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    Wow! How long from your date of surgery did it take for you to reach a size 8? Absolute diva :-))) Sooo inspired!
  2. Hi fellow Sleevers...my name is Victoria from India! Just did a VSG 4 days back. I am 36 years old and weighed a 100.2 kgs before i went for the procedure. My height is 5.6" and from my frame, a lot of people said i really didn't need the surgery...'Don't alter what God has gifted!', they said!! I was never obese in my twenties...but after my daughter (who is 7 now), I started putting on a LOT of weight...rich Indian food piled on more adipose tissue! Fortunately, I did not have any thyroid, Diabetics, blood pressure or cholesterol! I was fit...was able to run around etc without huffing and puffing...but I wanted to look slimmer and prettier...and I was worried that my obesity, if not now, would lead to problems in the future. I tried diets, gymming etc etc...but alas in vain! Hence, I resorted to VSG! My surgery was on 9th Feb 2012 (in the night) and today is the 13th Feb...I am already 3.8 kgs lighter. The morning after my surgery (post 8 hours of surgery), I felt nausea and was petrified of even taking sips of Water...but i walked as advised by the doctors. I did a lot of exercises for the lungs by blowing balloons and using the tri-ball apparatus as respiratory exercises...this helps pump in more oxygen and expanding the lungs. After the surgery, fat gets burnt and C02 is produced...which makes one feel tired and nausea all the time...intake of more oxygen keeps one more fresh and more energetic. Thus, these respiratory exercises. Anyhoos...by the evening i was feeling much better...and 24 hours after my surgery, I felt much much better. The next morning felt NORMAL!! I was able to sip more water, tender coconut and clear Soups. And I checked out of the hospital by 2pm...boarded a flight at 5pm and reached my city in less than 2 hours! Yup, less than 48 hours after my surgery...I was walking like a normal being and taking a flight! THANK GOD...and THANK YOU Dr.SHAH!! Ever since, I have been drinking a lot of liquids (Watermelon juice, diluted sweet lemon juice, tender coconut water, Dhal water (Lentils), rice water (The water that we drain out whilst cooking rice) and about 1.5 ltrs of water. I walked for 20 mins in the park today. At times I do feel hungry int he stomach...and have slight catches or pains which last for 4 seconds...but it disappears after sipping water. Please make sure you sip the liquids very slowly...at least i am, in fear of bringing them out! I fear at times about 'what ifs?!'...especially about the Leaks that could occur anytime in the future...what if it happens to me?? Can someone highlight more about this please?? How can we avoid that completely? Other than that, I feel like a new lease or new chapter of my life begins...a slimmer chapter!! Waiting to go shopping in couple of months and throw away the long tees that covered my oversized butt...waiting to wear light colored dresses and trousers...put on my high heels and sashay confidently...looking swell!! Hugs to all of you out there!!
  3. HappyLoser

    A New Lease Through Sleeve!

    Swimmer: Please stay in touch...lets compare notes regularly n good luck on your journey to slimdom!!
  4. HappyLoser

    A New Lease Through Sleeve!

    @ Lissa: Many thanks!!!
  5. HappyLoser

    A New Lease Through Sleeve!

    @ Carbgirl: Congrats on your sleeve too and wish you immense luck in many sizes down :-) Yes, our stats are very similar...I have always been bone heavy...so when i was 70 kgs, people used to think I was 10 kgs lighter! Sorry I keep referring to Kgs and not lbs as we are used to the same in India! Whats your diet like now? I am on Clear Liquids for 2 weeks and then will proceed to thicker liquids for the next 2 weeks. Post completion of 1 month, it would be pureed food before graduating to normal food...but ofcourse bite size )) Stay in touch and lets compare notes! xx
  6. HappyLoser

    A New Lease Through Sleeve!

    All the best for your surgery..! Yes, due to the anesthesia, there is a lot of discomfort in your throat and feeling of nausea all day long post 24 hours after the surgery. However, you feel back to normal from day 2 onwards...which is great!! Remember to sip liquids slowly...and walk walk as much as you can! Keep me posted!

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