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  1. I got on the scale this morning, and it was exactly the same as yesterday. And even though I have read tons of posts about plateaus and stalls, I was so disappointed when it happened to me this morning. And it has only been two days, so I am trying to give myself a little pep talk, and remember that the weight WILL come off. It is a matter of doing what I have been doing for the last month. (By the way, tomorrow is my 4 week surgiversary!) Since my "little problem" on Wednesday morning (where I overate and was miserable and vomited) I have been trying to REALLY watch what I eat, and REALLY take it SLOW. So to get on the scale this morning and see NO change was a disappointment. But like I said, I know the weight will come off, I just have to keep on keeping on! (Easier said than done!) I am trying mightly to resist the impulse to step on the scale every time I walk by the bathroom! It is such a temptation. But I know that only sets me up to be depressed when the number doesn't change. Some days I really wish time would fly by, and I could be at my goal weight. But then I am trying to learn to enjoy not only the goal, but the journey. And I know there is so much I need to learn about making healthy choices. I need the journey to give me time to learn everything I need to learn. It is back to work tonight. I work the next three nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from 7:00 PM till 7:30 AM), so have to take a nap this afternoon, so I will feel like working tonight. That's the other thing, the fatigue is still with me. I do think it is getting better, but still there. I keep telling myself with four weeks post op coming up, I will start to have more energy any day now! I hope I am right. I am working hard to get my water and protein in today. I had a protein shake for breakfast (well actually I am still sipping on it. I can't do more than 2-3 ounces at a time.) And am alternating the drinks of protein shake with drinks of water. Hope you all have GREAT weekends! Get out there and be active. I did my 36 laps in the pool this morning, and then treated myself to just layng in the sun for 20 minutes and relaxing. It felt great. Have a great one friends. Later.......
  2. KathyD49

    Trying to do Better!

    Well, after yesterday's HORRIBLE experience with overeating, I am trying to do better today. In fact this morning I was almost afraid to eat! But I made my sign and posted it on the refrigerator that says "STOP! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO EAT!" Hopefully it will help me to remember that I can't just stuff food into my mouth without thinking about quantity, quality, etc. It was noon today before I got up the nerve to eat something. I poached an egg and put it on a half slice of toast. I ate it REAL slow, and was careful not to drink for 15 minutes before I ate, and 45 minutes after I ate. (Those were my surgeon's suggestions/rules for drinking liquids.) And am happy to report that I ate till I was full (when you eat really slowly you can pick up the "full" signal more easily). I discarded the last three or four bites, since I had received the "full" signal. I am going to ignore the guilty feeling I got when I washed the last few bites down the garbage disposal. (a remnant of my upbringing! You know the old "starving children in Africa" thing. That is partly how I got this way to begin with!) So now I am (I hope) a REFORMED overeater! I am also looking for some (small) plates to use when I eat. One of the reasons I overate yesterday, is that I made the slice of toast and took it to bed with me, no plate, napkin, etc. Then didn't want to leave a few bites sitting on the bedside table cause my cat would get in it and make a mess, so I forced the last few bites down (too lazy to get up and throw in the garbage!). I am NOT going to eat in bed anymore either! I am going to sit down at the table or the breakfast bar and use a plate, and act civilized when I eat. This is all part of my "new improved" eating program! Wish me luck!!!
  3. KathyD49

    What is to come?

