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  1. shrinkydinkme

    98lbs down

    From the album: 9 months & 98 pounds

  2. shrinkydinkme

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Just posted my recent photos I am 5'10 and at 211 on my way to slim
  3. shrinkydinkme

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Some more photos of the journey, about 2/3rds of the way to goal
  4. shrinkydinkme

    9 months & 98 pounds

  5. shrinkydinkme

    Front Progress

    From the album: 9 months & 98 pounds

  6. shrinkydinkme

    xmas 2012 at goal for about a year

    wow! thanks for sharing the transformation. You look so great, way to work that sleeve
  7. shrinkydinkme

    Horror Story

    I am so sorry for your sisters struggles and complications. I appreciate knowing that the flu like symptoms she had are cause for alarm and insistence on medical treatment to rule out a leak. I understand how upset you must be and how anyone in your situation would feel the strong feelings you do about weight loss surgery. Watching you sister suffer they way she is would make you and most others in your situation scared to see anyone else make the choice to take that risk. I knew going in about the risk and to me it seemed worth it, stories like this just helped me to make sure I was sure and pray a bit more!
  8. shrinkydinkme

    5-6 months out sleevers.... ?

    I am almost 5 1/2 months out and have lost 57lbs since surgery and 82lbs since pre-op. I can eat anything and eat about a cup at each meal. I have been able to get in all protein and liquid easily since the beginning. I loose about 1.5 pounds a week now. I do exercise 1 hour 3 days a week (weight lift and cardio) but am having pain in my upper legs so doctor and chiropractor said to take last week off and I will do the same this week, did walk 2 1/2 miles today because the lack of exercise scares me. I am a pretty lax sleever and let myself eat all foods just in moderation making sure I get enough protien.
  9. shrinkydinkme

    100lbs GONE!

    amazing - your hard work is paying off big! You look terrific, what a transformation.
  10. shrinkydinkme

    73 pounds down!

    From the album: 4 month Slevaversary

    not the best picture but "done is better then perfect" and I am afraid that I will not ever get to taking a better photo
  11. shrinkydinkme

    Muscle pain

    Can I know what group? I am almost 5 months out and having upper thigh pain that keeps me awake at night and makes me uncomfortable when sitting, standing seems to be the only way I am comfortable. Plan to go to the doctor after Christmas, was hoping to wait until my Jan. 3rd check up but feel like I can't wait it hurts too much
  12. shrinkydinkme

    Bionic Smell?

    LOVE that I am not alone..... 4 1/2 months post surgery and my family still calls my sense of smell a SUPER POWER that was implanted at surgery along with my sleeve.
  13. shrinkydinkme

    Why Are Tea/coffee Taboo Post Surgery ?

    I was told to stay away from coffee for fear of dehydration because coffee/caffeine is a diuretic, and getting in enough liquids in the beginning to avoid dehydration for may is difficult. I choose to do decaf during week two, and am at 4months out now and have had no problems. Pre- surgery coffee did give me issues with heartburn which is a problem post surgery for many also and a reason to avoid coffee.
  14. shrinkydinkme

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    It's my 4 month sleevaversary and I am 73 pounds down. A tall 5'10, 50 years old and about half way to my weight loss goal. I love this thread and return to it often for motivation and inspiration. Seeing everyones photo's gives me hope. I stalled at 3 weeks and only lost 3 pound in weeks 3-6 but usually lose about 2 pounds a week. I weight lift 3 times a week for an hour and should do more cardio, but what I am doing is a huge improvement over the nothing I use to do, so I am proud of myself. I track my food on MFP, because it would be easy for me to eat too much of the wrong things if I did not record it. I love my sleeve and have no regrets, it has been so much easier, yes the loss so much slower, then I thought it would be.
  15. shrinkydinkme

    4 month Slevaversary

    73 pounds down
  16. shrinkydinkme

    Wow, In A Size 6

    thanks for sharing > I am so inspired by your success and excited for when I reach 1 year
  17. shrinkydinkme

    Iso: Pear-Shaped? Post-Op Advice

    I need to do some more recent pictures but for me ( a very pear shaped girl) I lost it from the top down... face then shoulders, then boobs and waist and back and then the butt and thighs. About 73pounds down and half way to goal. My boobs have deflated as my husband puts it, still lots to loose on the bottom half, it is going, I love the change- fit in every chair now without issue. I am sure that I will always be pear shaped, always was even at half my size.
  18. shrinkydinkme

    Tall Sleevers? 6'?

    Thanks for being here tall friends.... (and on the facebook group) it's just so comforting to see people who's numbers are similar to mine. It seemed all my sleeved friends were closer to five foot tall and I am much closer to six. I am getting close to the middle of my journey and excited for the changes that are taking place.
  19. shrinkydinkme

    It's Ba-A-Ack..please Say It Ain't So !

    for me 50yrs old, I was skipping and only had my period twice in the 6 months prior to surgery, have not missed one since the day after surgery and they are fierce for me. I just try to comfort my self with the story that the hormones will help with skin rebound LOL
  20. You are doing fantastic and look great! I can't wait to be half way, I'm getting their slowly but surely.
  21. You have worked so hard and done an amazing job. Thanks for sharing to inspire us all. From this mom of three, thanks for making this choice, and fighting this battle for your self and your mama. P.S. So excited for next Aug. 1st when I can post, "today was a good day" loved that title
  22. shrinkydinkme

    Dreading The Dmv

    Go get a new photo when you are close to goal. Go in at that point and tell them that the change you have made makes a new photo necessary, the current one is unrecognizable and causing problems when you have to varify your ID using your liscence. I think it costs about $25 and would be an awesome reward for your hard work and success. I will agree with you that the before pictures are so difficult to do, but must say I am so glad I did them, and nothing fellow sleeve buddies show me, inspires me more. 2nd idea is - Do you have a good friend that would go with you. It always helps me to take a friend when I have to do something difficult.
  23. I took the pain killer sent home from the hospital with me.
  24. Sounds like the dreaded 3 week stall came a few days early for you. And for many it is also bowel movements. It happens to most people and you will start loosing again. Just keep working your plan, sounds to me like you are doing the right stuff. Search 3 week stall on this sight if you want more info on it.
  25. shrinkydinkme

    7 Months Out! 124 Lbs Lighter!

    you have done a great job and look terrific!

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