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  1. I just hit 5 months. YOU just gotta do it. I remember feeling depressed sometimes thinking im never going to eat normal foods again... BUt after 2 months I was eating NORMAL food. My DR had a different plan then others though. At about 6-8 weeks he didn't really limit me at all. He just said if it doesn't feel good to eat it then don't...lol HE said I will know my own body. I LOVED that cause looking at the stupid lists made me sad and now I had the ability to eat what I want ( which isn't good if you don't have self control eating bad things).... BUT it gets better you just have to deal with it and realize that this too shall pass.. :-)
  2. Honestly im 4 months in and I had to MOURN the loss of my food addiction. It was hard. I enjoy sitting and eating large amounts with my friends and family. Now food means something different, It was frustrating at first but you get over it. My new addicition is dresses and shoes..lol
  3. megannadine

    I Bought The Padded Butt Panties..lol

    they look great with my jean shorts..lol I finally look normal from behind..lol Thanx guys!
  4. EGGS !!! sunnyside up with some ranchero sauce. and a couple bites of beans..mmm
  5. megannadine

    Absolutely The Worst Experience

    I had horrible nasuea from the anesthetic and morphine... I made them take me off morphine right away...went on loritab. I too felt the same way coming out cause I was sooo sick.. but my magic day was day 7-10 after those days I literately felt like I never had surgery and my tummy didnt hurt ( couldnt eat but you get my point). I gained almost 7 pounds at the hospital but you know what?!....... I am 1.5 months out and down 43 pounds.. dont fret you have your whole life to enjoy the new you..
  6. megannadine

    How Much Did You Lose In Month 1

    its been 1.5 months for me and i am down 42 pounds. I have been in a 2-3 week stall though and ill lose 1-2 pounds then right back in it for awhile.. im ready to start losing again though
  7. megannadine

    Muscular Pain In Side Post Surgery

    In regards to the muscle pain... I am having them too. My DR said as you lose weight your body with start to transform a bit and you will be using muscles you dont normall use as your body shifts. ..I keep stretching often and try to work those muscle a little more to strengthen them.... Hope that helps
  8. I was told to remove them once the edges start to curl up... about day 7
  9. megannadine

    Food Porn ( Graphic)

    My food porn for the day.... I DARE YOU to read this blog http://blogchef.net/ All the way back 2 years ago and every post looks delish!!!!
  10. Its been one scale I have used so far.. and I have my husband and 8 yr old son step on it daily with me to make sure its calibrated..
  11. megannadine

    Who Is Getting Sleeved Dec 7th?

    lOVE THE IDEA.. I just got 3 calls today from my surgeons office and they keep moving up the surgery time.. Originally it was at 11am and the last call was for 6:30 now!!! AHHH.. i'll send me phone number to anyonw who wants it and we can text eachother to remember to WALK and SIP if we can!! :-) also dont forget to add me on facebook if you have one cause Im on there more!
  12. Well my Dr has my pre op- diet consisting of liquids during the day and at dinner I can have up to 3 oz of lean meat and salad with very very little dressing if any at all. this has been going on for 2 weeks. Tomorrow is my surgery date so i ate the meat this morning and will do liquids the rest of the day........ Dont beat yourself up over it. :-)
  13. megannadine

    December sleevers!

    Im taking a pic today.. My appoinment went well and they actually gave me a DATE!! Nov 28th! I started the diet today and NOT loving it at all. I have to drink the protien drinks then for dinner I can have small peice of protien and lots of veggies ( nonstarchy kind). So far I have failed once and its been only 5 hrs. Its lunch time and instead of just the shake I have a grilled piece of chicken ( less then 3 oz) with lemon pepper seasoning... I ate it slowly and chewed alot.. I guess its not cheating it for dinner all I have is protien shake and maybe some veggies. I just need to work at it but I was soooo shaky and needed something and it felt good..:-) OYE this is going to be a long 2 weeks!

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