    Dear PhatGurl80, First of all, let me dispel your theory that you are "taking the easy way out"! It is DIFFERENT than the traditional Diet and Exercise, but they still play a major part in your weight loss! And I have to say, I am one month out, and I would NOT qualify this as "The Easy Way Out"! I am learning a whole new way of life, and it demands committment, drive, energy, determination. I don't want to scare you by saying that this is not the easy way, but it truly isn't. It is just a different direction, one that is "more sure" than diet and exercise with no other intervention. I find that every day, I have to THINK about what I am going to eat. Earlier this week, I had an episode where (through my own laziness) I overate, and was miserable for hours! Not the easy way out at all. I knew better, but did it anyway, and paid for it for several hours. I am learning that there are choices to be made, and consequences for Bad Choices. When I was on the diet and exercise roller coaster, I made bad choices all the time, and the price I paid was not loosing, or re-gaining some of my weight. Now the consequences are more serious, (nausea, vomiting, painful stomach, etc) so I have to be even more determined to make the correct choice. Also I found when I was trying to loose weight by diet and exercise that I gave up when I got bored with the diet, the plan, the whatever. After having a VSG there is no "giving up" cause you're bored! This is a permanent lifestyle change! It doesn't matter if you get bored, you are still going to live with the change for the rest of your life. I hope I am not scaring you or discouraging you. I wouldn't change what I did for anything! (I too went to Mexico for my surgery. I cashed in part of my retirement IRA to pay for the surgery. I wanted it THAT badly!) I have lost 48 pounds total so far (20 on the pre-op diet and 28 since the surgery.) I seem to have hit a stall or plateau right now, but I continue to try and make smart choices about what I eat, and continue with my exercise program. (I swim laps in the pool daily.) I still have issues, like tryiing to get all my water and protein in every day. I am a poor pill taker and it is a struggle to get my vitamins down every day, and I am working on that, because I don't want to have problems down the road that might be caused by to little of one vitamins or another. I was already osteopenic (pre-osteoporosis), so I REALLY need to keep working on my calcium and Vitamin D intake. Also there are many other things that can be caused by deficiencies in your diet, like anemia, hair loss, etc. So it is a daily challenge to get my vitamins and mineral supplements taken. BUT I still have to say, I wouldn't change what I did for ANYTHING! I am SO loving myself at 48 pounds less! And I know the loss will continue, so I am trying REALLY hard not to get bored, not to loose my determination, to stay focused and to do a good job of this! I wish you well on your journey. It is a challenge, but always rewarding. I look forward to reading your posts as you blog about your experience! Best wishes!!! KathyD49
  4. KathyD49

    post op pain meds

    My surgeon NEVER gave me any narcotic pain medication! He told me in advance that he didn't use narcotics. Only thing he gave was Toradol, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. (Sort of like Motrin on steroids.) I was mildly uncomfortable, and did wish I had a little bit more powerful pain medication the first two nights. But after that was fairly comfortable and declined even the Toradol.
  5. Was glad to see your post about how some things make you nauseated. (I mean, I'm sorry that you get nauseated, but thanks for sharing!) Some smells REALLY bother me, like scented candles! Weird, Huh? My hubbie keeps lighting a scented candle in the kitchen, and I finally told him I CAN"T STAND THE SMELL OF THAT CANDLE, IT MAKES ME NAUSEATED! He was so sorry, and I felt bad for yelling at him, but right now I need to eat and can't afford to be naueated by certain smells if I can avoid them! If I didn't know better, I would think I was pregnant. With all my pregnancies I had smells that really bothered me (dryer sheets! candles, greasy food, etc.) But at 62 I don't think pregnancy is a concern! HaHa! I do hope that you get over this phase soon! I keep telling myself that Time Heals Everything. (I just hope it is true!) But seriously, will keep you in my prayers! KathyD49
  6. KathyD49

    Vitamins 101

    Well, I can't help you with the Iron or the Calcium, but as far as gummy vitamins for adults, those I have. I can't remember if I got them at Target or WalMart, but am pretty sure it was one of the two. They are made by Vitafusion and are called MultiVites. They say that they have 200% of Vitamin D and that they are gummy vitamins for adults. According to the nutrition information a daily serving is 2 gummies a day. Since my doctor told me to take a multivitamin in the morning and in the evening, I take two each morning and two each evening. Hope that helps some! As far as chewable Iron, try googling it. I know I have seen chewable Iron on some of the web sites I have been onlooking at different protein supplements, and such. Don't know about Calcium, I think Caltrate is chewable. Hope this helps. KathyD49
  7. KathyD49

    I got approved

    Hey LR6909, Big Congratulations!!! That is FABULOUS news! Will be thinking about you. Let us know when you get a date so OI can put you on my prayer list for the day of surgery and immediately after! Second week of August is just around the corner. Best wishes! KathyD49
  8. KathyD49

    Bad Choices, AGAIN!!!

