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    I had my surgery at the INT hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. My surgeon was Dr. Jose Rodriguez. He was very good, very caring, and seemed to know exactly what he was doing. I had done a lot of research before setting up my surgery in Mexico, I wanted to be sure that I would get good care. Many of the employees there spoke at least basic English, and there was a translator on staff who checked in with me at least twice a day. I did have some concerns though.

    1.) They didn't put a name band on me, and no positive identification was ever done prior to giving me medications. (I am a nurse and this REALLY stuck out. EVERY hospital here in the US puts a name and on their patients on admission!)

    2.) No one even asked me if I had any allergies. Luckily I am only allergic to adhesive tape. But if I had an allergy to some kind of medication, I could have easily been given that med and no one would have realised what was wrong.

    3.) When my pre-op lab work was drawn, the tech didn't speak english, and did not label my tubes of blood prior to leaving the room. Where I work we draw all our patient's blood work, and the rule is you label the tube with patient's name and birthday, your name, date drawn and time drawn before you leave the patient's room to make sure the tubes are NEVER mixed up with someone else's blood. (Think what a disaster it would be if someone needed blood post op, and the tubes were mixed up and the lab cross matched the blood they were going to administer with someone else's blood, could be a Fatal mistake!)

    4.) I started on ice chips the day after surgery, and tea and apple juice later that same day. The next day they didn't serve me anything. I went out to the nurses station to ask why, and if I could get something. Was told by the nursing staff that I wasn't allowed to eat anything. When I stated I had ice chips, juice and tea the day before the nurse said "WHO gave it to you?" I don't know if it was language problem or what, but the surgeon had JUST told me I could have all the liquids I wanted. Minor frustration.

    5.) Very minor, but wireless internet was supposed to be available, and it was very erratic, some times working, some times not.

    6.) Was supposed to get a copy of the operative report prior to discharge from the hospital, but still have not received it. Coordinator told me she would email to me, but still haven't received it. Maybe will come later today or tomorrow. Again, very minor.

    7.) All in all, most of the experience was good. But I have major concerns about numbers 1,2 and 3. Would think twice before I went back there. Luckily I am a nurse, and could watch out for myself, as I knew what was what (and I told my husband not to let them give me any blood or blood products!)

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    I can identify with so much that you have to say. I too love to cook and bake, and of course EAT! I have spent the last few weeks wondering if I did something foolish, but every morning when I step on the scale, I absolutely am THRILLED to see how much I have lost. I have tried every diet, weight loss plan, etc in the world to loose weight, NONE with permanent results! I know this will be permanent and am absolutely THRILLED!!! I am down 44 pounds (20 pre-op and 24 post op) and I love the fact that I will soon enter "one"-derland!

    As far as the cooking/baking thing, I am still cooking and baking, just not eating very much of what I fix. I feed my family, my roommate, my co-workers, etc. Also wanted to mention to you to check out www.theworldaccordingtoeggface . She had weight loss surgery 5 years ago last month, and loves to cook and bake. She has TONS of healthy recipes on her blog that make it interesting and fun to cook and bake again! She has been an endless source of encouragement to me.

    I was having "buyers remorse" even before the surgery, wondering if I could stand this absolutely life changing thing I was going to do. About 4 days before the surgery it hit me, I would NEVER be able to eat as much as I wanted again. I would never be able to pig out on sweets or breads or whatever. I started writing to an old friend who had WLS about 3 years ago, asking her if she would do it again, and her answer encouraged me! She said it was the most positive thing she had ever done in her life. She said she now knows that she will live longer, be able to enjoy life with her husband, children and grandchildren for many more years, instead of the 5-6 years her personal physician had given her if she didn't do something about her weight and her many co-morbidities (medical conditions that could kill her)! Her diabetes is gone, her high cholesterol is gone, her sleep apnea is gone, her arthritis is better, her chronic fatigue syndrome is almost non-existant, she is active and loving her life. Even though she has gained back about 20-30 pounds of her 130 pound weight loss, she says she has never felt so good in her life. Every time I have some problems (I am only 3 weeks post op today) I think of her and remember that I want what she has!

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