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  1. kacee

    Hello from Houston

    You'll do fine. Just go with the program. I was VERY religious in my restrictions for the first 6 months, but then I got the hang of it and it was natural. Maybe I am unusual, but I found the weight FALLING off, and now I am 5 pounds BELOW the lowest goal I set for myself.
  2. Beware of pasta. It can expand and cause a problem. Just take it REALLY slow.
  3. kacee

    Getting hotter in here?

    Yep...sounds just like me too. I finally got sick of it all, and my moods were really out of control so I went to my GYN and now have a patch I wear around my belly button. OMG!!!!!!! Change was within 48 hours!!!! NO more hot flashes and I am pretty much a normal person now! WHEW!!!! Thank God for hormones!
  4. kacee

    New to site

    My knee pain totally went away. Had knee and foot pain initially and they both are gone now. I mean, hello....I just unloaded 8 10-lb bowling balls off my back!!!! The thought of carrying that is boggling!
  5. kacee

    Reached your personal goal???

    Reached my goal back in February or so. Sailed past it (my doctor's goal) and sailed past my temporary goal of 150 and then plummeted past my "never in my wildest dreams" goal. I fluctuate between 135-140 lb now. I wear a size 8-10 and I am no longer even considered "overweight". I look at other people who I used to envy and think....I look BETTER than THEY do (i.e., more healthy). Food doesn't rule my life ANY MORE. My mindset has changed. I don't deprive myself...I eat WHAT I want....but nowhere NEAR the amount I used to. I love my life now and my whole mental outlook on the world has changed. This is hands down the BEST decision I EVER made in my life. Worth every penny of the out of pocket and THEN some. I was a self-pay.
  6. kacee

    One year bandiversary

    We've been bombarded with so may advertisements of weight loss miracles (that will work for YOU!!!! <not>) that we've become jaded and figure everything out there is just snake oil. I had the same misgivings initially myself. The old "Well, it works for SOME of the people SOME of the time, but PROBABLY not ME." HA! For once I am so thankful I was WRONG!!! And it is what you put into it. It's a partnership. Good going!
  7. Welcome to the convoluted land of the LEARNING CURVE. Yep, it's a bugger! It only takes one of two of those little instances to give you proper negative behavioral modification (NBM)! Don't feel bad. Most all of us have gone through it in one way or another. Learn from your mistakes. NBM is a VERY effective learning tool!
  8. kacee

    Spasms in the legs

    WORTH IT WORTH IT WORTH IT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't happen overnight. It's a process. The first few months are kindof a pain in the you know what with the learning curve, but HANG IN THERE. It gets better and better and better. Don't expect miracles when you first get banded. You won't see the ultimate results until you have good restriction (sometimes 2-3-4 fills down the road). You didn't put the weight on overnight and you won't lose it overnight, but you WILL lose it (unless you fight the process) and it WILL stay off.
  9. kacee

    Spasms in the legs

    Often spasms in the legs are indicative of low potassium. I wonder if the surgery reaction on the body could change that level. You can be proactive and eat a lot more potassium filled foods (bananas are good).
  10. kacee

    Back to say howdy!

    Hey WAS! Nice ta see ya! I see a few familiar "faces" around. Has Terridoodle flown the coop or is she still hanging around? Dang girl, you've been going gangbusters!!!! What's this about the sleeve?
  11. kacee

    Band Unfill???

    I wouldn't make any bets on it (being unfilled to eat in "moderation"). Since my unfill of 1.3 cc's last week, I am having to really consciously watch myself. Those old habits come back fast (I was banded 10 months ago). My band is back to where I was in June of last year on my second fill. I did not get really good restriction until my 4th fill. I am being extremely careful and biding my time until I can be refilled in a week (See the thread about those who PB/Refluc a lot).
  12. Yes, in a minor way, but I really seemed to have developed a problem with things with vinegar in them (wine is not far from that). Eating a salad with vinegrette dressing on it now burns on the way down. This has been since banding. I just kindof shy away from it now.
  13. kacee


    I rmember when I hit Onederland. I was telling a co-worker and I started crying! It really was a big thing for me to be there for the first time in years. That was a pivotal success and I never looked back. I have enjoyed more and more sucesses since, each one giving me the incentive to go on and prove myself more. Congratulations on this incredible milestone in your life!
  14. kacee

