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  1. it's hard, you'll find your balance.... The thought of losing my hair if I didn't get enough protein was motivation for me in my first six months!!! You'll have time for treats later, take advantage of your awesome restriction while you have it!!!
  2. I follow the 8 hour eating plan (it's similar to the 5:2 plan) maybe 3-5 days a week. It worked wonders to get rid of my regain... And I have been maintaining easily now!! It's worth a try
  3. The intermittent fasting seems to be the ticket for vets in a rut like myself. I gained 7-8 pounds back from my all time low over the last year. (I am 2.5 years out) Unfortunately I am not able to only consume 500 calories or less per day. I wish I had the will power to do it!!!! BUT I started a similar idea at the first of the year and I am down 3.5lbs!!! It’s called the 8 hour diet. It’s simple. You eat 8 hours of the day only, the other 16 you fast. (you drink Water or other beverages with no calories.) Basically you can eat whatever in the 8 hours with in moderation, but no need to restrict calories significantly. So far so good!!! It is surprisingly easy for me to follow. I have also been shooting for high Protein, lowerish carb, (but I am reasonable, I have still been getting my white chocolate iced espresso daily from Caribou coffee!!) and I have been at the gym which also helps. I haven’t seen the scale move DOWN in more than a year I’d say! I work 2nd shift as a nurse, so I have slightly different hours to eat then some of you might… but this is what I do: I eat Breakfast at about 11:30am, and then I can eat a snack around 2 or 3 and have dinner at 7-7:30 then I don’t eat again until 11:30am the next day. I thought it would be hard but it’s not! Also the book I read regarding the plan does say even if you follow this 4-5 days a week you will still see results. (google 8 hour diet for more info) This plan seems to give your body a chance to use stored fat for energy. I feel great! Also the plan recommends a brief 8 min “workout” just before you break the fast in the morning. (I will lift my 5 pound dumb bells and push-ups and go up and down the stairs a few times. I am very optimistic, I know I have only been following the plan for 10 days but I am excited to be on the loser’s bench again. I will keep everyone posted, I can’t wait to weigh myself tomorrow!!
  4. @@Skywalker As an RN that works with Psychologists and Dieticians everyday: I think your Psychologist has no business judging your "nutritional insight" He has a degree in Psychology not nutrition. You will be required to see the Dietician before surgery and they will educate you. Problem solved! See the Psychologist that your Surgeon's use.
  5. FishingNurse

    All sleevers 3 years out or more

    Update!! its been 2 weeks since I re-commited myself to getting back on track. I am eating more Protein and less carbs and not eating after 8pm... down 4.6 pounds!! I have not felt this good in a long time!! 5.4 more pounds to go to get me back to my lowest weight then I will tackle 10 more pounds for my ultimate goal. Yay!
  6. FishingNurse

    All sleevers 3 years out or more

    Thank you all for posting, this helps me!! I am going to get those ten pounds off, 1 at a time!! I will keep you posted. I am not going down that slippery slope. :-)
  7. I think you know WHAT to do. But you need to figure out why you're sabotaging yourself. I would consider seeing a therapist, and start coming up with ways to self soothe other than eating. I have some similar behaviors but not quite as severe. Get back on track now before regain starts. You can do this!! Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. Wow that is crazy. I would have been so weak and sick. I never counted carbs or cals really...in the losing phase only Protein. (I would guess during losing phase after I was healed I was getting 1100-1200 cals a day.) Worked for me! I would get 75 grams of protein a day or more. I think you are allowed to modifiy your surgeons guidlines... what ever works for you!
  9. FishingNurse

    Long term Vet success strategies

    I like what everyone is posting, what a great thread! I also weigh everyday.... I have to or things could get out of control quickly. I work out 3-4 days per week (lifting weights and some cardio) I chose Protein first whenever possible, but I do eat 1600-2200 cals a day!) Most importantly: I keep focused on what I want long term (not what I want at the time-- I usually want an entire box of cheezits and a chocolate bar) But I will never go back. Mindset is my biggest key in maintaining!
  10. FishingNurse

    Am I stretching my pouch?

    I think as long as you are not having any issues, don't stress. I had a lot of swelling post-op, some people don't. Don't worry too much!!
  11. FishingNurse

    Am I stretching my pouch?

    I would not be concerned at all.
  12. FishingNurse

    2 years!

