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  1. Karel, Thank you for your post. I left the boards last Feb and have been struggling since. I had my fill undone due to a lot of vomiting. Then over the next three months I slowly gained back 20 pounds. The I felt so much panic that I called the MD and I ran back for two more fills. At this point I also eat liquids and on a good day soft foods. I have been at stage one except for when I had the fill removed. I was 303 in 11/04 and went to 232 in about a years time and now I am at 242. So I am happy about the weight loss but have been stuggling for months to loose the weight I gained. I feel like I have consumed so little food and can't imagine why I am not thinner. Now I am being offered a revision which I wanted but I feel so conflicted. I will meet with the MD this week to disuss my options. I have three children (3, 8, 20) and am scheduled for the revision on Aug 21 but that is the first day of school. I was schedule a few weeks back but the doctor canceled due to the number od surguries pending and said mine was much more risky. I scared me...a lot. This was a simple safe procedure which is so complicated now, It seems like the timing is off because of the little ones. I feel frustrated and am thinkinf I am doing well given I eat so little. I so want to eat a simple salad, a piece of fruit or a small peice of chicken. I am tired of the protien drinks and vit drinks but am afraid I'll just gain the weight all back. The MD has recommended the RNY. I am so unsure with all that I am looking at. It seems like a lot of people are stuggling and it feels good to not be alone. (although I am sorry for everyone who is struggling) I was wondering if there were struggling people like me and am so glad you shared your story. I hope you feel better soon and take the time to heal. It seems like in all of this that the message is all about self-care and support. take care and again thank you.:confused:
  2. My doctor also stated that some people need to convert from a lapband to another procedure. I am in that process now. I started at 300 and at surgery was 282. I am not at 233. It has been over a year for me. SO I need to really look at this. I do walk and had amny fill to the point I was almost on a full liquid diet. I think I need to by pass so that my body does not absorb as much of the calories. He has been very supportive and is willing to work with me around this issue. It is me however that it disappointed. It is easy to blame the band owner but I have tried hard. So if it comes to having to go on this path try to not be hard on those who fail. Please.
  3. taylorrae9

    Cali Bandsters Unite!!

    Hi there - I am in Santa Rosa, CA - Northern cal. Hope you are all well.
  4. taylorrae9

    Laser Hair Removel

    Hi - I also have PCOS and had some treatments done a few years back. I am faired skinned and dark haired so I was considered perfect. It was expensive and I was charged by each zap. I had close to 200 done so it was a lot of money. I hope to return to have some more done but I am waiting until I loose some weight. I am waiting until my wieght decreases more because I think the weight loss will help with the hormone problems that have been at the route of the problem. I read that weight loss can eliminate all the symptoms of PCOS. Good luck to those who suffer with this problem...it has been a challenge for me. As for the pain...it hurts even with the numbing cream but waxing causes me to break put. I use a shaver and hope to release that some day. It is a very hard thing for me but having the lapband was a way to ridding myself of this problem.
  5. taylorrae9

    healthy foods

    Hi, I was banded on 11/30/04 and found the food to be harder than I thought. I have been eating a lot of tuna because I can buy it almost anywhere. I have been eating mainly protien now but it took a little while to get used to it. I had eaten very little meat and it was a challenge to get it in at every meal. So good luck and check in with some other people who are banded longer. I read a lot of posts and they were very helpful.
  6. taylorrae9

    NSV for me today

    Penni you look so happy. Congradulations! Melanie
  7. taylorrae9

    new banster as of 11/30

    Hello everyone I am on the mend and am having all the challenges I have read about. I have pain, gas pain, watery stools and am hungry. At moments... I have cried and wondered if I made a mistake...but soon recover. It is also hard because I was on pain meds and motrin which I was told I would be able to continue but upon discharge I was told not to. My MD was not there. The hospital went into strike and I felt pretty dumped in the end. It is so funny because they quote that they have after care unlike Mexico but I failed to get that defined. So I am in pain and the liquid pain meds are not working well for me. I took my pills but they did not work well either. SO maybe I will be forced off the meds after all. The good news is ....I got up and showered again, took a walk and spent some time watch Elf with the kids. They are off the a fairy show in the morning. My helpful friends had a lot of stuff on their own plate so we flew by the seat of our pants. The 1st day home I had to call for help because my partner thought I would be able to care for the children by myself for a few hours. I found myself crawling around to change the baby's diaper all the while thinking I chose this insanity. Well it is the weekend now. Everyone is home and we are managing. I think I recommend bringing some relative to help you when you have small children. I'll post again when I feel a bit better. :banana
  8. Hi guys, I moved my surgury date up to November 30th and would have gone on the 23th if I wasn't going on vacation to Yosmite with my family and friends for Thanksgiving. They asked me not to miss the vacation and I am trying to make it work between two major family trips. We are going to NY on December 17th-27. So I thought I should do it as soon as possible so I can enjoy my family. Then the doctor told me I wouldn't be able to lift anything over 10 pounds for four weeks and freaked I out. I will not be able to take care of my baby for 4 weeks and then I panicked. I had planned for one week or so but not that long. So some of my friends have promised to step up and help us out but I feel like it is a lot to ask for. I also thought I should hire a nanny but have been unable to find one. I wondered if I should put it off buy and wait for the baby to get older? Did you all have to wait four weeks to lift? I feel selfish charging to doctor bills and now this ==== it seems like a lot to put my family through. I feel like this is my best bet to be really there for them in the long run but yikes!!! I am really worried. :Bunny
  9. taylorrae9

    Surgery scheduled 10/03/04

    Thanks you guys for all your support and encouragement. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the decision to have the lapband but think it is the right one. I am reading about all the life style changes and all the work necessary to be sucessful and it scares me. My partner is pro by-pass but I am too scared to go that route even if it means paying cash. I have been reading every night and am grateful for this forum. It has let me know I am not alone and all my questions can be answered with a stroke of a computer key board. You all are great! I love my family and think the will be very happy in six months so it is a matter of just taking the first step. So I will keep you posted. Melanie

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