    Ideal Weight

    Stats: 5'3" Age: 56 Starting weight: 218 (225 high) Doctor's goal for me: 160 (!!!!) My goal for me: 150 Where I am now: 152 Where I THINK I can get to: 145 I wouldn't want to be any less than that. Too much sagging going on. The younger you are the less you can weigh. Us older folks start to look pretty nasty when we get to what we weighed when in our 20's. That being said, I think a 5'7" person in the 120's is not very realistic unless you are about 24 years old or so.
  15. My cousin called me about this earlier today and said she was going to watch it. It will also be on at 11:00 (Central Time) tonight. I started watching it and this guy is preaching EXACTLY what we as lapbanders are supposed to be doing....If you are hungrey, EAT.....Eat what you WANT....Eat CONSCIOUSLY (put utensils down between bites, chew each mouthful 20 times and savor the food), and When you THINK you might be getting full, STOP. As he said, most people eat according to what they SEE. They did an experiment with people in a diner. All ordered a large breakfast the first day and finished it completely. Second day they had the same breakfast but ate it blindfolded, and ALL left food (some a LOT) on their plates. (I am sitting here listening to this and thinking this guy is DEAD on right. We have the help of our tool, but if folks can really take to heart the methods, anyone can eat less doing this.) The show just started today and will run for some weeks. I would recommend checking it out. I will be interested in seeing what the coming weeks hold. I agree with what he is saying about eating what you want. He says healthy people eat ANYTHING they want....the trick is they don't OVERDO it. They eat chocolate, they eat pizza, they eat macaroni and cheese.... I have always treated this NOT like a diet. I eat what I want and when I want, but I find I eat so LITTLE of it I don't have the repercussions I used to have from eating. Subsequently, I don't deprive myself, therefore I don't feel like I need to binge. I get the satisfaction of the foods I LOVE, but on a greatly tempered scale.
  16. You could very likely be too tight and need a slight unfill. I have reflux periodically and I know it is because I am borderline too tight. Regardless of your fill you will always have a variable restriction through the day. I went for three days barely being able to keep anything down and then I had one evening where I had no problem at all whatsoever. I think it is the nature of the beast. If you are too uncomfortable tho, I would suggest maybe a slight unfill.
  17. Typically you can get a fill about every 30 days, if needed. I actually went in after a week with my first fill because absolutely nothing happened and they filled me again. Don't get caught up in the "numbers". They mean nothing. It all has to do with the size of the band, and the size of your stomach in relation. Some people NEVER have a fill and get good restriction and some VERY few have to utilize every square inch of their band to get restriction. It really runs from A to Z. Also remember at the first when you tend to lose faster, the fills will "deplete" quicker as fat deposits slough away.
  18. kacee

    How long does a sweet spot last?

    Your sweet spot will stay with you longer the closer you are to goal (i.e., the slower you are losing). I've been working on my last 25 pounds since mid-November. I got a "top off" in early December and then starting in January I REALLY closed up tight (i.e., PB's, reflux, etc.). I treated myself with real TLC and it starting to let up now...probably because the weight is still falling off, albeit much slower. I am 5 pounds from my "final" goal (which I may just sail past anyway....I was trying initially to be really realistic in my expectations). So it's been 3+ months now since my last fill (before I was getting filled nearly once a month or so). Unless I really "open up" in the next 5 pounds or so, I can't see needing a fill for a long time.
  19. kacee

    This works, it actually works!

    Ho Ho! Those "little extras" can amount to HUGE caloric intake!!!! When I started logging everything I had a VERY rude awakening! If you write everything down (I like having it online because FitDay (and a lot of others) give you wonderful comparative charts and graphs to see your progress) you get hyper-sensitive to what goes in your mouth. I start thinking about what I am eating before I eat it. If I am going out to dinner, I want to save my calories that day and have something special when I go out. I keep it down to a dull roar during the day and then can eat whatever I want when I go out.
  20. kacee

    1 lb and no longer obese!

    Congrats! I hadn't checked my BMI in a while and when I did, imagine my surprise when it said I was "Slightly Overweight"!!!!! Woooooohoooooo!!!!!
  21. My 5th and last fill was the first part of December and I definitely believe my band has tightened since then. Starting in mid-January I was havig problems getting food down and doing a lot of PB'ing and had a siege of about a month where I had the same thing you've got....bad reflux and PB when I am asleep. It would wake me up out of a sound sleep and send me running to the bathroom or I would wake up coughing and choking. Seems to have settled a little since, but I attribute it to being over-filled.
  22. kacee

    Have you ever???

    Been there...done that. I avoided mirrors like the plague before banding and FORGET about looking at my body without clothes on....NO WAY!!!! I didn't make friends with my mirror until about 3 months after surgery. I had my clothes off one day, had lost a goodly amount of weight and was feeling pretty feisty about the whole thing and I stepped in front of the mirror and I've been hooked ever since. I couldn't believe....I stood there and DIDN'T GAG!!!! I now stand in front of the mirror and go "Not BAD old girl!!!!" Sure my tummy hangs over a little and things are fairly saggy, but they hang and sag into a size 12 now instead of a size 24 and that's plenty okay by me! I'm gonna get a little nip and tuck done in the next two years to just smooth out the edges, but honestly, I feel pretty darned good about what I see now!!!! Who'd a thunk it! You'll get there and you will love it. I have been surprised at how "fast" a process it has seemed to be. This last year has WHIZZED by!
  23. kacee


    My calves are 15 and were 15 when I started out and still are. My legs do look a lot smaller, and I must have lost some weight in them, but the tape measure hasn't changed. Not a lot you can do about big calves. It's hereditary more than anything. Most you can hope for is losing weight in your feet and ankles to give you some shape. Unfortunately I have always been cursed with fairly thick ankles too so I have to be careful with shirt/pant lengths (I can only wear SOME of the longer cropped pants and skirts need to hit about halfway down my shin in order to bypass the bulk of my calf and I will never be a good candidate for shorts or bermudas....)
  24. Yeah, I was Cigna too, and I knew I would be denied because I was borderline BMI (38) even though I had the co-morbidities. I opted to self-pay and it sure made my life easier.
  25. kacee


    Asherje, you are YOUNG and strong with your WHOLE LIFE ahead of you. If you were in your 60's with a bad heart and diabetes that would be one thing (though even then the repercussions of losing the weight after banding would probably win out over the conditions before hand). I was 55 when I had my band put in. My surgery was a BREEZE. I was up and around when I got home from the hospital the same day as surgery. I was driving in 48 hours. I was back at work in 5 days. NO PROBLEM. This is NOT critically invasive surgery. Laproscopic surgery is miles away from slicing someone open and carving out their insides, and the recuperative process is geometrically faster. Go very easy on the lifting initially, but you should be fine before long!

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