    Just when I finally think I have a handle on things (Like I thought the other day with the revelation about being active and living longer) I seem to screw it up by making some kind of a bad choice. This morning on my way home from work, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some bread (we were out), some almond butter and some bottled water. Well when I got home, I thought "you know, toast with almond butter sounds good for breakfast!" So I popped a slice in the toaster, and pretty soon I was buttering it up with almond butter. And then off to bed I trotted. The last two or three bites of the toast slice were hard to get down. BUT, I presevered, and ate the whole slice! (The old thing about children starving in Africa you know!) And I am sitting here asking myself "why, oh WHY did I force those last couple of bites down?" And to add insult to injury, I swallowed a gulp of orange juice after I ate the toast! For the last hour and a half, I have been in misery! I keep belching up little bits of orange juice. (Sorry! I know, T.M.I.!)It is so bad, I can't lay down at all. Every time I do, I feel like I am going to vomit! "WHY, oh WHY did I eat those last three bites?" You would think I would learn! Thankfully, I don't have to work tonight, so I might be tired from working all night and not sleeping today, but at least I won't have to drag my sleep deprived body back to work tonight! I am going to make a BIG sign and hang on the refrigerator. It is going to say "STOP! Think before you eat!" I have got to learn that I can't eat like I used to eat! For many years, eating at work was an activity similar to the Olympics! Since you never knew when you were going to have your lunch interrupted by some mom delivering her baby, you sat and ate as much as you could, as fast as you could, or risked not being able to eat your lunch at all. That attitude has crept into my home life meals as well. When I would sit down to eat, no conversation, no pleasant enjoyment of the company your were eating with, just sit and shove the food in as fast as possible. I am thinking I need a sign on the dining room table also, "STOP and ENJOY!" Enjoy not just the food, but the company, the smells of dinner, the visual aspect of eating good food, the whole process of eating a small, but healthy meal. So many things to figure out! So many changes that need to become habit! Later...........
  9. KathyD49

    Bra Question

    I packed several of my regular bras, and wore them from the time I woke up in my room till I went home. My incisions were high enough that the top one was right below where the band of my bra hit, but I am almost never comfortable without wearing a bra, so I put it on as soon as I was able, and wore it all the time in the hospital and since I have come home. Even when I did the swallow thing after surgery, to make sure there weren't any leaks, I wore my bra. On the x-ray for leaks, you can see two big "U"s that are my underwires! I think it is exactly what you are comfortable with!
  10. I live in the Central California Valley, and want/need a buddy desperately! I am 2 1/2 weeks post op, and am struggeling with getting my Water in, getting enough Protein in, and trying to get active. I am a nurse and work night shift, from 7:00 PM to 7:30 AM. but only work 3 shifts per week. Would love to correspond, talk, IM whatever. Thanks! KathyD49
  11. KathyD49

