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  1. carbgrl

    Diamond Band

    When I got the band I had been planning on getting a diamond band as my "reward". I got within 7lbs of my goal. I never got to goal and just started gaining almost to my band pre-op weigh. I revised to a sleeve on Thrus 02/09/12. I think I'm going to go ahead and get that diamond band as a reward for going through with the surgery. I think I deserve it! I was really scared. Afterall, I know I'll get to my goal with the sleeve and it'll serve as a reminder to follow the sleeve rules and that my sleeve won't fail me like the band did.
  2. Good luck and enjoy the ride!
  3. I can eat a lot. I feel I've been able to eat more than most others since the begining. I can eat a large salad. I try to keep the protein to about 4 oz but the lettuce & veggies are a cup & half. I can eat a whole can of corn as a snack. Scares me. I hope I haven't stretched my sleeze. I try not to eat that much and slow down but its always a struggle.
  4. carbgrl

    I Have Stopped Losing!

    Me too! I've recently had to increase my exercise to get the scale moving after about almost no movement in two months.
  5. After almost two months of bouncing between 161 - 163 I finally made it to 159. I'm.so close to my 145 goal I can almost taste it. My ultimate goal is 140 to give myself some wiggle room. I'm a slow loser so evey lb. has been a struggle. I had to start exercising 2 hrs a day to get the scale moving again. I know I will start bouncing between 159-161 before I lose again because that's my pattern but I happy to see 150's. Hopefully it won't be to long before I see the 140's. Then the real struggle will begin. Learning how to maintain which I never been able to do for more than 5 mins before.
  6. carbgrl

    Body Wraps?

    I've used body wraps for years. I just get a few a few times a year (they're expensive) but, I DO believe they help with the shape of my body. For example, before the first few wraps I got (that particular year, I got a package of 5), I did not have an hourglass shape to my body. After the wraps I had a more defined hourglass shape. At that time, I did at least 3 a month a part. If you continue to eat well, not overeat. Avoid alcohol.... drink water, I believe the shape or the "tightness" does stay. I just had one a couple of weeks ago. I look forward to having more in the next few months.
  7. Of course everyone is different. I'm 8 mos post op. I don't think I ever lost my hunger, desire to eat or enjoyment of food. I don't eat as much but I still enjoy all the food. I wish I had lost the hunger but I guess it doesn't happen to everyone.
  8. I've been using biotin since surgery. I added biosil about 3-4 mos postop. I think it's helped. Of course the hair all over my body has grown like crazy too. I do like my longer eye lashes. Crazy nose hair not so good. Oh well, if it helps hair my head its worth it
  9. carbgrl

    Onq Pain Pump

    The doctor said that's why I didn't feel like a train hit me. The onq pain ball made pain tolerable.
  10. I'm having the same issue. I have little to no carbs. I've been going up & down same two lbs for over a month.
  11. carbgrl

    How Much Weight

    I'll post my stats to give some perspective. Gotta represent the slow losers. Surgery 02/09/12. Total loss 46.
  12. I lost very little in month 4 &5 but my body shape has changed alot. All of a sudden XL tops were way to big. I dont measure but I most have lost alot of inches. It's amazing. Now that I'm almost 6 months out I've started losing again.
  13. Those that have had it taken out, do you have any problems or have to watch diet such as fats?
  14. carbgrl

    Thining Hair

    Yes, Dooter we did have surgery about the same time. Sometimes I think it's not that bad and sometimes I'm freaking out. I keep getting all my protein & tons of vitamins and hope its starts to grow back quickly.
  15. carbgrl

    Thining Hair

    It's from all over but more noticable in front/ top/ crown. I'm using stress as an excuse because I have been working ALOT and work is very stressful. I havent used Nixion before but have used Folicure by the same company. It made my hair look so bad style wise I couldnt stand using it. I guess I'll have to try it.
  16. Congrats!! I'll be extremely excited to see the scale start with a 14_.
  17. carbgrl

    < 25

    Thanks. I'm excited. I'm a real slow loser so, it'll probably take me until Christmas to get the rest of it off. That would still put me at goal in less than one year. Hopefully it won't take that long. I happy with every step in the right direction. The trick will be keeping it off.
  18. Wow, what big difference just 15 lbs makes. You look great!
  19. You can do it. I quit 7 years ago. I used the patch, chewed straws and lots of gum. I still chew lots of gum. I agree with having a list of things to do when you want a cigarette, exercise, brush teeth...I used to make myself wash dishes by hand when I wanted a cigarette. Can't smoke if your hands are dripping wet. I also found a website quitnet or something. It would do like a count down after each day...it had something like 1 day 5 hours since you quit smoking, your lungs are getting clearer, you've saved $ 7.00, you've added 10 days to your life span... stuff like that. It was very motivating to log on and see what changes for the better were going on in my body. It also had message boards like this one with other people who were quitting. It helped me alot. Every once in awhile I'll still get a craving like I'm missing something but, I can't stand the smell of smoke now. I'm one of those horrible ex-smokers. LOL It was the best decision of my life. Oh, and throw away all of your ash trays, lighters, and matches. I always thought if I could just prevent myself from smoking that ONE cigarette I'd be ok. It did get easier after the first 30 days. I also kept telling myself if I could just make it to 30 days smoke free I'd be home free. Good luck and let us know how you're doing.
  20. Well, I'm a revision and a slow loser. My surgery weight was 201. I have have hypothyroid but, I somethings wonder if the reason revision patients lose slower is because our metabolisms have already slowed down from "dieting" with the band. I know there are other revision patients who've done better than me. I'll be interested in seeing other responses.
  21. I lost 13 lbs the 1st month. Surgery weight was 201.
  22. I like Bariatric Advantage calcium in caramel. It's a nice treat.
  23. carbgrl

    Before And After Shorts Omg!

    You've come a long way baby! Congrats! Have a great time in those tiny shorts!

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