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    You're doing great congratulations!!
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    IMG 0408

    From the album: Along the way

    Weight at 245
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    IMG 0150

    From the album: Along the way

    6 months post-op
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    From the album: Along the way

    Pre-op and current
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    Progress Pictures

    Thank you. I was very lucky, I had no hair loss. I took extra precautions in order to avoid it and I believe it paid off. I did a lot if research on deficiencies that can cause loss and i made my own concoction. This is what I took daily: 10,000 mcg of Biotin, 25 mg of Zinc, 3,000 (1,000 mg 3 x a day) mg of MSM(very beneficial) my chewable multi Vitamins, Vitamin C and 300 to 500 mg of magnesium a day and fish oil capsules. I also ate plenty if Fat. I did a primal type diet. I think all the things combined worked for me to keep my hạir.
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    ~4 months post-op with pictures :)

    Great job, you look amazing.
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    Shhhhhh.....its A Secret!

    Awesome! Congrats
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    No Liquid Pre Surgery Diet? Is This Normal?

    I got very lucky! I didn't have to do an extended liquid diet. I only had 1 day before surgery on liquids and nothing after midnight the night before surgery. I also didn't have to do a swallow test.
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    I'm on pureed foods now but still low calorie, that makes sense though. I would have thought I'd be more tired than usual on a low cal diet but I guess everyone's body reacts differently and mine is just full of energy now.
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    It's just been frustrating because I am usually a good sound sleeper but lately that's all changed. Thank God i'm still on leave but I don't know what I will do next week when I go back to work. I have a Dr appt for tomorrow and I am definitely going to bring this up to him.
  12. chunkychick

    10/11 Sleever

    Hey! I'm doing pretty well! I am so excited that I finally get to have pureed food today. This morning I had 3 TB egg whites and 1/2 cup of coffee (I waited 30 minutes after eating ) and everyone was right! I feel the restriction. YAY!!!! I am excited because liquids have been sliding down and was getting no restriction from them. I really intended to eat 4 TB egg whites but my sleevie told me I had enough w 3 and I stopped. So far I am down about 15 pounds as well. I am happy!!!
  13. chunkychick

    Holy Moly!

    Exciting, scary, hopeful and doubtful, and overwhelming all at once. I know the feeling and you may not know what to expect or how to feel but I know the taste of victory this will bring is far better than you can imagine or hope for. Good luck on your journey.
  14. chunkychick

    Is This "normal"

    but it seems as your weight loss is going well? Have you lost 22 pounds since you were sleeved? I've lost only about 9 and that was in the first 5 days or so and nothing since.
  15. chunkychick

    Is This "normal"

    I do track my calories on that website and I am consuming between 400-600 calories but I think I have yet to consume 500. I lost like 9 pounds within the first 5 days of being sleeved and have not really lost since.
  16. chunkychick

    Hair Loss

    I found this the other day (in preparation for what's to come) this lady claims she had no hair loss and this is what she did so I'm thinking I will try this. http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/carmelita/blog/tag/vsg+and+hair+loss/
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    Kaiser Sleevers, I Need You!

    Kaiser Fontana here. 400-600 cal up to 12 weeks and no instructions on how many carbs. Proteins have to be 60-90 a day and liquids 64 ounces a day.
  18. chunkychick

    Is This "normal"

    It must have been the 40! judging by my intake!
  19. chunkychick

    Post Op Pain Meds?

    I was told all pills would have to be crushed so if you do take it, you may want to ask your Dr if you need to crush yours.
  20. chunkychick

    Hair Loss

    Not yet but I hear it happens to most people and time is the only thing that will help. Hang in there!
  21. chunkychick

    Dominican Republic Plastic Surgery

    My cousin had a procedure done in Mexicali and she looks great, she never has really had a shape being that she carried fat around her abdomen and arms and back and had no butt and looked very straight (no hips, boyish figure) the Doctor she went to performed a liposculpture and took fat from her abdomen and back areas and sculpted her a knock out body and gave her a booty. She now has an hour glass figure, a flat tummy and a butt. I went with her for the consultation so I met the Doctor as well because I plan on getting some fat transferred into my boobs and butt once I lose a good amount of weight. Are you ready for the shocker??? the procedure cost $2,500 I say it is money well spent to have a barbie like figure.
  22. Syntrax Nectar are more like a flavored beverage, not thick or chalky!
  23. chunkychick

    New Sleever

    Thanks! sound like great ideas

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