    Active for Life

    I just read somewhere that people who live long lives all have one thing in common, they are active. It got me to thinking, I have been (reluctantly) swimming laps with my roommate every day since I got back to California from having my surgery. I dread it every morning, cause she really spurs me on and encourages me to add a couple of laps to my total every day. I was almost to the point where I resented it! But after reading this I got to thinking, Question: 'why did I have the surgery?' Answer: 'I want to live longer, I want to hurt less.' Another question: 'what do I expect from the surgery?' Answer: ' to lose weight, to keep it off.' Another question: 'How can I expect my body to do it all, without any help from me?' Answer: 'I CAN'T! I have to help my body make this change!' Wow! Big revelation, I have to do more than just sit there and observe. I have to be a PARTICIPANT!!! I can't just sit around and watch (and hope that) my body changes for the better. I have to take an active role in this whole thing, by making good food choices, getting in all my protein and water, being active, and pushing a little, so that my body knows that I expect it to do a little bit more all the time. Sure there will be times when I can't get my exercise in, or can't make the best choices I should as far as nutrition. But the majority of the time, I am in Charge! I am the one calling the shots, and I have to step up to the plate and do the right thing. I thought of all this while I was sort of floating around in the pool this morning (killing time), wishing I had my 30 laps in. As this whole thing started to unravel in my head, I started swimming for all I was worth, trying to get those 30 laps in! Because one thing I know, I want to live a long time. (I'm only 62!) I want to see my grandchildren grow up, go to college, get married, etc. I want to see my great-grandchildren (just not to soon!) I want to be like my Mom, 90 years young and still in her own home, doing all her own cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, playing organ for church twice a week, teaching Bible study twice a week for the "old people" at the local nursing home, doing everything she wants. I want to be like that! Yeah life, I want to be there for a lot of it! later......
  12. Hey Weightbegone, I am SO happy for you. I see by your weight loss ticker that you have lost 46 pounds! that is Great!!! I have lost 45 pounds, but am still in the 200's. I am SO looking forward to being under 200 lbs! I tried to think of the last time I was under 200, and it was like 35 years ago, when I was pregnant with my youngest son. (He has never seen me under 200 lbs!) I can hardly wait to enter "ONE-derland"!!! And I think your idea of a pair of designer jeans sounds wonderful. About five years ago I bought some really neat jeans that FIT me. I have this problem, I have no butt. Am fat everywhere else, but no butt. So jeans bagged on me and my kids always laughed and called me the "saggy, baggy elephant"! I found a place that said they could fit anyone in a pair of jeans. So I went, and bought two pair (THAT FIT!), to the tune of $96 per pair. And, I loved them. They fit. Then I went on vacation and gained a bunch of weight, and poof, no more well fitting jeans! So I think I too will purchase a pair of designer jeans once I get into "ONE-derland" as a treat to myself. (I gave away the "well fitting" jeans last summer in a clean out my closet fit.) Keep up the good work! Your're doing great! KathyD49
  13. KathyD49

    Thoughts on Surgery Today

    Tons of good thoughts coming your way RIGHT NOW! Also mentioning both of you in my prayers at this very minute!!! I know things will go well for you. As has been said above, as soon as you're allowed, WALK, WALK, WALK. It helps that gas to reabsorp, and it helps to get the gas in the bowel moving, so WALK, WALK, WALK! And as soon as liquids are allowed, start sipping that Water. I am in a constant battle to get all my water in every day. So start early and keep at it! Can't wait to see you both on the loosers bench! OH Happy Day! KathyD49
  14. KathyD49

    Surgeon Decision

    5McK Best advice? Do lots of research! Talk with people who have had the procedure done, ask about their doctor, ask about the facility he uses, is it JACHO certified (JACHO is THE gold standard certification here in the USA and International JACHO certification the gold standard out of the USA), ask to talk with other patients he has operated on, ask to tour the facility he uses, meet the staff at that facility, you CAN"T do to much research on who, where, when, how! Best of luck to you! I am 3 1/2 weeks out from surgery, and have to say it was the BEST decision I ever made in my life! KathyD49
  15. KathyD49

    Six Month Surgiversary

    Kris, Congratulations on your Six Month Surgiversary, and on meeting your goal (even if it was a couple days late!)! I know how you feel! Everyday I find more and more advantages to loosing some of the fat that has surrounded me for my entire adult life. Keep up the great work! KathyD49
  16. KathyD49

    Food Choices !?!