    How do I follow you I am 1 week out and was feeling like I made the biggest mistake of my life I read your post and now have an entire new outlook I can do this you provided proof I can eat portions of my favorites! Thanks thanks thanks please keep posting your so encouraging! Question, have you eaten Pasta? Don't worry the first entire month sucks totally. (it is soooo worth it in the end I promise) I was misreable. Hang in there. It gets better and better. I usually forget I am sleeved all together. Yes I eat pasta about twice per week. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. !!!
  13. I am more about counting Protein.... but I track on myfitnesspal and I have been anywhere between 1100-2200 calories and eveywhere in between.
  14. FishingNurse

    I need so much help!

    You poor girl. Your story sounds horrid!!! How frustrating! I'm not sure if the 5:2 will be feasible with your hypoglycemia! 2 days a week you have modified fasting days where you consume around 500 calories a day. It may be tricky to keep your cals that low if your blood sugars get low after 3 hours. Have you tried weight lifting to increase your lean muscle mass? That's what I am working on to get to my next goal. (I'm 2.5 years out)
  15. FishingNurse

    Anyone Else Go Offtrack & Gain?

    Hello!!! I am getting back on track too. I am 2 1/2 years out. I am about 5lbs from my low weight (today) and 20lbs from my NEW goal. I was originally satisfied with just a BMI of 29.9 or less. Now I am shooting for 150's or a size 8, whichever comes first :-) (size 12 now) I was eating junk and not working out for the past year, I am lucky I only regained 7-8lbs! I am down 3.5 lbs since the first of the year.... I have been: 1.) following a modified intermittent fasting eating schedule, kind of like the 5:2 diet many vets are following... 2.) eating 80 grams of Protein per day 3.) drinking lots of Water 4.) weight lifting to increase lean muscle and rev my slightly slowed metabolism We can do this!!!! I know we can. Summer is coming, and it is so nice to feel great about ourselves, that’s my motivation.
  16. oh yeah, for most things. Its a new normal I suppose. I just don't get "discomfort" I am 26 months post op. My restriction does fluctuate. Examples of normal sized meals: 3-4 oz of steak and a few veggies 4-5 oz chicken breast and a few veggies, 1 small hotdog with small bun. 1 large slice of pizza. (or 2 small- like thin crust) or even 4 jumbo shrimp and I am stuffed. I can eat a 6inch sub, without the top of the bread. BUT I can eat an entire box of cheezits in a few hours. and trust me, I have. So I avoid sliders as much as possible, but not all the time. I have found a happy medium. I am very happy!
  17. FishingNurse

    MN Buddy Wanted. 11/8/2013 Sleeve Date

    Hey you got the tracker! I feel like it has been fairly easy to maintain. Although I set my weight loss goal fairly high. (169 at 5'4'') I have been the same weight 169-171 for 18 months + now. Most people don't think I weigh 170, (most guess 150!) I pretty much eat whatever I want, but if I go above 171 I take charge and will find myself at 168 in a week. I recently decided to make it to the 150's now that I have maintained so long. I am training for a 5k! I am pretty sure I can make it to my new goal of 159, before the new year! The first 3 months are ROUGH, but sooooo worth it. I have never maintained any weight, (not even 260lbs) for this long ever!! Ask me anything! I am happy to help.
  18. FishingNurse


    Yay!! That's awesome :-)
  19. FishingNurse

    Ate 1660 cals yesterday, am in full panic mode

    Eeek... I feel like a freak here sometimes. I eat 2000 cals everyday... And I will continue to do so until my weight goes up even a bit. Remember it takes 3500 calories not burned to gain one pound!! And most ladies burn 1500 calories a day minimum, without excersise. No need to stress!
  20. FishingNurse

    Finally 40!

    Nice job, congrats!
  21. FishingNurse

    Happy Happy Happy

  22. FishingNurse

    How much does everyone eat?

    I'm with Cheri, I'm 2+ years out. I can eat the same as I did 1 year ago. It completely depends on the food. I can eat a 1/2 a box of cheezits (yes you read that right) or 2 cups of salad. But can only eat 3/4 of a small hamburger or 1 medium slice of pizza, 4 oz of streak/ chicken/ fish. Depends on what it is. I obviously avoid those evil Cheezits! :-)
  23. FishingNurse

    2 years!

    good luck!! Best thing I have ever done for myself!
  24. FishingNurse

    2 years!

    My portions vary, but typically for a meal: 1 cup of raisin bran with 3/4 cup of milk 1 large slice of toast with Peanut Butter and a half a banana cut on top. 4oz chicken breast 1 medium slice of pizza 1 6 inch sub way minus half the bread 1 easy mac cup (eeek!) 2 eggs with 1/2 an english muffin almost an entire small fast food burger. just examples!!

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