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  1. MzPecanBrown

    African American Sleevers

    Prilosec is my friend. Talk to your doc. Heartburn is extremely common with the sleeve.
  2. MzPecanBrown

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Hi all!! Im rarely on VST anymore but active on MFP. I had my sleeve done on January 10, 2012 and currently down 160 lbs. Feel free to add me. My name is MzPecanBrown there too.
  3. MzPecanBrown

    African American Sleevers

    You look great!!
  4. MzPecanBrown

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Mzpecanbrown. Feel free to add me. I'm more active there.
  5. MzPecanBrown

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Mzpecanbrown. :-)
  6. MzPecanBrown

    Not Losing Any Weight! Upset And Fustrated!

    Everyone has already given you great advice. I just want to advise you to mentally prepare for stalls and possible slight gains from time to time on this journey. I started at 406 lbs so I had over 200 lbs to lose. I lost 35 in the first month so 40 would have been so unrealistic for you. After my first month, I didn't lose anything else for an entire month. Was I crazy? Yes!! About to lose my mind! But reading that it has happened to others who were very successful sleevers was very reassuring. I am now 8 months out and down almost 110! I had surgery in January and didn't lose weight in February or July. I pretty much just bounced around during these months. Did I lose inches? Yes! Did I go down a pant size? You bet! They'll happen; just stay the course and enjoy the ride. Good luck to you!
  7. MzPecanBrown

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    SW: 323 GW: 303 CW: 305 Well, I missed my Labor Day goal by 2 lbs. it's like my body is holding on and afraid to let me get to 100 total loss. I think my new collar bones have scared the hell out of my body! LOL! But 18 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. PLUS, I dropped another dress size. Going to shake up my routine and head over to the Halloween Challenge. Congrats everyone!! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  8. MzPecanBrown

    My Change

    You better strike a pose, girl! FIERCE! Amazing job! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  9. MzPecanBrown

    Horrible Taste In Mouth

    How far out are you? If you are newly sleeved, your body is likely in a state of ketosis, of which bad breath and funky tastes are normal. I had this for several weeks after surgery. It went away as I started adding different foods in. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  10. MzPecanBrown

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    My iPhone app keeps unsubscribing me from this thread. Anyone else having that problem? I'm too lazy to scroll back and quote my last weigh in post so I'll just recap: My Challenge SW in the beginning of July was 323. My goal weight is 303 for a total of a 20 lb loss. I weighed in yesterday at 308. Only 5 more lbs to go! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  11. MzPecanBrown

    Aug 14Th

    Good luck to all of you today! Welcome to the "new and improved you"! Update when you can. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  12. MzPecanBrown


    I prefer the Premier Nutrition shakes. They can be purchased at Costco or Sam's. 30g of protein in each. Congrats and good luck on your surgery!
  13. MzPecanBrown

    New Here And New To Sleeve Surgery

    Hey there! I live an hour and a half from Raleigh but had my surgery in Durham. I am not as familiar with weight loss centers in the area, however, my office offers a monthly support group. I went through the Duke Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery clinic in Durham. The support group schedule for Durham and Raleigh is on the Duke website. I know it's free to patients, but I would call and see if there is a fee for others - 1-866-637-0711. Let me know if I can help you with anything else. Your weight loss so far is awesome!
  14. MzPecanBrown

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    I couldn't find her either.... Sent from my iPhone using VST
  15. That was awesome! You look AMAZING!! Congrats!
  16. MzPecanBrown

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    I've been crazy busy and haven't been on VST recently. Buy I'm still hovering at the same weight. 9 lbs to goal and I'm confident! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  17. MzPecanBrown

    Post-Op Food Question?

    I was instructed to wait until 3 months before trying them. I eat them all the time now at 6 months post op. How far along are you? Sent from my iPhone using VST
  18. MzPecanBrown

    I Have Lost 100Lbs

    Girl, you look AMAZING!! And those arms are killer! You're motivating me to lift! Congrats! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  19. MzPecanBrown

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    Last week, I was 318.6. Yesterday, I weighed in at 315.6. That's 3 lbs this week! 12.6 more to go! I'll be out of town from Thursday through Sunday on a trip with my students. That usually means bad eating for me. I've gotta stay strong! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  20. MzPecanBrown

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    You're only 12 lbs to goal, not 22. You got this! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  21. MzPecanBrown

    11 Months Out - Pic Update :-)

    Girl, you look amazing! Awesome job!! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  22. MzPecanBrown

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    SW (7/8) - 323 CW - 318.6 GW - 303 4.4 lost this week! WOOT!! 15.6 to go! Sent from my iPhone using VST

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