    I realised last night how easy it is to "slip" back into old patterns, habits, etc. I have been dreaming, fantasizing if you will, about homemade Mac and Cheese. One of the things I did pre-op was to cook, LOTS. I love to cook and bake. Well, a few months ago my roommate came up with the idea of purchasing a freezer and a food saver vac (one of those systems that allows you to vacuum pack your food and freeze it in a microwavable bag. I did this a lot. Would make large casseroles for our meals, and after we ate, would freeze the left overs in individual portions for us to eat when I didn't feel like cooking, or to take to work for our meal there. I love homemade Mac and Cheese, and I have been dreaming about it. So last night, before I even knew what happened, I snagged a portion of it out of the freezer, nuked it and sat down to eat. Now I wouldn't worry if I had gotten in all my protein, but yesterday was a lousy day as far as eating my protein. The best thing I can say is that I didn't overeat. I stopped when I felt full, and was only miserable for about 20 minutes. And I have to say, IT TASTED GREAT!!!!! I just know that I can't go around doing things like that on a daily basis anymore. Anyone out there have any ideas on how to deal with these cravings when they become overwhelming? I am trying so hard to get all my water and all my protein in, and when something like this happens, it sort of throws me for a huge loop. It is almost easier when I am working, as I pack my lunch to take with me, and all I have then is good choices! But when I have four or five days off, like now, the whole kitchen is there, with so many tempting choices, a lot of which are bad for me. Whoever said that WLS is the "easy out" has NEVER struggled with trying to make good choices after a lifetime of bad eating choices! I know that what I did isn't fatal, and I'm not going to beat myself up about it for too long. But I am still trying to figure out my relationship with food, and learn why I made so many bad choice for so many years, when I KNOW what is good for me. ( I mean, I'm a nurse. I had to take nutrition in school. I know WHAT the good choices are, I just don't make them that often!) It would be SO much simpler if I could just stop eating entirely, like smoking, just go cold turkey and QUIT! Too bad they don't make a the equivilent of a nicotene patch for food-o-holics! Well, it's time, have to get the old swim suit on and go swim my laps. Yesterday I was up to 24 laps, today want to do at least 26 or 28. Trying to "establish" the habit of exercising, something else that I haven't always made smart choices about in years past. But this whole new path I am walking demands that I TRY to make smart choices about food, exercise, etc. Happy weekend to all my fellow VGSers. Hope you are having a great weekend. All of you think of me tomorrow, I go to the dentist for a 3 HOUR appointment! Am dreading it BIG TIME. (Did I mention that I have made poor choices in the past about dental care also?)
  17. KathyD49


    I second TijuanaPlication's advice, stay off the scale. I have lost 44 pounds so far (20 pre-op and 24 post op. I am three weeks and one day from surgery) and NO ONE has noticed that I have lost any weight. And even stranger, my clothes aren't that loose. I noticed that my rings are loose, and my work shoes feel a little loose, and my boobs has DISAPPEARED; but otherwise, nothing has changed! Yet when I do weigh, the scale tells me I have lost. I am going on faith that eventually my body will HAVE to start to contract. I mean, can you loose 44 pounds off your fingers, feet and boobs? (I was not THAT generously endowed!) I hate it that no one has noticed, but keep telling myself that one day people who know me WILL notice. I have sworn off the scale, except for once a week. I found that if I didn't loose a pound every day, I was self restricitng my Fluid and Protein intake, which I know can't be good this soon after surgery. So now I am weighing only once a week. Take Heart, the weight is going to come off! KathyD49
  18. KathyD49


    Have you looked at the huge list of Protein shake recipes that Tiffykins posted in May of 2010? It must have at least 300 Protein Shake recipes on the list. I too was having problems getting my protein in, and just plain Protein Powder and Water wasn't something I could tolerate. The web address for her list if: www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/5906-a-huge-list-of-protein-drink-recipes/ Take a look at her list, and see if there are some that sound good to you. I use a lot of the ones with bananas in them for adding potassium to my diet. I too have problems with leg cramps from low potassium. Hope this helps. You are in my prayers!!!! KathyD 49
  19. I did the DUMBEST thing yesterday! I was in Modesto at the mall, and without even thinking I went into Lane Bryant. I tried on some clothes, and fell in love with this little white cotton shrug sweater. (I didn't try the shrug on though.) I picked out three of them, same style, but in different colors and bought them. When I got home, I cut the tags off and hung them in my closet, as I went to throw the tags away, I happened to look at them, I had purchased size 26-28 out of habit, without even thinking that I have already lost 44 pounds! How dumb is that? I am going to try and take them back. I saved the tags, even though I cut them off, and of course, I have the receipt. I hope they will exchange them for a smaller size! I am so used to buying the largest size available! I need to "reset" my mind!!!! (Or in my husband's opinion, STOP buying clothes!!!)
  20. I have been doing lots of smoothies. I usually start with a scoop of Protein powder, and then go from there. One morning I put in a banana and some vanilla yogurt (Yoplait Lite Very Vanilla), and a little skin milk, and a dash of vanilla. Another morning, I used orange yougurt (again, I use Yoplait Lite Orange), and a scoop of unflavored Protein Powder and a scoop of Orange Sherbert and a little milk. Also have tried some chocolate protein powder with chocolate yogurt and milk. The possibilities are endless. I have trouble getting enough protein into my diet, so I am always looking for something to mix with the protein powder. There is a Huge list of Protein Drink recipes somewhere on this site that Tiffykins posted in May of 2010. The web address is: www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/5906-a-huge-list-of-protein-drink-recipes/ try looking through the recipes and see if some of them don't appeal to you. I found lots of ideas from her list for things that I could shove in the blender and mix up.
  21. KathyD49

