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  1. I am 6 years post op and have gained 35 pounds. I am ashamed and disappointed. I forgot about being a gastric sleeve patient at some point in life and went back to eating all day long and not working out. I know that my problem is not the food itself but my relationship with it. Has anyone else fallen off their wagon so bad that they don't even see the wagon anymore? And if you fell, how did you start to get back up?
  2. Celebrating my ONE MONTH SURGIVERSARY!!! 14 POUNDS DOWN!!! Check out my YouTube Channel! www.youtube.com/mizzdivinebutterfly

  3. I want chicken salad..... BAD!! WHo out there knows how to make good "sleeve friendly" chichekn salad?!!

  4. As a fellow partyer, this is good info! Im glad your first experience was a good one and it helps to calm whatever anxiety I may have had about trying for myself... But seriously, we can't hope to bring back every single thing we used to do before right after we get sleeved... U got this surgery because u wanted to make a change.. Sometimes that means just saying no for a little while... Don't jeopardize ur progress to hold on to a lifestyle that wasnt working for you before... Next time, order urself something non-alcoholic, sit there, watch your friends get sloshed and enjoy the crazy stuff they do... Hell, if it were me, I'd let them get drunk and play mind games on them just to get my jollies! LMAO!
  5. I made it!!!! Got sleeved on 3/9/11....... nearly 7 pounds down since then... Amen!!! So thankful!

  6. YES!!!! I feel your (hunger) pains 100%!!! I got sleeved last Wednesday (March 9) and starting about 4 days post-op, I felt hunger!!! I was SHOCKED!! They told me for weeks, "You'll never feel hunger again!" LIARS!!! I too have a small fear that my pouch will begin to stretch more if I eat more, but I am trying my best to find what mix of food will allow me the longest amount of satisfaction between my meals. The truth is, Protein is my friend and PROTEIN will be your friend too.. Take a little time to analyze the protein content of the things you're eating. How many grams are there? The higher the protein content, the better your chances are for making it a couple of hours longer without being famished. Also, if you figure out what can keep you satisfied for longer than that hour, EAT IT until you're satisfied, then STEP AWAY! Take a few sips to wash out your mouth, but NO MORE! Let the food rest in your belly for a little while and I guarantee you'll be good for a couple of hours... Good luck and keep me posted on what goodies you've gotten a-hold of!
  7. i dont think I can do this.... been on the liquid diet and cheating FREQUENTLY.... Surgery is in 4 days and I am terrified!

  8. Doin Pretty Good! 11 more days of liquids before surgery.... 7 pounds down... YES!

  9. Such a hard day...... Sooo anxious about not eating..... 12 more days.....

  10. Starting Liquid Diet today............ Two weeks until surgery! YAY!!!

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