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  1. joseph


    Regular food I guess
  2. joseph

    Horror Story

    not everyone does the surgery must have happy story, stop crying about what she said, if u dont like it leave, such a nonsense.
  3. joseph

    I need Advice!

    Im 17 years old, I have done this surgery at 15 and half, I would say give your daughter few more years, and then let her consider it.
  4. joseph

    Head Hunger :(

    Head hunger Is a b***h Indeed.
  5. joseph

    2 days post op....

    Ofcourse It gets easier, when i was at ur stage i was asleep most of the time, dont worry time will fix it.
  6. joseph


    It's very low chance to have a leak. I would actually do it knowing the risks if I were you.
  7. joseph


    Micheal something, he was perfect, very good doctor, I think he is the one who invented this surgery, but you know some people just have a bad luck
  8. joseph


    I had a leak, don't wanna lie to you I've been through hell, but now I'm healed happy and healthy
  9. ofcourse there are many teens sleeved. im 17 years old about 1.5 years post op, i know many friend irl sleeved (teens)
  10. joseph

    New here

    Welcome buddy.
  11. joseph

    Am I Normal ?

    It's normal.
  12. check your doctor, don't wanna scare you or something but might be a leak.
  13. joseph

    Yes Whey Protein Shots

    Lol, Gonna be hard to tolerate.
  14. joseph

    Doesnt seem real

    Yeah feels great doesn't it?
  15. i love your trolling (not gay) hahaha
  16. joseph

    I'm Just Saying.......

  17. joseph


    Sometimes I do, Hahahaha
  18. joseph


    HBD and LOL about your Mom
  19. The answer is yes, but as long as u stop eating junk Food and have some determination It will be alright sorry for my bad English.
  20. joseph

    Feeling weak!

    I totally agree with SpaceDust. give yourself some time.
  21. joseph

    All food is gross!

    It's just a mature of time, you will start eating after few months I believe