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  1. Your posts are always so inspiring! I'm so pleased, for you, that you are fully pursuing what you need to do to be happy with you. It's so great to have people love you for you but there is nothing like being in a mindset where YOU totally love who you are! I'm trying to be like you when I'm a grown up sleeve girl! LOL Be Well and Good Luck with November 18th.
  2. Good luck and be well! Looking forward to hearing how you're doing when you're up to sharing.
  3. mocha

    Problems getting protein in my diet...

    Sleevie, I'm just 4 wks out today too. Some things sit pretty heavy in my sleeve; I can only eat 1/2 a scrambled egg and it still doesn't feel good. So in my experimenting, I've made chili w/ground beef and dk red kidney Beans. That worked well with a little bit of 2% cheese melted over it. If beef doesn't work for you, try ground chicken or turkey. I also made this great salmon chowder (recipe is on bariatriceating.com). Nicely flavored, fish was moist and it's milk and chicken broth based. Try making it with lactaid milk or use lactaid tablets. I use Chobani low fat plain greek yogurt and stir in sugar free strawberry preserves with a little truvia for sweetener. 17g Protein per 6 oz serving. Again, use a lactaid tablet to help you tolerate lactose. Also tomato soup w/a serving of cottage cheese mixed in. I wonder if we can tolerate the Protein Bars yet? Maybe if we chew it to mush? At Walmart's, I found a mug warmer for $10. I warm my food up in the microwave and then put it on the warmer between bites. I hate cold food! LOL Hope this helps.
  4. You are awesome! Thanks for all the continuous encouragement!
  5. mocha

    Never In My Life!

    Congratulations! Thanks for posting- it sure keeps me encouraged!
  6. mocha

    Century Club!!!

    Woo Hoo! Congratulations! It's posts like yours that keep me encouraged.
  7. Congratulations! Lookin' good girl!
  8. Try Isopure ready to drink. It's got 40g protein in 20 oz. comes in different flavors and you can get them at vitamin shoppe or GNC. Hope you're doing well! Keep us posted.
  9. mocha

    Dr. Washington

    Yes, he did my surgery on October 18th. He was great!
  10. I used Isopure Dutch chocolate, Syntrax iced tea, and Isopure unflavored with all sorts of crystal lite flavored waters. That got me through 2 weeks per-op shakes. The week of Clear liquids post-surgery I used Isopure ready to drink in different flavors. You get 40g Protein per 20 oz of Fluid. You can get all of this from Vitamin Shoppe or GNC. I found Vitamin Shoppe less expensive. Good luck! You'll make it through this. Hang in there!
  11. Such sweet pictures! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
  12. Paul, I'm so sorry you're not feeling better. I'll share my post op eating/drinking plan. Maybe something in it might work for you. I did no dairy the first week. Sometimes post WLS patients become lactose intolerant. If you want to stick with dairy, try chewable lactose tablets. I did: Decaf peppermint tea, reduced sodium broth, or sugar free spiced apple cider w/about 6 oz of Fluid EVERY morning after taking a Prilosec OTC for reflux. This relaxed my sleeve and moved the gas so I wouldn't feel sick or bloated. Then for several hours, I sipped an Isopure RTD until it was finished That way I got in 20 oz of fluid with 40 g of Protein. You can get bottles of this from GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. The rest of the day i used crystal lite or any of the sugar free drink mixes, Water, broth or tea to hit my surgeon's fluid goal for the day. Hope that some of this might help and please don't hesitate to contact your doctor if nothing changes . Feel better soon...
  13. mocha

    17th - 20th Sleevers

    Hey Oct sleevers. My surgery was on Oct 18th. That night was pretty rough because of the gas pain in my back - not because of any pain in my abdomen! ) Once we figured out what combo of walking, pain med and nausea control med worked, the night went much better! It is really weird not to be hungry! That first hospital tray didn't get a good workout. LOL. Popsicle, two sips of iced tea and four sips of broth and I was done! I just moved to full liquids after traveling home to Bermuda today from Myrtle beach, SC where I had the surgery with Dr. Morris Washington. He's a great surgeon and I'd recommend him to anyone! I'm exhausted! I did manage to get in four teaspoons of creamed soup. Going to work on my fluids and get some rest. So glad the October slivers are doing well! Looking forward to the losers journey together!
  14. I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks! EGD today was a breeze! 14 day pre-op diet wasn't too unbearable. But I gotta tell ya - the Chic-Fil-A chicken biscuit was a real temptation yesterday as I drove around town buying yet more protein drinks! LOL. I stayed strong though and went back to my hotel room for yet another protein shake. Good luck October sleevers. See you on the other side!
  15. mocha

    Surgery Tomorrow!!!

    Well I'm sleeved! Two days out, gurgly stomach and all. The first night was rough but it's been fine since then. That gas pain in the back is amazingly painful! LOL. I can laugh now thank goodness! Now the hard work begins.....
  16. mocha

    Surgery Tomorrow!!!

    Thanks everyone! Good luck tomorrow his2my2our4!
  17. mocha

    Checking in post op

  18. mocha

    surgery on monday

    My surgery is on Tuesday the 18th. Pre-op diet hasn't been too bad at all. Surprisingly! Wishing both of us the best of success with surgery, recovery and the real work ahead of us!
  19. mocha

    Today is THE day

    Thinking of you and praying that all went well.
  20. Hi there! I'm day 9 on my pre-op diet. Try Isopure Low Carb Dutch chocolate or Zero Carb unflavored. They mix really well. I add some crystal light to the unflavored so I can vary the taste and not be too bored! lol
  21. mocha

    Any Self Payers Go To Mexico?

    I had scheduled surgery with Dr. Jose Castenada in Puerto Vallarta. Liked his surgery stats and his experience. But I did a little more searching and found Dr. Morris Washington at Coastal Bariatrics in Myrtle Beach. He studied at Beth Israel and has good credentials and experience. He's doing LapBand and VSG for $1k more than I would have paid for Mexico. This works for me because I live in Bermuda and I wanted a doc on the East Coast. My surgery is scheduled for Oct 18th and I just started Day One of pre-op diet. Feel free to email me with any questions along your journey.
  22. Wow Nikkeystar that's great! I'm excited for you! I hope I have great success like you!
  23. Hey everyone! Congrats on your weight loss or your prep for surgery! I start my 2 week pre-op diet tomorrow. Surgery on October 18th!
  24. Not panicking. YET!! LOL I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away though! I start pre-op diet tomorrow. Sooo not looking forward to that but I figure it's practice, right? To get us used to not chewing and wondering about the next meal? :)