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  1. Gettinhealthy


    I was told we could eat if it was toasted. Regular bread expands in the stomach.
  2. Gettinhealthy

    August 6Th Sleevers

    Good luck folks!! See you on the loosers bench!! I was sleeved 7/31.
  3. Gettinhealthy

    West La Kaiser Dr Zelada

    Awesome!! Good luck. My surgery is Tuesday, 11:30. See you on the losers bench!!
  4. Gettinhealthy

    Ok, I'm Freaking Out!

    I so know the feeling. July 31st. I'm doing the same dang on thing as the days get closer! We'll be alright!!! Keep your eyes on the prize ladies!! Good luck to you all, and continued blessings for a safe and fast recovery!!
  5. Gettinhealthy

    So Cal Kaiser

    OMG Shrinky- they suck!!! Hoping you get answers soon. Keep at them though. Use email if you have to. Keep us updated!!
  6. Gettinhealthy

    Just Got My Date

    Hey Repo! We have the same date!! Only 2 weeks to go! How are you feeling? My mind can't make itself up. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Good luck with your journey!
  7. July 31st as well!
  8. Gettinhealthy

    When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?

    My name is Ayrika (pronounced Erica), my surgery is scheduled for July 31st. This has been a long journey (started in January). When I finally got my date, I started tearing up. So ready to do this. Good luck and may God bless all the July Sleevers on their new journey!!!
  9. Gettinhealthy

    When's The Big Day? How Are You Feeling?

    Hi Donna- we have the same date!! July 31st!!
  10. Gettinhealthy

    West La Kaiser Dr Zelada

    Awesome Mich!!!!
  11. Gettinhealthy

    West La Kaiser Dr Zelada

    Thanks MichT- hoping you get cleared and will be good to go! Let me know how it goes today. Sending positive thoughts your way
  12. Gettinhealthy

    West La Kaiser Dr Zelada

    You will love him- he's super nice with a warm personality. My surgery date is July 31st with him, I feel like I'm in good hands.
  13. Im July 31st as well!!! Congrats and blessings!!
  14. Gettinhealthy

    July 11

    July 31st in the house!!! Whew whoooo!
  15. - it's called being human. You've done so well for yourself. As long as you know your going back at it tomorrow you will be fine. Good luck with your surgery! Keep us posted:) you can do it! Keep on pushin!!
  16. Gettinhealthy

    West La Kaiser Dr Zelada

    Appt with him tomorrow!!!!! Yaaayyy! Can't wait to meet him
  17. Nope it's not just you!! Lol I thought it was just me!! Lol
  18. Congrats on your success. I loved your post very eye opening and inspiring. Keep doing your thing girl!! I'm waiting to be sleeved. Have my consult with the surgeon tomorrow. I'm ready to do the dang on thang!
  19. Gettinhealthy

    So Cal Kaiser

    Actually it's in Rancho cucamanga at Victoria gardens food court. It's an awesome group of people! Everyone is so nice and eager to share their stories. You won't be disappointed.
  20. Gettinhealthy

    So Cal Kaiser

    Whoot whoot!!! @ Nina!!
  21. Gettinhealthy

    So Cal Kaiser

    Keisha- I went to the meeting with Sleeve4me in May. It was sooooooooooooooo awesome. So very informative. Going to go to the one in July as well. Hope to see you there!
  22. Gettinhealthy

    So Cal Kaiser

    Awsome!! Which kaiser were you put of initially? Did he put you on a pre-op diet?

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