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    Star Jones weight gain (80 lbs)

    I looked into this a little-- I don't think she quite gained 80 pounds. But how can ANYONE not gain SOME (5-15 pounds??) weight back after weight loss surgery? We were all significantly overweight. Thats why were are on this website. Our bodies always want to go back to being fat. Always! The first 6 months after weight loss surgery we are only able to get in MAYBE 300-800 cals in a day. After a few years we can get a LOT more in... 2000+ cals easily for some including myself. So after the first year our metabolism is totally rolling at snails pace-- death trap! So gaining a few pounds is not hard. Losing the weight was the easy part. Keeping it off is the harder part. Just like after the countless diets we all tried pre-sleeve or pre-bypass. Yes, its way easier post op but we gotta keep at it! My life saver for keeping weight off/ not gaining is lifting weights.
  2. FishingNurse

    Topamax- week one review

    I take topamax for headaches as well- not weight loss. I have maybe lost 4-5 pounds in about 6 weeks without making any changes and I think that's pretty darn good for someone more than 4 years post-op VSG!
  3. Just had my 4 year sleeve anniversary

    1. Mountaingal


      Congratulations. How did you celebrate?

    2. Stevehud


      Let me guess, you celebrated by looking great and enjoying it!

      Way to go. absolutely wonderful.

    3. FishingNurse


      I did celebrate! Not with food :-) I celebrated by shopping and with a massage and a pedicure. I think I look pretty darn great, thank you!

  4. I have been a member on this site since before I was "sleeved"... almost 4 years! I have not checked in for months! It feels good to come back and see how everyone is doing and read how excited all the newbies are! So basically 95% of the time I forget I had WLS. I have been hovering with in 10 pounds of my low weight. I go back and forth, like a normal person does. No complications except low Iron occasionally. My portions are more "normal" But my metabolism has picked back up and I am fairly active. STILL THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF :-) How about you? How are you doing 3-5 years out?
  5. FishingNurse

    How is everyone doing 3-5 years out?

    There are days I have gone beyond 3000 calories easily! I could TOTALLY go back to 262 pounds. I won't... but I totally could. I have to pay attention. I feel like the sleeve makes this sooooo much easier. I am feel lucky everyday that I had this procedure!!!
  6. FishingNurse

    I feel like a failure

    It took 2-3 months to lose 14 pounds ! It was pretty quick honestly
  7. FishingNurse

    Oh Halloween Candy I hear your siren call

    Ugh all the treats from Halloween to New Years!! You are an inspiration for all here, you can do this!!!
  8. FishingNurse

    I feel like a failure

    It's a form of the intermittent fasting like the 5:2 plan but soooo much easier to stick to, and I really only did it 3-4 days a week. It allows your body to use stored fat for energy. So basically I eat whatever I want a day in a 8 hour window. So I eat 12pm to 8pm that's it. Otherwise I drink lots of water and tea in the other 16 hours a day. Like I said I only do it 3 days a week usually. It's a little controversial but it totally has worked for me and my cravings even.
  9. FishingNurse

    calories consumer after VSG.

    Good to see you here! Sounds like you have a good plan in place, you can do this
  10. FishingNurse

    I feel like a failure

    You are not a failure. I too gained 12 Pounds back in year two, but I rallied and lost those twelve plus some and I'm at my all time low weight since 4th grade (I'm 3 years and 4 months out) you can do this, it seemed impossible for me but I did it, you can too!!!! I followed the 8 hour plan, it's surprisingly easy.
  11. FishingNurse

    Finally under 300 pounds!

    Congrats! That's so exciting
  12. FishingNurse

    Not hungry lately

    I went through that intermittently. I'd try to get nutrition in from home made protein shakes when I felt like that. I was scared I'd loose all my muscle and hair so I would just kind of make myself get the protien in!
  13. early out my weight loss stalled cause I wasn't getting enough calories in too. But it was hard! I made frozen protein drinks (pre-made and ones made with water were disgusting!) I'd mix a scoop of chocolate protien powder from gnc (20 grams of protein) a half a banana, a table spoon of peanut butter, ice cubes and 2% milk and blend. It tastes amazing, lots of energy and not super filling. It would take hours to finish but my weight loss picked up greatly!!
  14. Hello! I am 3 years+ post op VSG. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have never felt like I liked myself more. I feel in control of my weight and what I eat. I started my weight loss adventure at 262 pounds in 2011. Today I weigh 167 pounds. I had my ups and downs (I briefly gained 15 pounds during the 2nd year and lost them all plus a few, and I was anemic for a few months as well. I eat normally and I have no issues with food intolerances, loose skin, or nausea. Please feel free to ask me any questions!! I love this site, it has helped keep me motivated and focused. I will continue to check in as much as I can! I attached a before and a couple afters of course!
  15. You are absolutely right about the choices we make... Especially after a year out. After the first year I gained 10 pounds back. During year 3 I lost those 10 plus 5 more ! Keep on doing what you need to do.... You can make your goal !!
  16. it's hard, you'll find your balance.... The thought of losing my hair if I didn't get enough protein was motivation for me in my first six months!!! You'll have time for treats later, take advantage of your awesome restriction while you have it!!!
  17. Id say my modest goal (bmi is 27-28) makes a difference. I'm also fairly young. If I lost 40 more pounds I'm sure I'd run into that problem.
  18. Yes I tolerate carbonated drinkes easily, just as before. I drink 2-3 sparkling waters a day, I don't drink soda often but when I do it's totally normal I would say my sleeve can hold a lot more than it used to but I still have pretty good restriction.
  19. FishingNurse

    What a difference a year makes...

    Congrats you look gorgeous !
  20. FishingNurse

    How long off work?

    I was only off 6 days, I was working as a nurse in a clinic at the time!
  21. FishingNurse

    Shut up...size 12 jeans!

    Yay, congrats !
  22. Check out my reply to the other poster! I eat anywhere between 1500-2500 calories a day.
  23. hi! A typical day of eating for me: (this has been typical since 1 year out.... The first year was wayyyyyyy different) breakfast - an iced vanilla latte (not low fat not sugar free) and 2 sargento cheese sticks (not low fat) Snack : handful of cashews Lunch: a 2% Greek yogurt, and an whole English muffin with peanut butter Snack: 2-3 turkey or beef sticks (from a meat market) and a banana Dinner: depends.. But often 1-2 slices of pizza and a side salad with regular ranch dressing. If it's a Friday or Saturday I'll have a beer too!
  24. I follow the 8 hour eating plan (it's similar to the 5:2 plan) maybe 3-5 days a week. It worked wonders to get rid of my regain... And I have been maintaining easily now!! It's worth a try