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  1. man I am sooo freaking tired its not funny. Plus Im getting the sickness my boys passed down to me.. Thanx sons!! MUST FINISH KITCHEN.. UGGGGG

  2. Starting right now I have the Best Father in Law ever..:-) He took my remaining cabinets door to paint at his house for me.. all that left is a deep clean, paint the kitchen wall, and paint the main part of the cabinets.. o and re caulk around the sink, baseboards, and back splash....phew

  3. So I got picked to be in a Focus group for Whataburger on Monday. I hope they dont expect me to eat a whole burger cause thats not happening..lol also I hope they PAY!

  4. So I know nothing about professional football teams. But when i first saw the super Bowl match up... I had an overwelming feeling the Patriots were going to win. hmm we shall see.

  5. OK calling all people who like to paint!!!! I am going to need some help! I want to try and get this finished before Randy gets back thursday. Let me know if you can help paint.. I have 4 chairs that need a second coat of white.. then they need distressed with sandpaper. Then a dinning room painted and then the kitchen cabinets and walls..lol

  6. I am going to completely transform my kitchen from DRAB to FAB in under $200..... So excited...

  7. What the heck. the NEW big boy in the house decides its time to get up , you GET UP.. BUT how come IM awake and he waddled his toddler butt into daddys armpit in bed and fell back to sleep.. That was my spot you lil turd...lol :-)

  8. also still have a ton of clothes ALL BOYS and plus size womans.... i really dont want to go through it all and take pictures.. so I need it out of the house.....$40 and you can take the whole LOT.. Probably 4 big bins worth. Send to mexico, take what you like, resale, exchange at once upon a time... I DONT care I just want it all gone...

  9. my lil JR is sickie poo... why does his sickness always attack his lungs. The poor kid sounds like he his breathing through a straw with a small amount of fluid at the bottom... booooo Luckily we have his breathing treatments and daddy has been doing thim 3+ times a day..

  10. Going to golds to be weighed measured and my pic taken.. Woohoo:/

  11. Anyone have an older iPhone they can sell cheaply.I dropped mine and cracked it horribly?

  12. Michael Weston is the hottest burned spy ever!!!! Love that man!!!! Randy is ok with that.:-)

  13. OFF TO THE GYM WITH HOT MAMMA Noelle Encina :-)

  14. So Jr is getting a big boy bed tonight!! Thanx to Kristan Alvarez. Its a fire truck bed. Lets hope the first night is a success!!..:-)

  15. Have to make a very tough decision regarding my "career" with in the next 2 weeks. Frustrating for sure......

  16. Practice was cancelled today... BOOO now we are bored. Anyone have something to do?

  17. heading out to Acosta sports and Franks and Baseball express.. I am determined to find some tball pants small enough!!

  18. Bought my baby Ty a new bat!! He needed a lighter one for his skinny little arms.. Lol

  19. Back to work I go!!!! BOO

  20. Still have $5 Plate sale tickets left. Its for the 14th and it will be 2 Crispy Tacos, Rice, beans, and all the fixings. Places to eat and relax and drinks available. Let me know!!

  21. Miguel and Randy are cuddled up on the couch playing Nascar on the PS3. At least its not Call of duty.....

  22. I love how when Randy Villarreal gets up to clean he blasts music... but instead of obnoxious Rap or annoying loud ROCK he throws on some Michael Buble!! :-)

  23. We have our first fundraiser January 14th from 11-2pm. $5 a plate for 2 crispy tacos with all the fixings, rice, and beans. Soda will be available to purchase as well as places to sit and eat!!! Let's sell as many as we can as this will pay for our uniforms and other items needed. Would anyone like a TICKET!!!

  24. Going to play some tennis tomorrow with Laura De Luna Villarreal and Randy Villarreal. Should be fun!

  25. Had a GREAT New Years. It was just Randy Villarreal, Myself, and my Mother in law and Father in law, and Ty and Jr..... we woke up ty and JR right before and went outside and we all sat in the back of grandpas truck watching the amazing fireworks all around us!!!! The babies loved it!!!!

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