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  1. I am almost three weeks out and all of a sudden I am having problems keeping solids down. I can take about 3 sips of Protein shake or Water or other liquids, but any food I eat just comes back up. I have not eaten solids for several days now because I am afraid of throwing it back up again. I was eating fine at 2 weeks, eating about 3 tablespoons of food at a time. But it seems as if my stomach wants me to start all over again. Anybody else having problems like this? What are your suggestions?
  2. My first week was liquid stage 1, second week liquid stage two, so starting after the second week I could have mushy food for 3 weeks. In fact, at my 2 week checkup my doc said I could have just about anything, as long as I chewed it real good and ate very slowly. I was having LeSeur peas, canned soups like bean and split pea, not much more than that. I threw up the peas last night, but I think I ate too much. I think as long as I have fewer than 3 tablespoons I am OK. When I eat more than that it comes back up. Does that sound about the right amount of food to eat at a time?
  3. I am just about finished with my 2nd stage liquid week, mostly living off of Cup O' Soup and potato soup. I need some ideas for the beginning of the mushy stage, so that I can get some variety (and much more protein!) in my diet! Thanks, all!
  4. shellbelle

    I'm Confused

    Come to think of it, Vance, my doc said that I had a hernia, which he repaired during surgery. Maybe that is why I had so much trouble with chest discomfort when drinking during those first few days. That is what brought me back to the hospital for 3 more days - couldn't keep fluid down and became dehydrated.
  5. I am 2 weeks and 2 days out and I am still experiencing pain in the vein(s) where they put the IV. I was nauseous most of the time, so they continuously injected Phentermine into my IV to help me cope with that. And I was in the hospital for 2 days, then home for 2 days, then back in the hospital for 3 days for dehydration and nausea so I have several IV points and pain in all of them. Has anybody else experienced this? Anybody else with pain in their veins? LOL
  6. shellbelle

    Just Saw And Felt The Results Thus Far!

    Thanks for the inspiration. I feel like I am losing slowly and tend to doubt myself and wonder when will it REALLY start coming off. I weigh myself every day (which I KNOW is a big NO-NO). I just can't help myself. But I am losing about a pound a day right now, although I thought I would have lost a lot more by now. I am 2 weeks out now, and in 4 weeks I hope to see some great changes like you have! Keep up the good work and thanks again for the encouragement!
  7. shellbelle

    I'm Confused

    You're doing great with your Fluid intake. At 2 days I could hardly eat ice chips without that "gas pain". It is completely normal, and does get better with time. I am 2 weeks out now and I can take regular sips without pain. Good luck!
  8. shellbelle

    Happy To Be Here

    Welcome to the site, Bryan! I am just about 2 weeks post-op and I do not regret a thing, even though I had to go back to the hospital for 3 more nights due to dehydration. I had so many co-morbidities (sleep apnea, borderline diabetic, high cholesterol, to name a few) that I knew that if I didn't do it now I would not live a very long life. I am now looking forward to a happy, long, healthy life thanks to my sleeve. You will do fine, and one day you will wonder why you ever doubted yourself. Good luck with your surgery, we all wish you the best. Stay in touch on this board!
  9. I switched to Lipton Cup o' Soup pretty quickly, the kind with the tiny noodles in it. I didn't eat the noodles at first, but after a few days I was fine with smooshing them up with my tongue before I swallowed. It tastes a LOT better than plain chicken broth!
  10. I wish I would have had a pain pump. I was hardly given any pain medication due to a certain medication that I take, so luckily my pain wasn't bad at all and I did fine without it.
  11. I stayed two nights, then after two nights at home I went BACK to the hospital for dehydration and stayed for an ADDITIONAL 3 nights. I was not able to sip water or chew an ice chip without a tremendous amount of gas and nausea, so I got dehydrated. But they pumped me full of IV fluids during those 3 extra days and allowed my stomach to heal more and I'm doing much better now.
  12. shellbelle

    What Is The One Thing...

    My dream is to be able to wear a little sleeveless dress, or be able to buy anything from Victoria's Secret!
  13. shellbelle

    2 Week Post-op Check In

    Loser Mama - what kind of work do you do from home?
  14. I just got my pre-op instructions and I am supposed to take three showers before surgery - two the night before and another in the morning. I can understand that they want you clean, but what is up with that?
  15. shellbelle

    January 2012 Sleevers!

    I agree, but I still like Anakin Jay's explanation about Juggernauts being unstoppable. I have a feeling that by the time we come to a decision on this we will have all already been sleeved
  16. I wanted to take a poll and find out how long each of you stayed in the hospital after surgery. I am being sleeved on the 4th of January at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida by Dr. Webb, so I would especially love input from sleevers from this particular hospital. And also those of you who have sleep apnea, as I have that as well. Thanks, everybody.
  17. shellbelle

    January 2012 Sleevers!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not the Juggernauts. They are big and burly and I am going to be petite and skinny. How about January Jetsetters or January Jumpstarters?
  18. It looks like most people are staying about 2 days. Did everyone see a nutritionist while they were in the hospital?
  19. shellbelle

    Good Day. (1 Week Post Op)

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. I have been having a lot of self-worth issues and I try to encourage myself but it is nice to hear it from someone else's mouth for a change. I keep thinking that my life is on hold right now until I have the surgery and lose the weight. I won't leave the house or be seen in public and I think I am fooling myself into thinking that there will be a miraculous change once I lose the weight, like it is some magic cure-all for all of my problems. I am smart enough to know that this is not the case but it still creeps up into my mind from time to time.
  20. I am being sleeved on the 4th also and was wondering the same thing myself! Pookeyism - 9 more days! YAY!
  21. shellbelle

    Has Anyone Been Sleeved In Jacksonville, Fl?

    cujet - so you DID have a private room? How long after surgery did they put you in a private room? I guess in recovery is when you are in a big room with everyone else but I'm just curious about when they moved you to a private room. I'm a very private person and I would hate to be in pain and discomfort with the whole world watching.
  22. reallyrosy - why does that drive you batty? Are you still hungry after eating 6 ounces?
  23. shellbelle

    Support System After Vsg

    I know this is kind of off-topic, but talking about not liking those Isopure drinks made me wonder if anyone has thought of starting a board or topic on trading out drinks that you bought but do not like. I'm sure somebody else would like to try them and I hate to see everyone with containers of drink mixes that they're never going to use. It's just a thought....
  24. My surgery is scheduled for 1/4 and I am getting everything ready ahead of time. I have ordered a bunch of protien samples so I will be prepared to try them post-op to see which ones I like the best. But what I haven't gotten yet, or even really thought about was Vitamins. I don't have much money, and the ones from Bariatric Advantage are so expensive. Does anyone have any advice on some good, inexpensive vitamins that I can take post-op? Also, what about Calcium, Iron, B-vitamins, etc? Are all of those necessary? Can I find these in chewable form somewhere fairly inexpensive? Do I need to invest in Omega-3's as well? There are just so many options and I am getting more and more confused the more I research them!
  25. shellbelle

    Need Advice About Vitamins

    Please disregard that last post, not sure what happened. I was wondering where you got the Meijer calcium chews from, LGoz.

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