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  1. So Jr is getting a big boy bed tonight!! Thanx to Kristan Alvarez. Its a fire truck bed. Lets hope the first night is a success!!..:-)

  2. Played softball last night for the first time in over a year. I was nervous but I still hit a Triple. The only problem I DIDNT WANT TO RUN THAT FAR..lol :-)

  3. Just a saturday alone with the 2 babies. HMM what to do what to do.. Anyone want to share their plans with me?

  4. and I am OFF...... Love you ALL!!!!

  5. ALL our boys played like the STARS they ARE!!! I will definitely need to recover as I look like a damn lobster!! Had fun and had just a sample of what to expect this season.. OYE :-)

  6. 2 steps forward 3 steps back.. thats how I feel about house work... UGH!

  7. I freaking LOVE you! Randy Villarreal

  8. i am officially 10 pounds away from where I was when Randy met me 4 years ago!

  9. Barney-Be my Valentines for the babies, and I Hate Valentines Day for ME on Netflix ( Cute movie). Good afternoon so far.

  10. So Miguels school asked for donations ( a schoolwide letter) of Napkins and BOWELS for the school field day... I was thinking of sending some napkins and a bag of poop but then they may have meant bowls... HMM not sure, what would you do....:-)

  11. alright wont be able to make football practice tonight. Older kids are sick and Randy hasnt slept in 24 hours straight.. needless to say he needs to rest.. Sorry Alamo City Lobos

  12. SOoo.. no relaxing for me. I have football practice for Miguel at 10am plus 2 semi sick babies to take care of. Randy works and then has to coach Christians football game then more then likely working some more. Not to mention he has to work out of town for 3 days starting Monday. SOO me and myself as usual...

  13. ok looks like will be missing Football practice due to Randy not making it home in time and our other car broke down. Not a lucky day for sure.. grrr IT would have been Miguels first day in full pads for this team. Christopher LaQue can you let the rookies know about MIGUEL and the fact that Randy Villarreal wont be there to coach the seniors.. THANK YOU! To top it off my phone is still not working properly and I dont have the phone numbers on this other one.

  14. Did you know it's illegal in most countries for an MD to treat a cancer patient with " nutritional therapy"... Makes you think.. Hmm... Please watch Food Matters, it's on Netflix.. Its alittle slow but very eyeopening.. Watch till the end

  15. If I were to tell you all I was BURNT that would be an understatement!!! I would be surprised if i didnt damaged myself... grrr and I put on sunscreen...:-( I just now got home from Football!! my boys did Awesome and Miguel really kicked it up a notch.. Go LOBOS

  16. Miguel is with his daddy and I miss him !!:-( Cant wait for him to come home tomorrow right before football practice!! LOVE YOU MIGUEL!!!!! Erik Salazar

  17. LOve the Disney Movie Club! I just Got my babies 7 BRAND new DIsney Movies for $21. And I only have to buy 3 more at the regular price in the next 2 years. EASY PEASY. Thinking I should have Randy sign up too and get another 7 movies:-)

  18. Really Really Frustrated about my Camera Situation right now!!! I officially need a BRAND NEW CAMERA!! But its OK cause Friday I am getting a Nikon D300 and a 50mm f1.4 lens!!! ( and another speedlight) A local professional photographer is selling me his back up camera real cheap!! Finally a camera that puts me back in the game!!

  19. Anyone remember getting the Delia's Catalog in the mail as a teen and loving everything in it?!

  20. Busy weekend. Lots of family time with the boys, GYM, Photographing a sweet 16 saturday night, Senior Photo shoot sunday evening. Editing, cleaning, organizing......

  21. Not sure if the photographer is supposed to be taking jello shots with the birthday girl.. Lol that what happens when friends hire friends.. Lol

  22. We have our first fundraiser January 14th from 11-2pm. $5 a plate for 2 crispy tacos with all the fixings, rice, and beans. Soda will be available to purchase as well as places to sit and eat!!! Let's sell as many as we can as this will pay for our uniforms and other items needed. Would anyone like a TICKET!!!

  23. Alright- My first Team Basketball pictures are today. I put together some packages, got new bulbs for my lights and charging the battery. I really wish I had a new lens, the NIKON 35mm f/1.8 Af-S DX, but no bueno . my 50 mm will have to do!!!

  24. Went to bingo with my mother and father inlaw yesterday. Tina won 600 dollars , Ray won 175, I won 0. Lol going again tonight it's my turn to win.

  25. Just when we have great news something comes our way...lol OYE VEY!!!!!...our Van Died, please say a prayer for the old beast as it has done us good!! RIP you old Red piece of junk!! :-)

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