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  1. I am 5'2 and weigh 195. At my surgery date I should be right under a BMI of 35. My doctor said I should only be able to get down to 150 pounds, but that is still overweight for me. Is it realistic for me to think I can get to my goal weight of 135?
  2. How do you treat Addisons Disease when we arnt suppossed to take cortisone? And what about weight gain as a side effect of the meds?
  3. Does anyone have ulcerative colitis? I was diagnosed with it 5 weeks after I was sleeved.
  4. Thinner Peace

    Daily nutrition stats?

    How many calories and carbs are you consuming if you have met, or close to meeting your goal? I am maintaining my weight and calorie intake at about 1200-1300 but I cannot seem to go under 150g of carbs a day. Others post that they try to keep carbs to under 50g a day. That seems really low to me. What do you think?
  5. Thinner Peace

    Any June Sleevers?

    Im a June Sleever, 5'2, and 121 pounds. I have lost 108 pounds and went from a size 18 to a 2. To stay up to date with June 2012 sleevers, there is a private group on facebook called "Positive sleevers AKA June Sleevers".
  6. I am 5'1 and have lost 40 pounds pre-op. All the inches are off my hips. However, I am top heavy, not bottom heavy. My BMI is 34. ANy short people have success with losing weight all over? WIth pics? Im a little impatient I guess.
  7. Has anyone else not felt restriction until 6 months out? I still think I can eat more than the average sleeved person but it has not been until recently that I feel restriction.
  8. Thinner Peace

    delayed restriction

    At 6 months out I am eating about 900-1000 calories a day. My NUT has not given me an amount of food I should be eating since I have been on solid food. Tonight I had 3/4 cup of chili and cheese toast. Most sleevers cannot eat that much. I can easily eat 5 cups of popcorn. However, I do not eat nearly as much as I did pre-surgery. WIth my daily exercise routine I have lost 100 pounds. So, I have been successful I just need to be very mindful of the amount I eat.
  9. Thinner Peace

    Any June Sleevers?

    Sleeved June 13th. Total weight loss to date is 93 pounds (lost 45 prior to being sleeved). I am 5'2, weigh 136, and wear a size 6. I can't believe that just 8 months ago I weighed 230 pounds!
  10. My NUT said that the reason I may not feel restriction until I eat 8 ounces is because I stretched my sleeve by drinking my water too fast through a straw. My surgeon claims he used a 34 bougie but I have never felt restriction at 4 ounces and I have never had to sip, sip ,sip...as they say. Im scared that I could gain back my weight by eating 8 ounces of the wrong types of food since I do not feel much restriction. What do you think about the straw comment (getting air into your stomache)?
  11. My surgeon does does use a bougie to size my stomach, instead he uses a scope. The surgeon's report indicates that my stomach is 7.5 inches x 2.5 inches x 1.5 inches. Does that not seem large? I do not start to feel restriction until 6-8 ounces. I am 3 months out.
  12. Thinner Peace

    I Need The Straight Skinny -Help

    I have lost 30 pounds in 2.5 months. You probably think that is considered slow but when have you ever lost that much so quickly? The goal is not to lose weight quickly, it is to keep it off. You will gain your weight back if your mind is on losing weight quickly rather than working on the issues that made you fat. By "you", I mean me too. I am happy losing one pound a week. Lifestyle changes will need time to gel. Good luck
  13. Thinner Peace

    Protein Bars?

    Can anyone recommend a good protein bar that is high in protein and low in sugar and calories?
  14. Thinner Peace

    Histronic Personality Disorder

    Personality disorders are not caused by wls and you would have had similar symptoms throughout your adolescence and beyond. However, many people use food for comfort. I would suggest finding a good psychologist that can help you develop tools to help. Medication can help take the edge off as well. God bless
  15. Thinner Peace

    Itchy Skin?

    I was told to take the steri-strips off to alleve the itching. Itching is also part of the healing process.
  16. I did not have pain until day 2 which was easily controlled with pain meds. I had zero nausea. I walked immediately which felt like my stomache was falling off but it did not hurt. I was released day 3 and was completely off pain meds on day 4. It was so much easier than I imagined. Just make sure you walk and drink. The more you walk the better you will feel.
  17. Thinner Peace

    Update On My Pain...

    That kind of pain sounds like when I was passing a gallstone that got stuck. However, my pain was in my back. The ER thought I was miscarrying. Once I had an ultrasound they were able to figure out what was wrong. I also have pain in the middle of my ribcage which was due to my hiatal hernia. Have you had an endoscopy?
  18. The way that I read it, Sarabee took responsibility for her part and gave the surgeon credit as well. However, I probably wouldn't have used his name in a public post and there seems to be some info missing with regard to why he was yelling. Anyway, there are 2 sides of every story and regardless where the truth lies, the pupose of this forum is to offer support. The surgery was not a waste in that you got a repaired hernia AND a sleeve. Dont throw in the towel because you havnt lost in 11 days. Your body is going thru shock and needs time to adjust with such a low caloric intake. I am curious what size bougie your doctor used, but it shouldnt affect your weight loss in that the differences in sizes are so minimal. In a way, I felt I was starving myself prior to surgery by limiting my diet to liquids. But I trust the bariatric process. One week you may lose nothing and then will automatically lose 3 pounds over night. On average, though, you should be able to expect 1-2 pounds per week. Give it 2 months and see. You may also want to use myfitnesspal to track your Protein, Water, calories and exercise. You can also see what other people are doing and eating. I am thepamperedkat. I am a slow loser but I have been consistent, but I have questioned whether my bougie was too big and felt I ate more than others to feel restriction (5-6 ounces). However, that is my fear talking. I need to trust the process and the weight will come off. I trust yours will too. I know it is discouraging after putting ourselves through so much. My surgery was almost cancelled because I had a dark stool the day before surgery. I was mad but I know the surgeon was only protecting myself and his license. Good luck...I know you will succeed!
  19. Wheres the cheapest place to buy this?
  20. I have had lower abdominal pain, extreme fatigue, mucus in my stool, dizziness, and constipated. The doctor thinks I have a type of colitis and have a colonoscopy next week. For those of you who have colitis, can you take medication that is approved for the sleeve? I dont want to take steroids that will cause weight gain and I cant take anti-inflammatories. I dont know how I can go back to work with this fatigue and cramping. Does it ever let up?
  21. Thinner Peace

    Protein Bars?

    Sounds great! Do you know where you can buy them individually?
  22. Mine was repaired during surgery. Hiatal hernias are not typically repaired unless they are really big.
  23. I had it and it suddenly went away at 4 weeks.
  24. I am 6 weeks post op. Because I had dark stool, a stool sample was taken and it came up positive. I was not too concerned because the blood could have been from my surgery. Finally, after 6 weeks, my stools are no longer dark. However, they are wrapped in a white, fleshy substance. My surgeon has not returned my call. Has anyone experienced any of this fleshy stuff in their poop?
  25. After doing some research I think it is mucus from the intestinal wall. I hope its nothing serious!

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