    Told my Mom

    Miss Bliss, I SO know where you are coming from! My Mom is 90 and in pretty near perfect health. Still lives in her own home, does her own meals, laundry, drives, etc. I debated about telling her, and finally decided not to mention it to her. The one thing that has happened to my Mom as she has aged, is that she has developed the habit of worrying about almost everything. I talked it over with my sister, and we decided that it would be best not to tell her, as she would worry it to death! So I haven't told my Mom anything about the surgery. I am now three weeks and one day post op, and she knows nothing about it. I was home for 2 1/2 weeks after the surgery (I make my home in Iowa, but live and work in California most of the year), and took her out to lunch before I left to come back to California. I was sure she would notice that I had lost, cause at that time, I had lost about 34 pounds (20 on pre-op diet and about 14 or 16 after the surgery.) Also I was sure she would notice how little I ate, and that most of it was liquid. She didn't notice a thing! And I am thankful for that. I had decided that if she notced either my weight loss or my lack of eating and questioned me about it, I would tell her. I am not the first one in my family to do this. My cousin not only has had a RNY, but he is a Bariatric surgeon, and has done the RNY for his younger sister. But she didn't notice a thing, so she is still blissfully ignorant of what I have done. She won't see me again till October, when I go home on a short vacation, and I hope by that time I will be down at least 70 pounds. ( I have lost 45 already.) Try not to be devastated by what she said! She loves you and wants the best for you, and if she is like my Mom, fears the unknown for her children. Several years ago I lost like 80 pounds on Weight Watchers (and gained it all back plus some), and she told me then she was so glad that I did it the "natural way" instead of having surgery and "altering my body" She is just worried about long term consequences from surgery. Try to remember that only YOU know what is best for YOUR body! And it is you who has to live with the outcome. I have talked to a LOT of people who have had VGS or RNY and NO ONE has told me that they were sorry, or that they would undo it if they could! Best of luck to you as you walk this new path! You're in my prayers!!! KathyD49
  22. KathyD49

    Today is my Anniversary!!!

    Wow, they day time flies when you are having fun! Well, I MUST be having fun, cause today is the 3 WEEK anniversary of my surgery! It seems like the 3 weeks have just flown by, and I have to say, I feel SO much better than I did three weeks ago today!!! When I woke up from my surgery I was sore and hurting (mildly) in the area of the five ports (incisional areas). It hurt to cough or take a deep breath. I felt like I had a huge gas bubble in my stomach that I couldn't belch up, and I just wanted to sleep, but my doctor and nurses kept telling me to "get up and walk, walk, walk!" I was SO tired to boot. But today I am three weeks out, I have lost a total of 44 pounds so far (20 lbs pre-op and 24 post op) and I feel so much better. Initially I had trouble with getting enough water in. And it is still a small battle. I sip most of my waking hours, trying to get my 64 oz of water in. Some days I come close, some days I don't do so well. But this morning, I woke up at 5:00 AM (!) and was thirsty, so got up and got a ProJoe out of the fridge and drank the whole thing in just about 15-20 minutes! (ProJoe is a coffee protein drink from www.mybariatricpantry.com ). I ordered a sample pack of 12 and they came yesterday. This is the first one I have tried, and I was amazed that it was so good, and I could drink all 9.5 oz in that short of time!!! It usually takes me an hour or two to get 9 oz down. I am sure that my swelling (internal swelling that is) must be going away, allowing me to drink more fluid at a time. ProJoe also has 20 gms of protein in the 9.5 oz, which is great. I have been really struggeling with getting my protein in every day(usually without success!). I was a huge Starbucks drink fan prior to my surgery, so am looking to substitute ProJoe for Starbucks. The drink I had (Magnifico Mocha) had 110 calories in the 9.5 oz, which is about the same as a Small Starbucks Skinny Iced Carmel Macchiatio (my favorite Starbucks drink). Also have to report that I am swimming daily with my roommate. Yesterday I got up to 22 laps in the pool. (We have a pool just 1/2 block from our front door). My roommate swam every day in June, while I was home on vacation, and is up to 60 laps. Wish I was able to do that much. But am happy that I can add two laps per day! Am hoping that the swimming will help firm up my upper arms and thighs! I really want to improve my stamina and get some cardio exercise in, and hope that swimming will do that for me too! In my opening paragraph I said I feel so much better today. I neglected to say that the "Gas bubble" sensation has finally gone away. I am finally having some bowel movements (sorry if that is TMI!) without the aid of a stool softener or laxative, eating a little bit without feeling miserable; in general, everything seems to feel better "all of a sudden"! Now if I could just get my energy back (I am still tired a lot of the time) I will feel REALLY GREAT! So all you newbie VGSers out there, take heart! It seems that time does heal most things! Have a great day and GREAT weekend. I am off work this weekend, and am anxious to do something fun! Later.........
  23. KathyD49

