until monday. back to 2 business days..... 2 business days=Feb 5...guess whose surgery is on Feb 5? YEP I'm a little pissy about having everything cancelled since I put in my pto and fulfilled every part that I was asked: the diet, exercise, the monthly visits to the nut, the psych, the ekg, bloodwork, stress test, buying all the post op meds, the liquid diet WITHOUT CHEATING. I've had this surgery date for 4 months! But to know that I could have dinner tonight would make it a little less crappy. It says right on my insurance card that my benefits will be reduced if I don't precertify and just who's going to cover that because they dropped the ball...me? yeah no. I just feel like i've put a he|| of a lot of work in and to have the hospital fumble it this way pisses me off beyond belief right now. lovely I'm in a full blown rant now. This weekend is going to suck.
  22. Ok- I thought about it. I was previously on a rant about my precertification problems, but I realised it was a full blown rant and moved it to a forum topic where it belongs. The people are great on this thread and I know how hard is to keep the happy thread happy and on topic about getting ready for surgery.
  23. well i'm 3 days in. I don't get the bars, I'm a liquid only preop diet. So what's helped is tons of Water, any time I felt hungry I took a swig. Work goes ok since there's a lot to keep me busy. At home is another story. I opt for unjury chicken at night since it's different flavor from my morning and afternoon. Changes in temperature help too. I have tea (leaves brewed first to get rid of the caffeine) and then switch to cold water w/ mio or crystal light. Jello hasn't really been all that spiffy. I opted out of that. How long will you be on yours? good luck!

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