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  1. Had a great evening. After the game we hopped in the car and Randy Villarreal drove us around town for a couple hours looking at houses and finding great hidden neighborhoods.... discussing our future and where we want to be and how we are going to get there as a team.... Im pretty Blessed to have such an amazing man in my life.

  2. Game Day for the LOBOS!!

  3. SOoo.. no relaxing for me. I have football practice for Miguel at 10am plus 2 semi sick babies to take care of. Randy works and then has to coach Christians football game then more then likely working some more. Not to mention he has to work out of town for 3 days starting Monday. SOO me and myself as usual...

  4. Season 6 of weeds was finally released on Netflix... Woohoo!!

  5. My poor Jr is sick. Came out of nowhere last night. So finished cleaning the house now I'm relaxing and cuddling my baby trying to pull the sickness right out of him!!!

  6. OK people. I need someone who would be willing to take 2 really great cats. Seriously they are great. 1 is feisty yet loyal, the other is a big teddy bear of a cat. BOTH LOVE TO KILL rodents and birds......great for someone with property. OUTDOOR cats although we do let them inside often and treat with flea medicine often...PLEASE!!

  7. EWW!! FLY away birds, Fly far away from here!! My evil cat has officially taught my nice cat how to hunt for pigeons too. YOu are not safe on this street.......GAG.....

  8. I picked up Miguel from school early today so he would have to go to Challenge. They dont dont treat him very well and it bothers me. Yesterday I picked him up and found him sitting in a corner by himself. He said a girl walked by and hit him hard in the arm and when he turned around and told her not to hit him again please.... she turned to the teacher and said " teacher Miguel punched me for no reason" Miguel tried to explain what happened and she just yelled at Miguel and sent him to the c...

  9. So in 3 hours I am getting weighed and measure for my FINAL time at the Golds Gym 12 Week Challenge. I know I have lost 32 pounds atleast since then but not sure about inches lost.. we will see!!!

  10. I got Miguels Report Card. All A's again. Overall Core Average of 95%. Very proud of my son although I wish he would show off his smarts at home too...lol He says his favorite subjectis MATH because fractions are fun!! so much for me helping with his homework he probably know more then I do already..lol

  11. Can one of my Washington friends or family send me some smoked salmon and almond roca.... Please!!!!!!!!!

  12. I'm nice and caring so naturally people like to take advantage of me and it doesn't go unnoticed. I don't wish bad Karma on them, instead I simply hope they don't have to feel the crummy feelings I do in the pit of my stomach when I cant seem to please people and get walked all over. But I wont change cause the reverse of it all is MORE times then not I go home feeling good about myself and that I truly did my best to make people happy! Its a good feeling to help!

  13. going to brackenridge to play...from 10-12ish if anyone wants to join

  14. Spent Easter with our friends Erica and David and family. Thanx for having us over!! It's nice to be around good friends

  15. Good Morning Happy Easter! Was I supposed to do Easter baskets lastnight?! oo well.. maybe next year..lol

  16. If I were to tell you all I was BURNT that would be an understatement!!! I would be surprised if i didnt damaged myself... grrr and I put on sunscreen...:-( I just now got home from Football!! my boys did Awesome and Miguel really kicked it up a notch.. Go LOBOS

  17. Football time for the kids!! Miguel plays at 7:40 tonight at the Palo Alto Soccer Fields. Lets go LOBOS!

  18. Im not going to lie! I really need a break.....my tolerance level is at maximum capacity... every second of every day I am needing to please or impress somebody.. im on my toes at all times.. family, kids, football, friends, myself.... at this point i wish i could just drop the kids ff somewhere and be alone.... so I can lay on my bed butt ass naked with popcorn and reruns of 90210 and extra cold AC...lol

  19. SO has anyone had their child use GAS for a filling at the dentist? Miguel has 2 very small cavities that the dentists thinks he may not even need to be numbed at all. She suggested some gas to relax him... is the gas effective? and anyone have a bad reaction?

  20. SO IPHONE AUTO CORRECT failure of the day......When talking about my "parents" ( my football parents for the team). My phone autocorrected "parents" to " proletariat" which mean citizens of low class.......... OMG I so didnt mean for that to type and ..lol how the hell did it change to that..lol

  21. Dentist Appts for my Miguel and TY this morning! ( Miguel is sooo excited..lol shoot I hope he keeps this up cause I HATE the dentist). Then a CARDIOLOGIST appt for my JR. Lets pray his heart is growing strong and his extra pathway has closed by the grace of god... Hey one could hope, RIGHT?!

  22. If any Friends and or Family is still Facebook friends with Randys ex wife... Please delete me from you friends list or tell me and Ill delete myself. Thank You.

  23. Having a fairly good day. Took Randy to work so now I have the car. If anyone wants to go to a park with the kiddos let me know. In the meantime Im going to get some groceries and finish cleaning the house. Only 2 rooms left

  24. Alright looks like another football practice will be missed. :-( at this point I'll take any second vehicle if it has 4 wheels....

  25. is it bad that JR got his first spanking ( I spank him harder when we are just playing..lol) and sent to his room, but when he waddled off to his bed and turned to look at me with desperation then ran faster and buried his head in his pillow..... I couldn't help but laugh.. :-) it was just so cute..lol

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