    It's getting close and all is well

    Good for you dreamscancometrue! My husband wasn' that supportive of me when I first started talking about WLS. He finally came around, but it took him a while. Keep on with the Rocky attitude! I'll be thinking about you and praying for you on your surgery day!!! KathyD49
  24. KathyD49

    Today is my Anniversary!!!

    <br><br><br>Boots1<br>I am a travel nurse. I take a contract (through my agency) and travel around to different areas of the country and work. I mainly work in California, because I can make exactly twice what I make in Iowa as a nurse! I would love to have my husband come with me. He is retired, and has the freedom to travel, but he is a homebody. He drove truck over the road for 35 years, and now he wants to stay home! I have been traveling for about 4 years now. I go home every two or three months for a week or so, and I saved up (I have been in CA this time for 9 monhts) and took a whole month off between contracts.<br><br>I have been very fortunate, as every place I have worked a 13 week contract, they have offered me extensions. I have been at the same hospital for almost 9 months currently, and love it. If I could move family and friends to CA, I would! Only thing is, my Mom is still alive (90 years old and VERY healthy, still in her own home, still drives, cooks own meals, does own laundry, cleans, etc.) I worry that something might happen to her and I would have missed the last four years of her life. I plan to work another 7-8 years (I am 62) and then retire. I love what I do, I am a labor & delivery nurse and work in a very busy OB department currently (350 babies/month). Am glad you have enjoyed what I have written. It started out to help me figure out my relationshiip with food, but has become a sort of journal of my post op story.<br><br>Thanks for your comments!<br><br>Kathy<br>
  25. KathyD49

    How soon to start seeing results?

    Dear ChubbyBrittanySpears, I know how you feel! I lost 20 pounds pre-op, and have lost 24 pounds so far post op, and none of my clothes are even loose yet! You would think with a 44 pound weight loss that SOMETHING would be loose on me. So far I have noticed that my boobs are almost gone (I look in my bra cups and there is nothing there!), my rings are looser, and my shoes are looser. Is it possible to loose 44 pounds from my boobs, fingers and feet? Hardly anyone has noticed that I have lost weight at work. I didn't tell anyone that I was having surgery, I just took a months vacation and had it done while I was off, so it's not like everyone was looking to see if I had lost weight. But it is disappointing that nothing is loose yet. But I figure that EVENTUALLY my body HAS to start contracting somewhere. And as long as my scale continues to reward me with an ever decreasing number (even if it doesn't!), I am going to keep on this new path I am walking. I have determined not to just loose weight, but to be more healthy. SO I have started swimming for a half hour every morning after I get off work. I started out slow, and am working, adding laps every day so that I get some exercise to help tone my muscles up, and some cardio to help my heart and lungs. Best wishes as you continue on your journey!

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